Proposed United States - Peru TPA Texts

This text reflects the agreement reached between the United States and Peru on December 7, 2005. The agreement is drafted as a multiparty agreement since Colombia and Ecuador have also been part of the negotiation. The text will be modified to reflect a bilateral agreement during the legal review.

Tariff schedules, agriculture text and related schedules and appendices will be posted as soon as the technical work is completed. All texts are subject to legal review for accuracy, clarity and consistency, as well as to ensure consistency between the English and Spanish versions.

Table of Contents


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1. Initial Provisions and General Definitions

Text [PDF format, 27 KB]

2. National Treatment and Market Access for Goods

Text [PDF format, 71 KB]

US Tariff Schedule (Industrial)

US Tariff Schedule (Textiles)

Peru Tariff Schedule (Industrial and Textiles)

ITA Side Letter [PDF format, 18 KB]

3. Textiles and Apparel

Text [PDF format, 169 KB]

4. Rules of Origin Procedures

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Annex - Product Specific Rules [PDF format, 168 KB]

5. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation

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6. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

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7. Technical Barriers to Trade

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8. Trade Remedies

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9. Government Procurement

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Annex 9.1 [PDF format, 90 KB]

10. Investment

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11. Cross-Border Trade in Services

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Side Letter on State Measures [PDF format, 15 KB]

Side Letter on Peruvian Measures [PDF format, 17 KB]

12. Financial Services

Text [PDF format, 119 KB]

Understandings Regarding Financial Services and Services [PDF format, 16 KB]

13. Competition Policy

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14. Telecommunications

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15. Electronic Commerce

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16. Intellectual Property Rights

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ISP Side Letter [PDF format, 31 KB]

Retransmission Side Letter [PDF format, 17 KB]

Public Health Understanding [PDF format, 44 KB]

Letter Re Certain Regulated Products [PDF format, 14 KB]

17. Labor

Text [PDF format, 56 KB]

18. Environment

Text [PDF format, 52 KB]

19. Transparency

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20. Administration of the Agreement and Trade Capacity Building

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21. Dispute Settlement

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22. Exceptions

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23. Final Provisions

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Annex I: Non-Conforming Measures for Services and Investment

Formatting Note  [PDF format, 19 KB]

U.S. Annex I  [PDF format, 44 KB]

Peru Annex I  [PDF format, 110 KB]


Annex II: Non-Conforming Measures for Services and Investment

Formatting Note  [PDF format, 15 KB]

U.S. Annex II  [PDF format, 41 KB]

Peru Annex II  [PDF format, 50 KB]

Annex III: Non-Conforming Measures for Financial Services

Formatting Note - US   [PDF format, 19 KB]

US Annex III  [PDF format, 121 KB]

Formatting Note - Peru  [PDF format, 25 KB]

Peru Annex III  [PDF format, 45 KB]

Biodiversity-TK Understanding

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Source: Office of the United States Trade Representative
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