Agreement on Trade, Economic and Technical Cooperation between
the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the
Government of the Republic of Colombia







2309.90.30.00 Milk substitutes for cattle food.
25.23.10 2523.10.00.00 Unpulverised Cement ("Clinker")
25.23.29 2523.29.00.00 Other Portland Cement.
27.08.10 2708.10.00.00 Pitch.
Ex.27.10.92 2710.00.79.00 Lubricating Oils and Hydraulic Brakes Fluid, White Oils and Spindle Oils.
27.10.94 2710.00.92.00 Transmission Oils and Hydraulic Brakes Fluid, excluding those of heading 38.19.
27.15.009 2715.00.10.00 Bitumen Crunchers.
27.15.009 2715.00.90.90 Other Bitumen mixtures with Asphalt or Pitch Base


2807.00.10.00 Sulphuric Acid.
28.14.10 2814.10.00.00 Anhydrous Ammonia.
28.18.10 2818.10.00.00 Artificial Corundum whether or not chemically defined.
28.18.20 2818.20.00.00  Aluminium Oxide, other than Artificial Corundum.
28.33.22 2833.22.00.00 Aluminium Sulphate.
29.15.11 2915.11.00.00 Formic Acid.
29.15.12 2915.12.10.00 Sodium Formate.
29.15.12 2915.12.90.00 Salts of Formic Acids
29.15.13 2915.13.00.00 Formic Acid Esters.
29.15.21 2915.21.00.00 Acetic Acid.




Sodium Acetate.

