13 May 2019
Trade Policy Developments
bullet Peru and India conclude fourth round of trade negotiations
bullet Chile and Ecuador sign Terms of Reference to deepen and modernize Economic Complementarity Agreement No. 65
bullet Chile-China expanded Free Trade Agreement (FTA) enters into force
bullet Text of the Modernized Chile-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
bullet Pacific Alliance: Meeting of the High Level Group in Lima, Peru

08 May 2019
Trade Policy Developments
bullet Central America-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA): Costa Rica approves FTA
bullet Ecuador and India conclude joint feasibility study for the negotiation of a partial scope agreement
bullet Peru-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA): First round of negotiations to optimize FTA
bullet Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP): Chile’s Chamber of Deputies approves CPTPP
bullet Chile-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA): Eighth Meeting of the Free Trade Commission

03 May 2019
Trade Policy Developments
bullet Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) publishes 2019 Trade Policy Agenda and 2018 Annual Report
bullet World Trade Organization (WTO): Trade Policy Review of Ecuador
bullet USTR Releases 2019 Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property Rights
bullet U.S. Trade Representative's 2019 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers (NTE)
bullet Common Market of the Southern Cone (MERCOSUR)-Mexico Economic Complementarity Agreement No 55: Argentina and Brazil agree to extend bilateral auto trade agreements with Mexico

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