European Union-Central America Association Agreement
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Part I

General and Institutional Provisions

Title I

Nature and Scope of this Agreement

Article 1


Article 2


Article 3


Title II

Institutional Framework

Article 4

Association Council

Article 5

Composition and Rules of Procedures

Article 6

Decision-Making Powers

Article 7

Association Committee

Article 8


Article 9

Association Parliamentary Committee

Article 10

Joint Consultative Committee

Article 11

Civil Society

Part II

Political Dialogue

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Article 12


Article 13


Article 14


Article 15

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Article 16

Fight Against Terrorism

Article 17

Serious Crimes of International Concern

Article 18

Finance for Development

Article 19


Article 20


Article 21

Citizen Security

Article 22

Good Governance in the Tax Area

Article 23

Common Economic-Financial Credit Fund

Part III


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Article 24


Article 25


Article 26

Modalities and Methodology

Article 27

Evolutionary Clause

Article 28

Statistics Cooperation

Title I

Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance

Article 29

Democracy and Human Rights

Article 30

Good Governance

Article 31

Modernisation of the State and Public Administration, including Decentralisation

Article 32

Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Article 33

Reinforcement of Institutions and Rule of Law

Title II

Justice, Freedom and Security

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Article 34

Personal Data Protection

Article 35

Illicit Drugs

Article 36

Money Laundering, including the Financing of Terrorism

Article 37

Organised Crime and Citizen Security

Article 38

The Fight against Corruption

Article 39

Illicit Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons

Article 40

The Fight against Terrorism with full Respect for Human Rights

Title III

Social Development and Social Cohesion

Article 41

Social Cohesion including the Fight against Poverty, Inualities and Exclusion

Article 42

Employment and Social Protection

Article 43

Education and Training

Article 44

Public Health

Article 45

Indigenous Peoples and other Ethnic Groups

Article 46

Vulnerable Groups

Article 47


Article 48


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Article 49


Title V

Environment, Natural Disasters and Climate Change

Article 50

Cooperation on Environment

Article 51

Management of Natural Disasters

Title VI

Economic and Trade Development

Article 52

Cooperation and Technical Assistance in the Field of Competition Policy

Article 53

Customs Cooperation and Mutual Assistance

Article 54

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Customs and Trade Facilitation

Article 55

Cooperation and Technical Assistance onIntellectual Property and Technology Transfer

Article 56

Cooperation on Establishment, Trade in Services and Electronic Commerce

Article 57

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Technical Barriers to Trade

Article 58

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Government Procurement

Article 59

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Fisheries and Aquaculture

Article 60

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Artisanal Goods

Article 61

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Organic Goods

Article 62

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Food Safety, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters and Animal Welfare Issues

Article 63

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Trade and Sustainable Development

Article 64

Industrial Cooperation

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Article 65

Energy (Including Renewable Energy)

