Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement
Chapter One Initial Provisions and General Definitions  
Section A Initial Provisions  
Article 1.1 Establishment of the Free Trade Area  
Article 1.2 Objective  
Article 1.3 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 1.4 Extent of Obligations  
Article 1.5 Relation to Environmental and Conservation Agreements  
Article 1.6 Reference to Other Agreements  
Section B General Definitions  
Article 1.7 Definitions of General Application  
  Annex 1.5: Multilateral Environmental Agreements  
Chapter Two Tariff Elimination and Related Matters  
Article 2.1 Tariff Elimination  
Article 2.2 Implementation and Administration of Tariff Rate Quotas  
Article 2.3 Customs Duties: Repair and Alteration  
Article 2.4 Definitions  
  Annex 2.1: Tariff Elimination  
  Schedules to Annex 2.1  
  Canada’s Tariff Schedule  
  Israel’s Tariff Schedule  
  List A  
  List B  
  Annex 2.3: Requirements Concerning Verification of Repairs and Alterations   Back to top!
Chapter Three Rules of Origin  
Article 3.1 General Requirements  
Article 3.2 Cumulation  
Article 3.3 Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods  
Article 3.4 Sufficient Production  
Article 3.5 De Minimis Rule for Originating Goods  
Article 3.6 Minor Processing Operations  
Article 3.7 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 3.8 Neutral Elements  
Article 3.9 Unit of Qualification  
Article 3.10 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools, Packaging and Packing Materials and Containers  
Article 3.11 Returned Originating Goods  
Article 3.12 Direct Shipment and Shipment Through a Non-Party  
Article 3.13 Non-Party Materials for Originating Goods  
Article 3.14 Definitions  
  Annex 3.4: Product Specific Rules of Origin  
  Section A – General Interpretative Notes  
  Section B – Product Specific Rules of Origin  
  Annex 3.12: Specified Non-Parties under Paragraphs 1(c) and 2 of Article 3.12   Back to top!
Chapter Four National Treatment and Market Access for Goods  
Section A National Treatment  
Article 4.1 National Treatment  
Section B Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 4.2 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 4.3 Customs User Fees and Similar Charges  
Article 4.4 Distilled Spirits  
Article 4.5 Customs Valuation  
Article 4.6 Global Emergency Actions  
Article 4.7 Export Taxes  
Section C Committee on Trade in Goods  
Article 4.8 Committee on Trade in Goods  
  Annex 4.1: Exceptions to Articles 4.1 (National Treatment, 4.2 (Import and Export Restrictions) and 4.7 (Export Taxes)  
  Section A – National Treatment  
  Section B - Non-Tariff Measures  
Chapter Five Customs Procedures  
Section A Certification of Origin  
Article 5.1 Certificate of Origin  
Article 5.2 Obligations Regarding Importations  
Article 5.3 Obligations Regarding Exportations  
Article 5.4 Exceptions  
Section B Administration and Enforcement  
Article 5.5 Records  
Article 5.6 Origin Verifications  
Article 5.7 Confidentiality  
Article 5.8 Advance Rulings  
Article 5.9 Penalties  
Section C Review and Appeal of Origin Determinations  
Article 5.10 Review and Appeal  
Section D Cooperation  
Article 5.11 Cooperation  
Article 5.12 Working Group on Rules of Origin and Other Customs-Related Market Access Issues  
Article 5.13 Definitions  
  Annex 5.6: Procedures Regarding an Origin Verification Conducted by the Customs Administration of a Party on Behalf of the Other Party Pursuant to Article 5.6.2  
Chapter Six Trade Facilitation  
Article 6.1 Objectives and Principles  
Article 6.2 Transparency  
Article 6.3 Risk Management  
Article 6.4 Release of Goods  
Article 6.5 Express Shipments  
Article 6.6 Automation  
Article 6.7 Advance Rulings for Tariff Classification  
Article 6.8 Review and Appeal  
Article 6.9 Administrative Penalty Regime  
Article 6.10 Authorised Economic Operators  
Article 6.11 Protection of Information  
Article 6.12 Cooperation  
Article 6.13 Future Work Programme  
Chapter Seven Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 7.1 Objectives  
Article 7.2 Scope  
Article 7.3 General Provisions  
Article 7.4 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Contact Points  
Article 7.5 Cooperation  
Article 7.6 Exchange of Information  
Article 7.7 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issue Avoidance and Resolution  
Article 7.8 Oversight Body  
  Annex 7.4: Competent Authorities  
      Back to top!
