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The Governments of the Republics of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua,

For the purpose of reaffirming their intention to unify the economies of the four countries and jointly to promote the development of Central America in order to improve the living conditions of their peoples.

Mindful of the need to expedite the integration of their economies consolidate the results so far achieved and lay down the principles on which it should be based in the future.

Having regard to the commitments entered into in the following instruments of economic integration:

Multilateral Treaty on Free Trade and Central American Economic Integration; 2

Central American Agreement on the Equalization of Import Duties and Charges and its Protocol on the Central American Preferential Tariff; 3

Bilateral treaties on free trade and economic integration signed between Central American Government;

Treaty of Economic Association signed between Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras 4,

Have agreed to conclude the present Treaty and for that purpose have appointed as their respective plenipotentiaries:

H. E. The President of the Republic of Guatemala: Mr. Julio Prado Garcia Salas, Minister for Co-ordinating Central American Integration and Mr. Alberto Fuentes Mohr, Head of the Economic Integration Bureau

The H. Junta de Gobierno of the Republic of El Salvador: Mr. Gabriel Pilofla Araujo, Minister for Economic Affairs, and Mr. Abelardo Torres, Under-Secretary for Economic Affairs

H. E. The President of the Republic of Honduras: Mr. Jorge Bucso Arias, Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs

H. E. The President of the Republic of Nicaragua: Mr. Juan Jose Lugo Marenco, Minister for Economic Affairs

who, having exchanged their respective full powers, found to be in good and due form, have agreed as follows:

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    1 In accordance with article XXX, the Treaty came into force in respect of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua on 3 June 1961, eight days after the deposit of the third instrument of ratification, and in respect of Honduras on 27 April 1962, the date of deposit of its instrument of ratification. The instruments of ratification were deposited with the, Secretary- General of the Organization of Central American States on the dates indicated:

    Guatemala .......................................5 May 1961
    El Salvador ......................................8 May 1961
    Nicaragua ......................................26 May 1961
    Honduras (with reservation*)..........27 April 1962

    "Honduras no queda obligada a someterse a la accion de los tribunales internacionales o extranjeros ni aceptar el arbitraje cuando cualquiera de las partes contratantes no pueda someterse a dichos procedimientos para resolver cuestiones previstas en el Artículo XXVI de este tratado."

    Honduras shall not be bound to submit to the jurisdiction of international or foreign courts or to accept arbritation when any of the Contracting Parties is unable to submit to these procedures for the settlement of questions provided for in article XXVI of this Treaty.

    2 United Nations, Treaty Series, Vol. 454. No 6539
    3 United Nations, Treaty Series, Vol. 454, No. 6542
    4 Nations Unies, Recueil des Traites, vol. 383, p.3.