Article 66

Cooperation on Mining

Article 67

Fair and Sustainable Tourism

Article 68

Transport Cooperation

Article 69

Good Governance in the Tax Area

Article 70

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Article 71

Cooperation on Microcredit and Microfinance

Title VII

Regional Integration

Article 72

Cooperation in the Field of Regional Integration

Article 73

Regional Cooperation

Title VIII

Culture and Audio-Visual Cooperation

Article 74

Culture and Audio-Visual Cooperation

Title IX

Knowledge Society

Article 75

Information Society

Article 76

Scientific and Technological Cooperation

Part IV


Title I

Initial Provisions

Article 77

Establishment of a Free Trade Area and Relation to the WTO Agreement

Article 78


Article 79

Definitions of General Application

Title II

Trade In Goods

Chapter I

National Treatment and Market Access for Goods

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Section A

General Provisions

Article 80


Article 81


Section B

Elimination of Customs Duties

Article 82

Classification of Goods

Article 83

Elimination of Customs Duties

Article 84


Section C

Non-Tariff Measures

Article 85

National Treatment

Article 86

Import and Export Restrictions

Article 87

Fees and Other Charges on Imports and Exports

Article 88

Duties or Taxes on Exports

Section D


Article 89

Agricultural Export Subsidies

Section E

Fisheries, Aquaculture, Artisanal Goods and Organic Products

Article 90

Technical Cooperation

Section F

Institutional Provisions

Article 91

Sub-Committee on Market Access for Goods

Chapter 2

Trade Remedies

Section A

Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures

Article 92

General Provisions

Article 93

Transparency and Legal Certainty

Article 94

Consideration of Public Interest

Article 95

Lesser Duty Rule

Article 96

Causal Link

Article 97

Cumulative Assessment

Article 98

Exclusion from Dispute Settlement Procedures

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Section B

Safeguard Measures

Sub-Section B.1 General Provisions  
Article 99

Administration of Safeguard Proceedings

Article 100

Non Cumulation

Sub-Section B.2

Multilateral Safeguard Measures

Article 101

General Provisions

Article 102


Article 103

Exclusion from Dispute Settlement Procedures

Sub-Section B.3

Bilateral Safeguard Measures

Article 104

Application of a Bilateral Safeguard Measure

Article 105

Conditions and Limitations

Article 106

Provisional Measures

Article 107

Compensation and Suspension of Concessions

Article 108

Time Lapse in between Two Measures

Article 109

Outermost Regions

Sub-Section B.4

Procedural Rules Applicable to Bilateral Safeguard Measures

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Article 110

Applicable Law

Article 111

Initiation of a Proceeding

Article 112


Article 113

Evidence of Injury and Causal Link

Article 114


Article 115

Confidential Information

Article 116

Notifications and Publications

Chapter 3

Customs and Trade Facilitation

Article 117


Article 118

Customs and Trade-Related Procedures

Article 119

Transit Movements

Article 120

Relations with the Business Community

Article 121

Customs Valuation

Article 122

Risk Management

Article 123

Sub-Committee on Customs, Trade Facilitation and Rules of Origin

Article 124

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Customs and Trade Facilitation

