Canada-Central American Countries (CA-4)
  Background and Negotiations

At a Canada-Central America Summit held in Guatemala on 28 September 2000, the CA-4 countries ( El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) requested Canada to pursue free trade negotiations. On 21 November 2001 Canada and four Central American countries announced the launch of free trade negotiations.

Ten rounds of negotiations took place between 2001 and 2004. Negotiations resumed in 2009 in Ottawa, Canada, where countries held the eleventh round of negotiations. The twelfth round was held from 08 to 12 March 2010 also in Ottawa. Following this round, countries decided to continue their negotiations on a bilateral basis.

Documents relating to the negotiations
08-12 March 2010 Ottawa, Canada. Twefth round of negotiations SpanishPDF
16 February 2004 Canada. Tenth round of negotiations Spanish Word New!
01 September 2003 Miami, USA. Ninth round of negotiations SpanishWord
03 March 2003 El Salvador. Eighth round of negotiations SpanishWord
20 January 2003 Canada. Seventh round of negotiations SpanishWord
07-11 October 2002 Honduras. Fifth round of negotiations SpanishWord
15-19 July 2002 Guatemala . Fourth round of negotiations SpanishWord
11-15 February 2002 El Salvador. Second round of negotiations SpanishWord
09 December 2001 El Salvador. First round of negotiations SpanishWord
21 November 2001 Free trade negotiations launched between Canada and four Central American countriesPDF
09 January 2001 Canada to begin consultations on free trade agreement with four Central American NationsPDF
Sources: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada; Ministerio de Economía (Minec), El Salvador; Secretaría de Integración Económica Centroamericana (SIECA)

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June 2003 Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Initial Environmental Assessment Report of the Canada-Central America Four Free Trade Negotiations (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua)PDF


Recent Developments
  08-12 March 2010. Twefth round of negotiations New!

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