Chapter I General Provisions  
Section I Initial Provisions  
Article 1 Contracting and Signatory Parties  
Article 2 Definitions  
Article 3 Establishment of the Free Trade Area  
Article 4 Relations to Multilateral Agreements  
Article 5 Trade Relations Governed by other Agreements  
Article 6 Internal Taxation  
Section II Trade in Goods  
Article 7 Trade Liberalization  
Article 8 Scope  
Article 9 Classification of Goods  
Article 10 Free movement of Egyptian goods among the Signatory Parties  
Article 11 Customs Duties on Imports and Charges Having Equivalent Effect  
Article 12 Quantitative Restrictions and Measures Having Equivalent Effect on Imports and Exports  
Article 13 National Treatment  
Article 14 Rules of Origin  
Article 15 Technical Barriers to Trade  
Article 16 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 17 Safeguards  
Article 18 Anti-dumping and Countervailing Measures  
Article 19 Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments  
Article 20 Customs Cooperation  
Article 21 Customs Valuation  
Article 22 General Exceptions  
Section III Investment and Services  
Article 23 Investment Promotion  
Article 24 Trade in Services  
Section IV Institutional Provisions  
Article 25 Joint Committee  
Article 26 Procedures of the Joint Committee  
Article 27 Functions of the Joint Committee  
Article 28 Language for Chapters III and IV  
Chapter II Definition of the Concept of "Originating Goods"  
Section I General Provisions  
Article 1 Definitions  
Section II Criteria for Originating Goods  
Article 2 General Requirements  
Article 3 Cumulation of Origin  
Article 4 Wholly Obtained Goods  
Article 5 Sufficiently Worked or Processed Goods  
Article 6 Insufficient Working or Processing Operations  
Article 7 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 8 Fungible Materials  
Article 9 Sets  
Article 10 Unit of Qualification  
Article 11 Neutral Elements or Indirect Materials  
Article 12 Containers and Packaging Materials for Shipment  
Article 13 Intermediate Materials  
Article 14 Direct Transport, Transit and Trans-Shipment  
Article 15 Operations Involving Third Operators  
Article 16 Goods Stored in Customs Warehouses  
Article 17 Principle of Territoriality  
Article 18 Exhibitions  
Section III Proof of Origin  
Article 19 Origin Certification  
Article 20 Issuance of Certificates of Origin  
Article 21 Certificates of Origin Issued Retrospectively  
Article 22 Issuance of a Duplicate Certificate of Origin  
Section IV Control and Verification of Certificates of Origin  
Article 23    
Article 24    
Article 25    
Article 26    
Article 27    
Article 28    
Article 29    
Article 30    
Article 31    
Article 32    
Article 33    
Article 34    
Article 35    
Article 36    
Article 37    
Article 38    
Article 39    
Article 40    
Article 41    
Section V Review and Amendment  
Article 42    
Chapter III Preferential Safeguards  
Section I Definitions  
Article 1    
Section II Conditions for Application of Preferential Safeguard Measures  
Article 2    
Article 3    
Article 4    
Article 5    
Article 6    
Article 7    
Article 8    
Section III Investigation and Transparency Procedures  
Article 9    
Article 10    
Article 11    
Section IV Notifications and Consultations  
Article 12    
Article 13    
Article 14    
Section V Level of Concessions  
Article 15    
Chapter IV Dispute Settlement  
Section I Application of the Chapter  
Article 1    
Article 2    
Article 3    
Section II Consultations  
Article 4    
Article 5    
Article 6    
Section III Joint Committee Intervention  
Article 7    
Article 8    
Article 9    
Section IV Mediation  
Article 10    
Section V Arbitration Procedure  
Article 11    
Article 12    
Article 13    
Article 14    
Article 15    
Article 16    
Article 17    
Article 18    
Article 19    
Section VI Compliance  
Article 20    
Article 21    
Section VII General Provisions  
Article 22    
Article 23    
Article 24    
Article 25    
Article 26    
Chapter V Final Provisions  
Article 1 Evolutionary Clause  
Article 2 Annexes  
Article 3 Amendments  
Article 4 Application of the Agreement  
Article 5 Entry into Force  
Article 6 Depositary  
Article 7 Accession  
Article 8 Withdrawal  
  Annex I.1: Goods Originating in Egypt Imported into MERCOSUR   
  Annex I.2: Goods Originating from MERCOSUR Imported into Egypt   
  Annex II.1: MERCOSUR - Egypt Certificate of Origin   
  Annex II.2: Declaration by the Exporter    
  Annex II.3: Explanatory Note    
  Annex II.4: Specific Rules of Origin    
  Annex IV.1: Code of Conduct for Arbitrators of the Arbitration Tribunal   
  Annex IV.2: Rules of Procedure   
  Act of Rectification    
Trade Agreement between MERCOSUR and Egypt    
Source: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Paraguay; Offsite link!  



About the Agreement
  02 August 2010
  Entry into Force
  01 September 2017
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