09 December 2021
Trade Policy Developments
bullet Canada-Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN): Agreement to proceed with negotiations toward a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
bullet Pacific Alliance: Meeting of the High Level Group
bullet Chile-Ecuador: Chile's Chamber of Deputies approves Chile-Ecuador Trade Partnership Agreement
bullet Chile - European Union: Negotiations for the modernization of the Chile-European Union Association Agreement concluded
bullet Digital Economy Partnership Agreement (DEPA): Agreement enters info force in Chile
bullet Chile-Paraguay: Free Trade Agreement Signed

02 November 2021
Trade Policy Developments
bullet Chile - Paraguay: Chile and Paraguay conclude negotiations for a bilateral trade agreement
bullet Global Trade and Gender Arrangement: Mexico signs on to the Global Trade and Gender Agreement
bullet Chile's Foreign Trade Report: January-June 2021
bullet Chile - India Partial Scope Agreement: Third round of negotiations to deepen Agreement
bullet Chile - Korea Free Trade Agreement: Sixth round of negotiations to modernize FTA
bullet Brazil - Chile: Senate of Brazil approves the Brazil-Chile Free Trade Agreement
bullet MERCOSUR - Singapore: Agreement to relaunch trade negotiations
bullet Central America - Korea: Guatemala resumes trade negotiations with South Korea
bullet World Trade Organization (WTO): Trade Policy Review of Argentina

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