Investment: National Legislation: Haiti
Law on the Investment Code Modifying the October 30, 1989 Order on the Investment Code
Part I Introductory Provisions  
Chapter I Purpose of the Code
Chapter II Definitions  
Chapter III Scope  
Title II General Guarantees  
Chapter I On Freedom of Enterprise  
Chapter II On The Principle of Non-Discrimination  
Chapter III On the Movement of Capital  
Chapter IV On the Guarantee of the Right to Property  
Chapter V On Legal Protection  
Title III Standard Procedure  
Title IV Incentives  
Chapter I On Eligible Investments  
Chapter II On General Provisions  
Chapter III Investments Oriented Towards Export and Re-Export  
Chapter IV Investments in Agriculture  
Chapter V Investments in the Production of Handicrafts  
Chapter VI Investments in National Industry  
Chapter VII Investments in Tourism and Related Services  
Chapter VIII Foreign Trade Zones  
Chapter IX Other Sectors and Special Arrangements  
Title V Procedures – Administrative Mechanisms – Responsibilities Monitoring and Sanctions  
Chapter I Competent Bodies  
Chapter II On the Request Form  
Chapter III The Approval or Rejection Form  
Chapter IV Right of Review  
Chapter V Responsibilities  
Chapter VI Monitoring  
Chapter VII Sanctions  
Title VI Transitory and Final Provisions  
Chapter I Transitory Provisions  
Chapter II Final Provisions