Cobalt Acetates

29.15.24 2915.24.00.00 Acetic Anhydride.
29.15.29 2915.29.10.00 Acetate of Calcium, Lead, Copper, Chromium, Aluminum or Iron
29.15.29 2915.29.90.00  Other byproducts of Acetic Acid and their Salts
29.15.31 2915.31.00.00 Ethyl Acetate.
29.15.32 2915.32.00.00 Vinyl Acetate.
29.15.33 2915.33.00.00 n-Butyl Acetate.
29.15.34 2915.34.00.00 Isobutyl Acetate.
29.15.35 2915.35.00.00 Acetate of 2-Ethoxyethyl.
Ex.29.15.39 2915.39.10.00 Methyl Acetate.
29.15.39 2915.39.20.00 Propyl and Isopropyl Acetate.
Ex.29.15.39 2915.39.30.00 Amyl and Isoamyl Acetate.
Ex.29.15.39 2915.39.90.00 Other Acetic Acid Esters.
Ex.29.15.40 2915. 40.10.00 Mono Acids Di- or Trichloroacetic.
Ex.29.15.40 2915.40.20.00 Salts and Esters from Monacids, Di­Trichloroacetic.
Ex.29.15.50 2915.50.10.00 Propionic Acid.
Ex.29.15.50 2915.50.20.10 Salts from Propionic Acid.
Ex.29.15.50 2915.50.20.20 Esters from Propionic Acid.
Ex.29.15.60 2915.60.11.00 Butyric Acids
Ex.29.15.60 2915.60.19.00 Salts and esters from Butyric Acids
Ex.29.15.60 2915.60.21.00 Valeric Acids
Ex.29.15.60 2915.60.29.00 Salts and Esters from Valeric Acids.
Ex.29.15.70 2915.70.10.00 Palmitic Acid, their salts and Esters
Ex.29.15.70 2915.70.21.00 Stearic Acid
Ex.29.15.70 2915.70.22.00 Stearic Acid Salts
Ex.29.15.70 Stearic Acid Esters
Ex.29.15.90 Acetyl Chloride
Ex.29.15.90  Bromine Acetic Acids
Ex.29.15.90 Other byproducts of Acetic Acid
Ex.29.15.90 Tin Octonoate
Ex.29.15.90 Lauric Acid
Ex.29.15.90 Other Saturated Acryclic Monocarboxyl Acids and their Anhydride, Halogen
31.02.21 3102.21.00.00 Ammonium Sulphate
31.02.30 3102.30.00.00 Ammonium Nitrate, whether or not in Aqueous Solution
32.07.10 3207.10.00.00 Prepared pigmdnts, prepared opacifiers and prepared colours and similar preparations.
Ex.32.12.909 3212.90.10.00 Pigments dissolved in non-aqueous medium, utilized for manufacture o f paints.
37.07.10 3707.10.00.00 Sensitising emulsions.
Ex.37.07.90 3707.90.00.00 Other chemical preparations for photographic uses except Varnish, Glues and similar preparations.
38.14.00 3814.00.00.00 Organic composite solvents and thinners not elsewhere specified or included; prepared paints or Varnish removers.
38.19 3819.00.00.00 Hydraulic Brake Fluids and other prepared liquids for hydraulic transmission not containing or containing less than 70% by weight of Petroleum Oils or Oils obtained from Bituminous Minerals.
39.05.30 3905.30.00.00 Polyvinyl Alcohol whether or not containing non-hydrolyzed acetate groups.
Ex.39.05.99 3905.99.10.00 Polyvinyl butyrate.
Ex.39.23.50 3923.50.00.10 Silicone Corks.
Ex.40.08.21 4008.21.21.00 Plates for Graphic Arts combined with other non cellular rubber materials.
Ex.48.02.52 4802.52.10.00 Security paper for cheques weighing 40g/m2 or more but not more than 150g/m2.
Ex.48.02.52 4802.52.20.00 Security paper for bills, weighing 40g/m2 or more but not more than 150g/m2.
Ex.48.02.52 4802.52.30.00 Other security paper weighing 40g/m2 or more but not more than 150g/m2.
Ex.48.02.60 4802.60.10.00 Security paper for cheques of which more than 10% by weight of the total fibre contents consists of fibres obtained by a mechanical process.
48.02.60 4802.60.20.00 Other security paper of which more than 10% by weight of the total fibre content consists of fibers obtained by mechanical process.
Ex.43.02.60 4802.60.90.10  Paper on rolls or in sheets with a weight less than 40g/m2 which meets the other specifications of Note 3 of the chapter.
43.04.41 4804.41.10.00 Crude Kraft paper and Paperboard weighing more than 150g/m2 but less than 225g/m2 decorative.
48.19.309 4819.30.00.00  Other printed sacks having a base of a width of 40 cm or more (cement sacks).
72.03.10 7203.10.00.00 Ferrous products obtained by direct reduction of iron ore.
72.07.11 7207.11.00.00  Ferrous or steel of rectangular (including square) cross section the width measuring less than twice the thickness.
72.07.12 7207.12.00.00 Other of rectangular (other than square) cross section.
72.07.19 7207.19.00.00 Other semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel containing by weight less than 0.25% of carbon.
72.07.20 7207.20.00.00 Other semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel containing by weight 0.25% or more of carbon.
72.10.11 7210.11.00.00                    Flat rolled products of iron or non­alloy steel of a width of 600mm or more, steel of a thickness of 0.5mm or more plated or coated with tin.
72.10.12 7210.12.00.00 Flat rolled products of iron or non­alloy steel of a width of 600mm or more of a thickness less than 0.5mm plated or coated with tin.
7210.20 7210.20.00.00 Flat rolled products of iron or non­alloy steel of a width of 600mm or more plated or coated with lead including terne-plate.
7212.30 7212.30.00.00 Flat rolled products of iron or non­alloy steel of a width of less than 600mm otherwise plated or coated with zinc.
Ex.72.14.99 7214.99.00.10 Other bars and rods of iron or non­alloy steel hot-drawn or hot-extended with a diameter of less than or equal to 100mm.
Ex.85.29.10 8529.10.10.00 Antennae of ferrite
85.36.50 8536.50.19.00 Other switches, disconnecting switches communicating switches for voltage <=260V and intensity <=30A.
85.39.21 8539.21.00.00 Tungsten Halogen.
Ex.85.39.22 8539.22.10.00 Miniature incandescent lamps and tubes of a power not exceeding 200W and for a voltage exceeding 100V.
Ex.85.39.29 8539.29.10.00 Other incandescent lamps and tubes for street lighting apparatus.
Ex.85.39.29 8539.29.20.00 Other miniature incandescent lamps and tubes
96.03.50 9603.50.00.00 Other Brushes constituting parts of machines, appliances or vehicles.