Background and Negotiations

On 22 November 2004 Ecuador and Mexico signed various cooperation agreements in the context of which they discussed the possiblity of negotiating a free trade agreement.

On 01 March 2014, Ecuador and Mexico met to discuss issues of their bilateral trade agenda with a view to deepening Partial Scope Agreement (AAP.R Nº 29), which governs their trade relations since 1987. On January 21, 2022, the VI Round of Negotiations of the Ecuador and Mexico Trade Agreement concluded with positive progress in the areas of: Market Access, which included products of bilateral interest and tax relief deadlines; and Rules of Origin, which negotiated criteria according to which a product can be considered originating from the other party and, therefore, benefit from tariff reductions included the agreement. From May 23 to 27, 2022 an in person round of negotiations of the Trade Agreement between Ecuador and Mexico took place. This round focuses on market access tables, rules of origin, trade defense, services and institutional issues.

Documents relating to the negotiations
23-27 May 2022 Round of negotiations Spanish PDF new!
21 January 2022 VI Round of Negotiations of the Ecuador and Mexico Trade Agreement Spanish PDF
01 March 2014 Work group meeting to discuss deepening of Partial Scope Agreement (AAP.R Nº 29) Spanish PDF
22 November 2004 Ecuador and Mexico strengthen ties of trade and friendship Spanish PDF
Source: Ministerio de Producción, Comercio Exterior, Inversiones y Pesca, Ecuador; Presidencia de la República de México


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Recent Developments
  23-27 May 2022. Round of negotiations new!