Proposed United States-Korea FTA Texts
Subject to Legal Review for Accuracy, Clarity, and Consistency  
1. Initial Provisions and Definitions PDF  
2. National Treatment and Market Access for Goods PDF  
3. Agriculture PDF  
Annex 3-A: Agricultural Safeguard Measures PDF  
4. Textiles and Apparel PDF  
Annex 4-A: Textiles Product-Specific Rules PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics Not Available in Commercial Quantitites) PDF  
5. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Independent Review Body) PDF  
6. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures PDF  
Annex 6-A: Product-Specific Rules PDF  
7. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation PDF  
8. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures PDF  
9. Technical Barriers to Trade PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Specific Autos Regulatory Issues) PDF  
10. Trade Remedies PDF  
11. Investment PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Property Rights) PDF  
12. Cross-Border Trade in Services PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Understanding of Both Sides) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Express Delivery Services-International Delivery) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Express Delivery Services-Domestic Reform) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Betting and Gambling Services) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Telecommunications-Public Interest Test) PDF  
13. Financial Services PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Cross-Border Financial Services) PDF  
14. Telecommunications PDF  
15. Electronic Commerce PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Access to and Use of the Internet) PDF  
16. Competition-Related Matters PDF  
17. Government Procurement PDF  
Annex 17-A: Government Procurement Annex PDF  
18. Intellectual Property Rights PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Limitations on Liability for Internet Service Providers) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Promoting Protection and Effective Enforcement of Copyrighted Works) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Online Privacy Prevention) PDF  
19. Labor PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Public Communication) PDF  
20. Environment PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Public Participation) PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Equivalence in Environmental Laws) PDF  
21. Transparency PDF  
Confirmation Letter (Publication) PDF  
22. Institutional Provisions and Dispute Settlement PDF  
23. Exceptions PDF  
24. Final Provisions PDF  
Annex I: Non-Conforming Measures for Services and Investment  
U.S. Formatting Note PDF  
U.S. Annex I PDF  
Korea Formatting Note PDF  
Korea Annex I PDF  
Annex II: Non-Conforming Measures for Services and Investment  
Formatting Note PDF  
U.S. Annex II PDF  
Korea Annex II PDF  
Annex III: Non-Conforming Measures for Financial Services  
U.S. Annex III (with Formatting Note) PDF  
Korea Annex III (with Formatting Note) PDF  
General Notes, Tariff Schedules, and TRQ Annexes  
Annex 2-B: Tariff Elimination PDF  
U.S. Tariff Schedule PDF  
U.S. General Notes PDF  
U.S. TRQ Annex PDF  
Korea Agriculture Tariff Schedule PDF  
Korea Industrial Tariff Schedule PDF  
Korea General Notes PDF  
Korea TRQ Annex PDF  
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