Chapter 4

Technical Barriers to Trade

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Article 125


Article 126

General Provisions

Article 127

Scope and Coverage

Article 128


Article 129

Technical Regulations

Article 130


Article 131

Conformity Assessment and Accreditation

Article 132

Special and Differential Treatment

Article 133

Cooperation and Technical Assistance

Article 134

Collaboration and Regional Integration

Article 135

Transparency and Notification Procedures

Article 136

Market Surveillance

Article 137


Article 138

Marking and Labelling

Article 139

Sub-Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade

Chapter 5

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

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Article 140


Article 141

Multilateral Rights and Obligations

Article 142


Article 143


Article 144

Competent Authorities

Article 145

General Principles

Article 146

Import Requirements

Article 147

Trade Facilitation

Article 148


Article 149

Measures Linked to Animal and Plant Health

Article 150


Article 151

Transparency and Exchange of Information

Article 152

Notification and Consultation

Article 153

Emergency Measures

Article 154

Cooperation and Technical Assistance

Article 155

Special and Differential Treatment

Article 156

Sub-Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters

Article 157

Dispute Settlement

Chapter 6 Exceptions Related to Goods  
Article 158

General Exceptions

Title III

Establishment, Trade In Services and Electronic Commerce

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Chapter 1

General Provisions

Article 159

Objective, Scope and Coverage

Article 160


Article 161

Cooperation on Establishment, Trade in Services and E-Commerce

Chapter 2 Establishment  
Article 162


Article 163


Article 164

Market Access

Article 165

National Treatment

Article 166

Lists of Commitments

Article 167

Other Agreements

Article 168


Chapter 3

Cross-Border Supply of Services

Article 169

Coverage and Definitions

Article 170

Market Access

Article 171

National Treatment

Article 172

Lists of Commitments

Chapter 4

Temporary Presence Of Natural Persons For Business Purposes

Article 173

Coverage and Definitions

Article 174

Key Personnel and Graduate Trainees

Article 175

Business Services Sellers

Article 176

Contractual Services Suppliers and Independent Professionals

Chapter 5

Regulatory Framework

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Section A

Provisions of General Application

Article 177

Mutual Recognition

Article 178

Transparency and Disclosure of Confidential Information

Article 179


Section B

Computer Services

Article 180

Understanding on Computer Services

Section C

Courier Services

Article 181

Scope and definitions

Article 182

Prevention of Anti-Competitive Practices in the Courier Sector

Article 183


Article 184

Independence of the Regulatory Bodies

Section D

Telecommunications Services

Article 185

Definitions and Scope

Article 186

Regulatory Authority

Article 187

Authorisation to Provide Telecommunications Services

Article 188

Competitive Safeguards on Major Suppliers

Article 189


Article 190

Scarce Resources

Article 191

Universal Service

Article 192

Confidentiality of Information

Article 193

Disputes between Suppliers

Section E

Financial Services

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Article 194

Scope and Definitions

Article 195

Prudential Carve-Out

Article 196

Effective and Transparent Regulation

Article 197

New Financial Services

Article 198

Data Processing

Article 199

Specific Exceptions

Section F

International Maritime Transport Services

Article 200

Scope, Definitions and Principles

Chapter 6

Electronic Commerce

Article 201

Objective and Principles

Article 202

Regulatory Aspects of E-Commerce

Chapter 7


Article 203

General Exceptions

Title IV

Current Payments and Capital Movements

Article 204

Objective and Scope

Article 205

Current Account

Article 206

Capital Account

Article 207

Safeguard Measures

Article 208

Final Provisions

Title V

Government Procurement

Article 209


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Article 210

Scope and Coverage

Article 211

General Principles

Article 212

Publication of Procurement Information

Article 213

Publication of Notices

Article 214

Conditions for Participation

Article 215

Qualification or Registration of Suppliers

Article 216

Technical Specifications

Article 217

Tender Documentation

Article 218

Time Periods

Article 219


Article 220

The Use of Limited Tendering or other equivalent Tendering Procedures

Article 221

Electronic Auctions

Article 222

Treatment of Tenders and Award of Contracts

Article 223

Transparency of Procurement Information

Article 224

Disclosure of Information

Article 225

Domestic Review Procedures

Article 226

Modifications and Rectifications of Coverage

Article 227

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Government Procurement

Title VI

Intellectual Property

Chapter 1

Objectives and Principles

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Article 228


Article 229

Nature and Scope of Obligations

Article 230

Most Favoured Nation and National Treatment

Article 231

Transfer of Technology

Article 232


Chapter 2

Standards Concerning Intellectual Property Rights

Section A

Copyright and Related Rights

Article 233

Protection Granted

Article 234

Duration of Authors' Rights

Article 235

Duration of Related Rights

Article 236

Collective Management of Rights

Article 237

Broadcasting and Communication to the Public

Section B


Article 238

International Agreements

Article 239

Registration Procedure

Article 240

Well-Known Trademarks

Article 241

Exceptions to the Rights Conferred by a Trademark

Section C

Geographical Indications

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Article 242

General Provisions

Article 243

Scope and Coverage

Article 244

System of Protection

Article 245

Established Geographical Indications

Article 246

Protection Granted

Article 247

Addition of New Geographical Indications

Article 248

Relationship between Geographical Indications and Trademarks

Article 249

Right of Use of Geographical Indications

Article 250

Dispute Settlement

Section D

Industrial Designs

Article 251

International Agreements

Article 252

Requirements for Protection

Article 253


Article 254

Rights Conferred

Article 255

Term of Protection

Article 256

Invalidity or Refusal of Registration

Article 257

Relationship to Copyright

Section E


Article 258

International Agreements

Section F

Plant Varieties

Article 259

Plant Varieties

Chapter 3

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

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Article 260

General Obligations

Article 261

Entitled Applicants

Article 262


Article 263

Measures for preserving Evidence

Article 264

Right of Information

Article 265

Provisional and Precautionary Measures

Article 266

Corrective Measures

Article 267


Article 268

Legal Costs

Article 269

Publication of Judicial Decisions

Article 270

Presumption of Ownership

Article 271

Criminal Sanctions

Article 272

Limitations on Liability for Service Providers

Article 273

Border Measures

Chapter 4

Institutional Provisions

Article 274

Sub-Committee on Intellectual Property

Article 275

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Intellectual Property

Article 276

Final Provisions

Title VII

Trade and Competition

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Article 277


Article 278


Article 279


Article 280

Public Enterprises and Enterprises Entrusted with Special or Exclusive Rights including Designated Monopolies

