Trade and Environment
orange arrow Multilateral Environmental Agreements

There is no single environmental body, however a number of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) are in force and are often referenced in trade agreements.

orange arrow The World Trade Organization (WTO)

The Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO, explicitly holds sustainable development and protection and preservation of the environment as fundamental goals, complementing the objective to reduce trade barriers and prevent against discriminatory treatment in international trade. While the WTO does not include a specific agreement on environment, there is a Committee on Trade and Environment, which serves as a forum for dialogue between governments on the impact of trade policies on the environment, and of environmental policies on trade. Sustainable development is a key objective in the Doha negotiations.

orange arrow Regional Integration and Free Trade Agreements

The topic of the environment has been treated in different ways within the framework of subregional integration systems. Free trade agreements vary both in the number of topics covered and in the level of the commitment of parties.

orange arrow Climate change

Climate change has arisen as a major topic for international cooperation. As countries endeavor to address climate change while pursuing further economic growth, climate change is beginning to be addressed in international trade fora.

orange arrow Provisions included in trade agreements

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