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United States - Australia Free Trade Agreement

Draft Texts (English)


Text [PDF format , 8KB]

Chapter One: Establishment of a Free Trade Area and Definitions

Text [PDF format , 16KB]

Chapter Two: National Treatment and Market Access for Goods

Text [PDF format , 32KB]

Annex 2-C: Pharmaceuticals [PDF format , 12KB]

U.S. Headnote [PDF format , 72KB]

U.S. Consolidated Tariff Schedule [PDF format , 974KB]

Australia Headnote [PDF format , 8KB]

Australia Consolidated Tariff Schedule [PDF format , 523KB]

Chapter Three: Agriculture

Text [PDF format , 27KB]

Chapter Four: Textiles

Text [PDF format , 67KB]

Chapter Five: Rules of Origin

Text [PDF format , 42KB]

Annex: Product-Specific Rules [PDF format , 93KB]

Annex Headnote [PDF format , 10KB]

Chapter Six: Customs Administration

Text [PDF format , 21KB]

Chapter Seven: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Text [PDF format , 17KB]

Chapter Eight: Technical Barriers to Trade

Text [PDF format , 21KB]

Chapter Nine: Trade Remedies/Safeguards

Text [PDF format , 16KB]

Chapter Ten: Cross-Border Trade in Services

Text [PDF format , 31KB]

Chapter Eleven: Investment

Text [PDF format , 36KB]

Chapter Twelve: Telecommunications

Text [PDF format , 39KB]

Chapter Thirteen: Financial Services

Text [PDF format , 44KB]

Chapter Fourteen: Competition Policy

Text [PDF format , 24KB]

Chapter Fifteen: Government Procurement

Text [PDF format , 51KB]

Combined Annexes [PDF format , 75KB]

Chapter Sixteen: Electronic Commerce

Text [PDF format , 14KB]

Chapter Seventeen: Intellectual Property

Text [PDF format , 83KB]

Chapter Eighteen: Labor

Text [PDF format , 19KB]

Chapter Nineteen: Environment

Text [PDF format , 16KB]


Chapter Twenty: Transparency

Text [PDF format , 12KB]

Chapter Twenty-One: Institutional Arrangements and Dispute Settlement

Text [PDF format , 33KB]

Chapter Twenty-Two: General Provisions and Exceptions

Text [PDF format , 15KB]

Chapter Twenty-Three: Final Provisions

Text [PDF format , 7KB]

Non-Conforming Measures

Annex I - Services/Investment

Australia [PDF format , 49KB]

United States [PDF format , 42KB]

Annex II - Services/Investment

Australia [PDF format , 32KB]

United States [PDF format , 27KB]

Annex III - Banking and Other Financial Services (Excluding Insurance)

Australia [PDF format , 18KB]

United States [PDF format , 36KB]

Annex IV - Banking and Other Financial Services (Including Insurance)

Australia [PDF format , 12KB]

United States [PDF format , 13KB]

Side Letters

Exchange of Letters

Aspects of IP [PDF format , 10KB]

Blood Plasma Products [PDF format , 11KB]

BSE [PDF format , 12KB]

Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey [PDF format , 8KB]

Cooperation in Competition Policy [PDF format , 5KB]

Education Services [PDF format , 10KB]

Express Delivery Services [PDF format , 7KB]

FIRB [PDF format , 15KB]

Foreign Investment in Financial Services [PDF format , 17KB]

Gambling, Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco [PDF format , 75KB]

Higher Education in U.S. States [PDF format , 8KB]

Immigration Measures [PDF format , 7KB]

Import Without Bond [PDF format , 7KB]

ISP Liability [PDF format , 20KB]

National Treatment [PDF format , 8KB]

National Treatment - Phonograms [PDF format , 6KB]

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) [PDF format , 11KB]

Procurement Matters [PDF format , 6KB]

Securities [PDF format , 8KB]

Telecommunications Consultative Mechanisms [PDF format , 9KB]

Waiver of Customs Duties [PDF format , 5KB]

Letters from Australia

Guarantees [PDF format , 8KB]

Privatization of Telstra [PDF format , 8KB]

Letters from United States

Air Services [PDF format ,  7KB]

Expedited Availability of Insurance Services [PDF format , 4KB]

Recognition [PDF format , 7KB]

Source: Office of the United States Trade Representative
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