Article 281

Exchange of Non Confidential Information and Enforcement Cooperation

Article 282

Cooperation and Technical Assistance

Article 283

Dispute Settlement

Title VIII

Trade and Sustainable Development

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Article 284

Context and Objectives

Article 285

Right to Regulate and Levels of Protection

Article 286

Multilateral Labour Standards and Agreements

Article 287

Multilateral Environmental Standards and Agreements

Article 288

Trade Favouring Sustainable Development

Article 289

Trade in Forest Products

Article 290

Trade in Fish Products

Article 291

Upholding Levels of Protection

Article 292

Scientific Information

Article 293

Sustainability Review

Article 294

Institutional and Monitoring Mechanism

Article 295

Civil Society Dialogue Forum

Article 296

Government Consultations

Article 297

Composition of the Panel of Experts

Article 298

Rules of Procedure

Article 299

Initial Report

Article 301

Final Report

Article 302

Cooperation and Technical Assistance on Trade and Sustainable Development

Title IX

Regional Economic Integration

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Article 303

General Provisions

Article 304

Customs Procedures

Article 305

Technical Barriers to Trade

Article 306

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Article 307


Title X

Dispute Settlement

Chapter 1

Objective and Scope

Article 308


Article 309


Chapter 2


Article 310


Chapter 3

Dispute Settlement Procedures

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Section A

Panel Procedure

Article 311

Initiation of the Panel Procedure

Article 312

Establishment of the Panel

Article 313

Panel Ruling

Section B Compliance  
Article 314

Compliance with the Panel Ruling

Article 315

The Reasonable Period of Time for Compliance

Article 316

Review of any Measure taken to Comply with the Panel Ruling

Article 317

Temporary Remedies in case of Non-Compliance

Article 318

Review of any Measure taken to Comply After the Suspension of Obligations

Section C

Common Provisions

Article 319

Rules of Procedure

Article 320

Information and Technical Advice

Article 321

Amicus Curiae

Article 322

Rules and Principles of Interpretation

Article 323

Common Provisions regarding the Panel Rulings

Chapter 4

General Povisions

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Article 324

Mutually Satisfactory Solution

Article 325

List of Panelists

Article 326

Relation with WTO Obligations

Article 327

Time Periods

Article 328

Adoption and Modification of the Rules of Procedure and the Code of Conduct

Title XI

Mediation Mechanism for Non-Tariff Measures

Chapter 1


Article 329 Scope  
Chapter 2

Procedure Under The Mediation Mechanism

Article 330

Initiation of the Procedure

Article 331

Selection of the Mediator

Article 332

Rules of the Mediation Procedure

Chapter 3


Article 333

Implementation of a Mutually Agreed Solution

Chapter 4

General Provisions

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Article 334

Relationship to Title X on Dispute Settlement

Article 335

Time Periods

Article 336

Confidentiality of Information

Article 337


Title XII

Transparency and Administrative Procedures

Article 338

Cooperation on Increased Transparency

Article 339


Article 340

Contact Points and Exchange of Information

Article 341

Administrative Proceedings

Article 342

Review and Appeal

Article 343

Specific Rules

Article 344

Transparency in Subsidies

Tittle XIII

Specific Tasks in Trade Matters of the Bodies Established under this Agreement

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Article 345

Specific Tasks of the Association Council

Article 346

Specific Tasks of the Association Committee

Article 347

Coordinators of Part IV of this Agreement

Article 348


Title XIV


Article 349

Balance of Payments

Article 350


Article 351

Regional Preference

Part V

Final Provisions

Article 352

Definition of the parties

Article 353

Entry into force

Article 354


Article 355

Fulfilment of the obligations

Article 356

Rights and obligations under this Agreement

Article 357


Article 358

Future developments

Article 359

Accession of new members

Article 360

Territorial application

Article 361

Reservations and interpretative declarations

Article 362

Annexes, appendices, protocols and notes, footnotes and joint declarations

Article 363

Authentic texts

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Annex I

Elimination of Customs Duties PDF:


