United States - Bahrain Free Trade Agreement

Draft Texts (English)


Text [PDF format, 9KB]

1. Establishment of Free Trade Area and Definitions

Text [PDF format, 15KB]

2. Market Access

Text [PDF format, 32KB]

Annex 2.3 Tariff Elimination [PDF format, 23KB]

Tariff Schedules - See Annex IV Below

3. Textiles and Apparel

Text [PDF format, 61KB]

Tariff Schedules - See Annex IV Below

4. Rules of Origin

Text [PDF format, 27KB]

Side Letter on Tariff Classification [PDF format, 13KB]

5. Customs Administration

Text [PDF format, 26KB]

6. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Text [PDF format, 11KB]

7. Technical Barriers to Trade

Text [PDF format, 23KB]

8. Safeguards

Text [PDF format, 18KB]

9. Government Procurement

Text [PDF format, 53KB]

Annex 9 - Sections A-G [PDF format, 63KB]

10. Cross-Border Trade in Services

Text [PDF format, 36KB]

Side Letter on Gambling [PDF format, 12KB]

Side Letter on Immigration [PDF format, 9KB]

Non-Conforming Measures - See Annex I and Annex II Below

11. Financial Services

Text [PDF format, 55KB]

Side Letter on Cross-Border Insurance Suppliers [PDF format, 9KB]

Side Letter on Independent Agents [PDF format, 8KB]

Side Letter on Non-Life Insurance [PDF format, 8KB]

Non-Conforming Measures - See Annex III Below

12. Telecommunications

Text [PDF format, 42KB]

Side Letter on Technology Neutrality [PDF format, 9KB]

Side Letter on Interconnection Rates [PDF format, 9KB]

13. Electronic Commerce

Text [PDF format, 13KB]

14. Intellectual Property Rights

Text [PDF format, 93KB]

Side Letter on Limitations on Liability for Service Providers [PDF format, 25KB]

Side Letter on Optical Discs [PDF format, 18KB]

15. Labor

Text [PDF format, 18KB]

Annex 15-A (Labor Cooperation Mechanism) [PDF format, 11KB]

16. Environment

Text [PDF format, 30KB]

17. Transparency

Text [PDF format, 16KB]

18. Administration of the Agreement

Text [PDF format, 10KB]

19. Dispute Settlement

Text [PDF format, 33KB]

20. Exceptions

Text [PDF format, 13KB]

21. Final Provisions

Text [PDF format, 10KB]

Annex I (Services Non-Conforming Measures)

Formatting Notes [PDF format, 10KB]

Bahrain Schedule [PDF format, 48KB]

U.S. Schedule [PDF format, 18KB]

Annex II (Services Non-Conforming Measures)

Formatting Notes [PDF format, 8KB]

Bahrain Schedule [PDF format, 21KB]

U.S. Schedule [PDF format, 23KB]

Annex III (Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures)

Bahrain Formatting Note [PDF format, 11KB]

Bahrain Schedule [PDF format, 10KB]

U.S. Formatting Note [PDF format, 13KB]

U.S. Schedule [PDF format, 15KB]

Annex IV (Tariff Schedules)

U.S. Tariff Schedule [PDF format, 9KB]

U.S. General Notes & TRQ Annex [PDF format, 56KB]

Bahrain Tariff Schedule [PDF format, 1MB]

Bahrain General Notes [PDF format, 659KB]

Other Documents

Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Cooperation [PDF format, 25KB]


Source: Office of the United States Trade Representative
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