Chapter Eight Technical Barriers to Trade  
Article 8.1 Scope  
Article 8.2 TBT Agreement  
Article 8.3 Cooperation  
Article 8.4 Technical Regulations  
Article 8.5 Conformity Assessment  
Article 8.6 Transparency  
Article 8.7 Information Exchange  
Article 8.8 Contact Points and Committee on Trade in Goods  
Article 8.9 Definitions  
  Annex 8: Icewine  
Chapter Nine Electronic Commerce  
Article 9.1 Objective, Scope and Coverage  
Article 9.2 Customs Duties on Digital Products Transmitted Electronically  
Article 9.3 Online Consumer Protection  
Article 9.4 Protection of Personal Information  
Article 9.5 Cooperation  
Article 9.6 Definitions  
Chapter Ten Intellectual Property  
Article 10.1 Objectives and Principles  
Article 10.2 Affirmation of International Agreements  
Article 10.3 Geographical Indications  
Article 10.4 General Obligation with Respect to Enforcement  
Article 10.5 Cooperation on Enforcement  
Article 10.6 Other Areas of Cooperation  
Article 10.7 Transparency  
Article 10.8 Disclosure of Information  
Article 10.9 Consultations  
Article 10.10 Dispute Settlement  
  Annex 10.5: Guidelines for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights  
  Annex 10.7: Guidelines on Transparency in Intellectual Property   Back to top!
Chapter Eleven Trade and Environment  
Article 11.1 Context  
Article 11.2 Levels of Protection  
Article 11.3 Compliance with and Enforcement of Environmental Laws  
Article 11.4 Private Access to Remedies  
Article 11.5 Procedural Guarantees  
Article 11.6 Transparency  
Article 11.7 Corporate Social Responsibility  
Article 11.8 Measures to Enhance Environmental Performance  
Article 11.9 Environmental Goods and Services  
Article 11.10 National Contact Point  
Article 11.11 Public Information  
Article 11.12 Party-to-Party Information Exchange  
Article 11.13 Cooperative Activities  
Article 11.14 Committee on the Environment  
Article 11.15 Review  
Article 11.16 Public Engagement  
Article 11.17 Relation to Environmental Agreements  
Article 11.18 Protection of Confidential Information  
Article 11.19 Dispute Resolution  
Article 11.20 Extent of Obligations  
Article 11.21 Definitions  
  Annex 11.20: Extent of Obligations  
Chapter Twelve Trade and Labour   Back to top!
