CARIFORUM - Great Britain Economic Partnership Agreement
Part I Trade Partnership for Sustainable Development  
Part II Trade and Trade-related Matters  
Part III Dispute Avoidance and Settlement  
Part IV General Exceptions  
Part V Institutional Provisions  
Part VI General and Final Provisions  
  Annex I  
  Annex II: Customs Duties on Products Originating in CARIFORUM States  
  Annex III: Customs Duties on Products Originating in the United Kingdom  
  Appendix 1 to Annex III: Schedule of Tariff Liberalisation of the CARIFORUM States   Back to top!
  Appendix 2 to Annex III  
  Annex IV: Lists of Commitments on Investment and Trade in Services  
  Annex IV A: List of Commitments on Commercial Presence  
  Annex IV B: List of Commitments on Cross-Border Supply of Services  
  Annex IV C: Reservations on Key Personnel and Graduate Trainees  
  Annex IV D: Reservations on Contractual Services Suppliers and Independent Professionals  
  Annex IV E: List of Commitments on Investment (Commercial Presence) in Economic Activities Other Than Services Sectors  
  Annex IV F: List of Commitments in Services Sectors  
  Annex V: Enquiry Points  
  Annex VI: Covered Procurements  
  Annex VII Means of Publication  
  Annex VIII: Rules of Procedure for Dispute Settlement  
  Appendix: Code of Conduct for Arbitrators and Mediators  
Protocol I Concerning the definition of the concept of ‘originating products’ and methods of administrative cooperation  
  Annex I to Protocol I: Introductory notes to the list in Annex II  
  Annex II to Protocol I: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating status  
  Annex III to Protocol I: Form for movement certificate   Back to top!
  Annex IV to Protocol I: Invoice declaration  
  Annex VA to Protocol I: Supplier declaration for products having preferential origin status  
  Annex VB to Protocol I: Supplier declaration for products not having preferential original status  
  Annex VI to Protocol I: Information certificate  
  Annex VII to Protocol I: Form for application for a derogation  
  Annex VIII to Protocol I: Neighbouring developing countries  
  Annex IX to Protocol I: Overseas countries and territories  
  Annex X to Protocol I: Products for which the cumulation provisions referred to in Article 4(4) apply and to which the provisions of Article 5 shall not be applicable  
  Annex XI to Protocol I: Other ACP States  
  Annex XII to Protocol I: Products originating in South Africa excluded from cumulation provided for in Article 4  
  Annex XIII to Protocol I: Products originating in South Africa for which the cumulation provisions of Article 4 apply after 31 December 2009  
Protocol II On mutual administrative assistance in customs matters  
Protocol III On cultural cooperation   Back to top!
Final Act    
  Joint Declarations and Joint Statement  
  Complete Text of the Agreement
  Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom; Offsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  22 March 2019
  Entry into Force
  Not Yet in Force
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