Supplementary Agreement on Trade in Services Chile-China
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Article 1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 2 National Treatment  
Article 3 Market Access  
Article 4 Schedules of Specific Commitments  
Article 5 Additional Commitments  
Article 6 Domestic Regulation  
Article 7 Recognition  
Article 8 Transparency  
Article 9 Review  
Article 10 Denial of Benefits  
Article 11 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12 Taxation Measures  
Article 13 General Exceptions  
Article 14 Security Exceptions  
Article 15 Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments  
Article 16 Committee on Trade in Services  
Article 17 Definitions  
Article 18 Future Work  
Article 19 Annexes and Footnotes  
Article 20 Amendments  
Article 21 Entry into Force and Termination  
Article 22 Authentic Texts  
  Annex I: Temporary Movement of Business Persons  
  Annex II: Schedules of Specific Commitments  

Part I: Schedule of China PDF


Part II: Schedule of Chile PDF

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About the Agreement
  20 March 2008
  Entry into Force
  01 August 2010
Trade Policy Developments
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