Section A Obligations  
Article 12.1 General Obligations  
Article 12.2 Upholding Levels of Protection  
Article 12.3 Government Enforcement Action  
Article 12.4 Private Action  
Article 12.5 Procedural Guarantees  
Article 12.6 Public Awareness  
Section B Institutional Mechanisms  
Article 12.7 Labour Ministerial Council  
Article 12.8 National Mechanisms  
Article 12.9 Cooperative Activities  
Article 12.10 Public Communications  
Section C Procedures for Review of Obligations  
Article 12.11 General Consultations  
Article 12.12 Ministerial Consultations  
Article 12.13 Establishment and Conduct of a Review Panel  
Article 12.14 Review Panel Reports and Determinations  
Section D General Provisions  
Article 12.15 Private Rights  
Article 12.16 Protection of Confidential Information  
Article 12.17 Cooperation with International and Regional Organisations  
Article 12.18 Extent of Obligations  
Article 12.19 Definitions  
  Annex 12.9: Cooperative Activities  
  Annex 12.10: Public Communications Procedures  
  Annex 12.13.3: Procedures Related to Review Panels  
  Annex 12.13.4: Participation by Non-Parties  
  Annex 12.14: Monetary Assessments  
  Annex 12.18: Extent of Obligations  
Chapter Thirteen Trade and Gender  
Article 13.1 General Provisions  
Article 13.2 International Agreements  
Article 13.3 Cooperation Activities  
Article 13.4 Trade and Gender Committee  
Article 13.5 Relation to Chapter Twelve (Trade and Labour)  
Article 13.6 Dispute Settlement  
Chapter Fourteen Small and Medium-sized Enterprises  
Article 14.1 General Principles  
Article 14.2 Information Sharing  
Article 14.3 Committee on SMEs  
Article 14.4 Consultations  
Article 14.5 Non-Application of Dispute Settlement  
Article 14.6 Definitions  
Chapter Fifteen Conduct of Business  
Article 15.1 Competition Law  
Article 15.2 Monopolies and State Enterprises  
Article 15.3 State Enterprises  
Article 15.4 Definitions  
Chapter Sixteen Other Provisions  
Article 16.1 Subsidies, Countervailing and Antidumping Measures  
Article 16.2 Government Procurement  
Article 16.3 Temporary Entry of Business Persons  
Article 16.4 Corporate Social Responsibility  
Chapter Seventeen Transparency  
Section A Publication, Notification and Administration of Laws  
Article 17.1 Publication  
Article 17.2 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 17.3 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 17.4 Review and Appeal  
Article 17.5 Cooperation to Promote Increased Transparency  
Article 17.6 Definitions  
Section B Anti-Corruption  
Article 17.7 General  
Article 17.8 Preventing and Combating Corruption and Bribery of Foreign Public Officials  
Article 17.9 Cooperation in International Forums  
Chapter Eighteen Administration of the Agreememt  
Article 18.1 Joint Commission  
Article 18.2 Coordinators  
  Annex 18.1: Committees, Subcommittees, Working Groups, Other Bodies and Contact Points   Back to top!
Chapter Nineteen Dispute Settlement  
Section A Dispute Settlement  
Article 19.1 Cooperation  
Article 19.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 19.3 Choice of Forum  
Article 19.4 Consultations  
Article 19.5 Good Offices, Conciliation and Mediation  
Article 19.6 Referral to a Dispute Settlement Panel  
Article 19.7 Panel Appointment  
Article 19.8 Qualifications of Panellists  
Article 19.9 Proceedings of the Panel  
Article 19.10 Panel Suspension and Termination Procedures  
Article 19.11 Panel Reports  
Article 19.12 Implementation of the Final Report  
Article 19.13 Non-Implementation – Suspension of Benefits  
Article 19.14 Review of Compliance and Suspension of Benefits  
Section B Domestic Proceedings and Private Commercial Dispute Settlement  
Article 19.15 Referrals of Matters from Judicial or Administrative Proceedings  
Article 19.16 Private Rights  
Article 19.17 Alternative Dispute Resolution  
Article 19.18 Definitions  
  Annex 19.2: Nullification or Impairment  
  Annex 19.8: Code of Conduct for Panellists and Others Engaged in Dispute Settlement Proceedings under the Canada – Israel Free Trade Agreement  
  Appendix to Annex 19.8: Undertaking Form for Use by Panellists as well as Assistants and Experts Participating in Panel Proceedings   Back to top!
  Annex 19.9: Rules of Procedure  
  Appendix to Annex 19.9: Procedures Applicable to Written Submissions by a Non-Governmental Person  
Chapter Twenty Exceptions  
Article 20.1 General Exceptions  
Article 20.2 National Security  
Article 20.3 Taxation  
Article 20.4 Balance of Payments  
Article 20.5 Cultural Industries  
Article 20.6 WTO Waivers  
Article 20.7 Disclosure of Information  
Article 20.8 Definitions  
Chapter Twenty-one Final Provisions  
Article 21.1 Annexes, Appendices and Footnotes  
Article 21.2 Amendments  
Article 21.3 Entry into Force  
Article 21.4 Termination  
Article 21.5 Review  
Source: International Trade and Investment, Government of Canada Offsite link!  
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  01 September 2019
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