Appendix 1: Import Tariff Rate Quotas of the Republics of the CA PartyPDF


Appendix 2: Import Tariff Rate Quotas of the EU PartyPDF


Appendix 3: Special Treatment on BananasPDF


EU's schedulePDF


Central America' schedulePDF

  Panama's schedulePDF  
Annex II

Concerning the definition of the concept of “originating products” and methods of administrative co-operationPDF:

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Appendix 1: Introductory notes to Annex IIPDF


Appendix 2: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating aterials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating statusPDF


Appendix 2 A: Addendum to the list of working and processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating statusPDF


Appendix 3: Specimens of movement certificate EUR.1 and application for a movement certificate EUR.1PDF


Appendix 4: Invoice declarationPDF


Appendix 5: Period of time for the presentation of an invoice declaration or reimbursement of tariffs in accordance with Articles 19, paragraph 6 and 21, paragraph 4 of Annex II, concerning the definition of the concept of “originating products” and methods of administrative co-operationPDF


Appendix 6: Amounts referred to in Articles 19, paragraph 1 (b) and 24, paragraph 3 of Annex II, concerning the Definition of the Concept of “Originating Products” and ethods of Administrative Co-operationPDF

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Annex III

Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs MattersPDF

Annex IV

Special Provisions on Administrative Co-operationPDF

Annex V

Management of Administrative ErrorsPDF

Annex VI

Competent Authorities (SPS) PDF

Annex VII

Requirements and provisions for approval of establishments for products of animal origin (SPS) PDF

Annex VIII

Guidelines for conducting verifications (SPS) PDF

Annex IX

Contact Points and Web-Sites (SPS) PDF

Annex X

Lists of Commitments on EstablishmentPDF

Annex XI

Lists of Commitments on Cross-Border Supply of ServicesPDF

Annex XII

Reservations on Key Personnel and Graduate Trainees of the EU PartyPDF

Annex XIII

Lists of Commitments of the Republics of the CA Party on Key Personnel and Graduate TraineesPDF

Annex XIV

Lists of Commitments of the Republics of the CA Party on Business Service SellersPDF

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Annex XV

Enquiry PointsPDF

Annex XVI

Government ProcurementPDF

Annex XVII

List of names to be applied for protection as geographical indications in the territory of the PartiesPDF


Protected geographical indicationsPDF

Annex XIX

List of products referred to in paragraph 4 of Article 306PDF

Annex XX

List of Central American Technical Regulations (RTCA) in the process of harmonisationPDF

Annex XXI Sub-Committees PDF  
Joint DeclarationsPDF  
  Joint Declaration of Costa Rica and the European Union to Chapter 1 of Title II (Trade in Goods) of the Agreement  
  Joint Declaration on Article 88 of Chapter 1 of Title II (Trade in Goods)  
  Joint Declaration concerning the Principality of Andorra  
  Joint Declaration concerning the Republic of San Marino  
  Joint Declaration concerning derogations  
  Joint Declaration concerning the revision of the rules of origin contained in Annex II (Concerning the Definition of the Concept of “Originating Products” and Methods of Administrative Co-operation)  
  Joint Declaration concerning the revision of the rules of origin applicable to products of Chapters 61 and 62 of the Harmonized System  
  Joint Declaration concerning temporal use of additional non-originating materials for products of Chapters 61 and 62 of the Harmonized System  
  Declaration of the EU Party on Data Protection of Certain Regulated Products  
  Joint Declaration Names that have been applied for registration as geographical indications in a Republic of a CA Party  
  Joint Declaration on Turkey  
  El Salvador´s Unilateral Declaration on article 290 “Trade in Fish Products” of Title VIII (Trade and Sustainable Development) of Part IV of this Agreement  
Protocol on Cultural Cooperation PDF  
Full Text of the Agreement PDF  
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About the Agreement
  29 June 2012
  Entry into Force
  Costa Rica
  Provisional application:
01 October 2013
  El Salvador
  Provisional application:
01 October 2013
  Provisional application:
01 December 2013
  Provisional application:
01 August 2013
  Provisional application:
01 August 2013
  Provisional application:
01 August 2013
Trade Policy Developments
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