Canada - EFTA States* Free Trade Agreement
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Preamble    Back to top!
I. Objectives and Scope  Back to top!
Article 1 Objectives  
Article 2 Geographical scope  
  II. Trade in goods  Back to top!
Article 3 Coverage  
Article 4 National treatment  
Article 5 Import and export restrictions  
Article 6 Sanitary and phytosanitary measures  
Article 7 Technical regulations  
Article 8 Rules of origin and administrative co-operation  
Article 9 Sub-Committee on Rules of Origin and Trade in Goods  
Article 10 Customs duties  
Article 11 Base rate of customs duties  
  III. Services and Investment  Back to top!
Article 12 Services and investment  
Article 13 Temporary entry  
  IV. Competition Law and Policy  Back to top!
Article 14 General principles  
Article 15 Co-operation  
Article 16 Communication of information  
  V. Other common rules  Back to top!
Article 17 Subsidies  
Article 18 Anti-dumping  
Article 19 State trading enterprises  
Article 20 Public procurement  
Article 21 Trade facilitation  
  VI. Exceptions and Safeguards  Back to top!
Article 22 General exceptions  
Article 23 Other exceptions  
Article 24 Security exceptions  
Article 25 Emergency action  
  VII. Institutional Provisions  Back to top!
Article 26 The Joint Committee  
  VIII. Dispute Settlement  
Article 27 Choice of forum  
Article 28 Consultations  
Article 29 Arbitration  
Article 30 Implementation of the arbitral award  
Article 31 Non-implementation - suspension of benefits  
  IX. Final clauses  Back to top!
Article 32 Evolutionary clause  
Article 33 Trade and economic relations governed by this agreement  
Article 34 Relationship of this Agreement to extraneous agreements  
Article 35 Sub-national entities  
Article 36 Annexes  
Article 37 Transparency  
Article 38 Amendments  
Article 39 Additional Parties  
Article 40 Withdrawal and termination  
Article 41 Provisional application  
Article 42 Entry into Force  
Article 43 Depositary  
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Annex A Territorial Application PDF  
Annex B Canadian Measures PDF  
Annex C Rules of Origin and Administrative Co-Operation PDF  
   Appendix I - Product Specific Rules of Origin PDF  
   Appendix II - Origin declarations PDF  
Annex D Mandate of the Sub-Comittee PDF  
Annex E Ships PDF  
Annex F Excluded Products PDF  
Annex G

Processed Agriculture Products PDF

  Table 1 - EFTA  

Table 2 - Canada

Annex H Fish and Other Marine Products PDF  
Annex I Trade Facilitation PDF  
Annex J Cultural Industries PDF  
Annex K Arbitral Tribunal PDF  
Complementary Agreements
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  Agreement on Agriculture between Canada and the Republic of Iceland PDF  
  Agreement on Agriculture between Canada and the Kingdom of Norway PDF  
  Agreement on Agriculture between Canada and the Swiss Confederation PDF  
PDF version of text PDF  
Source: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Offsite link!  
* EFTA member states -- Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland  
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French version
About the Agreement
  26 January 2008
  Entry into Force
  01 July 2009
Trade Policy Developments
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Topics Covered in the Agreement