Partial Scope Agreement Between the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of Guatemala
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Chapter I Initial Provisions Back to top!
Article 1 Objectives  
Chapter II Tariff Preference Margins and Non-Tariff Meaasures Back to top!
Article 2. Definitions  
Article 3. National Treatment  
Article 4. Special and Differential Treatment  
Article 5. Tariff Elimination  
Article 6. Tariff Preference Margins  
Article 7. Used or Reconstructed Goods  
Article 8. Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers  
Article 9. Modifications of the Tariff Preference Margins  
Article 10. Withdrawal of Concessions  
Chapter III Rules of Origin Back to top!
Article 11 Rules of Origin  
Article 12. Rules of Origin Committee  
Article 13. Customs Valuation  
Chapter IV Safeguard Measures Back to top!
Article 14. Safeguards  
Article 15. Adoption and Procedure for Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 16. Competent Authority  
Article 17. Notifications  
Chapter V Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Back to top!
Article 18. Antidumping and Countervailing Duties  
Article 19. Competent Authority  
Article 20. Notifications  
Chapter VI Barriers to Trade Back to top!
Article 21. Barriers to Trade  
Chapter VII Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 22. Scope of Application  
Article 23. Confidentiality  
Article 24. Virtual Meeting  
Article 25. Consultations  
Article 26. Time-frame for Perishable Goods  
Article 27. Intervention of the Administrative Commission  
Article 28. Decisions  
Article 29. Compliance with Decisions  
Article 30. Arbitration  
Article 31. Responsible Authority for Dispute Settlement  
Chapter VIII Administration of the Agreement Back to top!
Article 32. Establishment of the Administrative Commission  
Article 33. Meetings of the Commission  
Article 34. Functions of the Commission  
Article 35. Decisions of the Commission  
Chapter IX Investment Back to top!
Article 36. Definitions  
Article 37 Promotion of Investments  
Article 38. Treatment of Investments  
Article 39. Anti-Competitive Business Practices  
Article 40. Compensation for Losses  
Article 41. Expropriation  
Article 42. Free Transfer  
Article 43. Subrogation  
Article 44. Application of other Provisions  
Article 45. Scope of Application  
Article 46. Dispute Settlement between a Party and Investors of the other Party  
Chapter X Land Transportation Back to top!
Article 47. General Provisions  
Article 48. Scope of Application  
Chapter XI Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 49. Entry into Force  
Article 50. Duration  
Article 51. Withdrawal  
Article 52. Accession  
Article 53. Depositary  
Article 54. Annexes  
Article 55. Amendments  
Article 56. Balance of Payments  
Article 57. Reservations  
  Annex I: Preferential Tariffs that Belize Grants to Guatemala Back to top!
  Annex II: Preferential Tariffs that Guatemala Grants to Belize  
  Appendix I: Treatment for products subject to tariff rate quota  
  Annex III: Rules of Origin Back to top!
  Chapter I: Origin of Goods  
  Article 1. Definitions  
  Article 2. Interpretation and Application  
  Article 3. Originating Goods  
  Article 4. Minimal Processes  
  Article 5. Transshipment and Direct Shipment  
  Article 6. Specific Rules of Origin  
  Article 7. Incorporation of Materials  
  Article 8. Revision of the Rules of Origin  
  Chapter II: Declaration, Certification and Verification of Origin  
  Article 9. Certificate of Origin  
  Article 10. Preservation of Certificates and Documents  
  Appendix A: Procedures for the Verification of the Origin of Goods  
  Appendix B: Certificate of Origin PDF Document  
  Annex III A: Specific Rules of Origin  
  Annex IV: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
  Article 1. General Provisions  
  Article 2. Harmonisation  
  Article 3. Equivalence  
  Article 4. Risk Assessment  
  Article 5. Recognition of Free Areas  
  Article 6. Control, Inspection and Approval Procedures  
  Article 7. Technical Cooperation  
  Article 8. Transparency  
  Article 9. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee  
  Article 10. Transitory Dispositions  
  Annex V: Technical Barriers to Trade Back to top!
  Article 1. General Objectives and Principles  
  Article 2. Cooperation and Technical Assistance  
  Article 3. Exchange of Information  
  Article 4. Equivalence  
  Article 5. Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade  
  Article 6. Functions of the Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade  
  Annex VI: Arbitration Process Back to top!
  Article 1.  
  Article 2.  
  Article 3.  
  Article 4.  
  Article 5.  
  Article 6.  
  Article 7.  
  Article 8.  
  Article 9.  
  Article 10.  
  Article 11.  
  Article 12.  
  Article 13.  
  Article 14.  
  Annex VII: Land Transportation Back to top!
Full Text of the AgreementPDF  
Source: Directorate for Foreign Trade, Belize Offsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  26 June 2006
  Entry into Force
  04 April 2010
Trade Policy Developments
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