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Now you can access the latest news from SICE in RSS format as soon it is available.


What is RSS?


RSS (“Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication”) is a standard format (in XML) that one can access without the need to open a web browser. One can receive the news without having to browse the web nor look for the latest information, since it is the program that handles the download of the latest updates, at the same time it facilitates the selection of content and helps save time.


The document used to update the news, called an “RSS feed” is read by a program known as a News Reader. The News Reader automatically collects new content that is added to the site and will display the information on the screen.


With RSS, one can see updates from different sites in one place. Generally it includes fragments, synopses, scoops or headlines with links to full content.


How is RSS Used?


There are a number of applications, collectively called readers or RSS news aggregators, designed to read, manage and display content from RSS feeds. Some are independent applications, others run in the browser. These applications allow the user to read headlines of dozens or hundreds of news sources, subscribing to or copying the addresses of the RSS files that the user wants. There are new versions of browsers that allow reading of RSS files without the need for additional software.


Once one of the news readers has been installed, simply add SICE’s RSS forwarding code to the subscription list.

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