Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement
Article I Incorporation of CETA  
Article II Further provision in relation to the Canada-UK Joint Committee  
Article III Retained Law  
Article IV Subsequent Negotiations  
Article V Review of procedures for the resolution of investmentdisputes between investors and states  
Article VI Integral parts of this Agreement  
Article VII Entry into force and provisional application  
  Annex A  
  Part A General modifications  
  Part B Chapter-specific modifications  
  Chapter 1  
  Chapter 2  
  Chapter 5  
      Annex 5-A  
      Annex 5-E  
      Annex 5-I  
  Chapter 6  
  Chapter 8  
  Chapter 9  
      Annex 9-A  
      Annex 9-C  
  Chapter 10  
      Annex 10-A  
      Annex 10-B  
      Annex 10-E  
      Annex 10-F  
  Chapter 11  
  Chapter 13  
      Annex 13-A  
  Chapter 14  
  Chapter 17  
  Chapter 19  
      Market Access Schedule of Canada:  
           Annex 19-1  
           Annex 19-4  
      Market Access Schedule of United Kingdom:  
           Annex 19-1  
           Annex 19-2  
           Annex 19-3  
           Annex 19-4  
           Annex 19-7  
           Annex 19-8  
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      Annex 20-A  
      Annex 20-B  
  Chapter 21  
  Chapter 25  
  Chapter 26  
  Chapter 28  
      Annex 29-A  
  Chapter 30  
      Annex 30-D  
      Protocol on rules of origin and origin procedures  
      Annex 2  
      Annex 4  
      Annex 5  
      Annex 5A  
      Section A - Agriculture  
      Annex 7  
  Protocol on the mutual acceptance of the results of conformity assessment  
  Protocol on the mutual recognition of the compliance and enforcement programme regarding good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products  
      Annex I Reservations for existing measures and liberalisation commitments  
             Reservations applicable in the UK  
             Reservations applicable in Canada (applicable in all Provinces and Territories)  
      Annex II - Reservation for future measures  
             Reservations applicable in the UK  
             Reservations applicable in Canada (applicable in all Provinces and Territories)  
  Part C: Modifications to the agreements incorporated by reference pursuant to paragraph 30.8.3 and modifications to Annex 30-B  
           Modifications to the 1989 Alcoholic Beverages Agreement  
           Modifications to the 2003 Wines and Spirit Drinks Agreement  
  Modifications to Annex 30-B  
  Annex B  
  Annex 2A: Tariff Elimination  
      Tariff Schedule of Canada  
      Tariff Schedule of the United Kingdom  
  Annex 2B: Declaration of the Parties Concerning Tariff Rate Quota Administration  
  WTO Cheese TRQ:  
      Letter from Canada    
      Letter from United Kingdom    
  Joint Interpretative Instrument on the Agreement on Trade Continuity Between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Canada   
  Concordance Table: Joint Interpretative Instrument Referenced to the TCA Text    
  Sources: Global Affairs Canada Offsite link!; Department for International Trade, UK Offsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  21 November 2020
  Entry into Force
  01 April 2021
Trade Policy Developments
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