Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement
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Table of contents  


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Chapter One

Initial Provisions and General Definitions

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Section A

Initial Provisions  
Article 1-1 Establishment of the Free Trade Area  
Article 1-2 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 1-3 Trade Remedies  
Article 1-4 Investment  
Article 1-5 Relation to Multilateral Environmental Agreements  
Article 1-6 Extent of Obligations  
Section B General Definitions  
Article 1-7 Definitions of General Application  
Article 1-8 Country-Specific Definitions  
  Annex 1-5: Multilateral Environmental Agreements  
Chapter Two

National Treatment and Market Access of Goods

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Article 2-1 Scope of Application  
Section I National Treatment  
Article 2-2 National Treatment  
Section II Tariffs  
Article 2-3 Tariff Elimination  
Article 2-4 Goods Re-Entered after Repair or Alteration  
Section III Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 2-5 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 2-6 Customs Valuation  
Article 2-7 Technical Barriers to Trade  
Section IV Institutional Provisions  
Article 2-8 Committee on Trade in Goods and Rules of Origin  
  Annex 2-2: Exceptions to Articles 2-2 and 2-6  
  Annex 2-3: Tariff Elimination  
  Schedule of Canada PDF format  
  Schedule of Jordan PDF format  

Chapter Three

Electronic Commerce

Article 3-1 Customs Duties on Products Delivered by Electronic Means  
Chapter Four

Rules of Origin

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Article 4-1 Originating Goods  
Article 4-2 Value Test  
Article 4-3 Accumulation  
Article 4-4 De Minimis  
Article 4-5 Fungible Materials and Goods  
Article 4-6 Sets or Assortments of Goods  
Article 4-7 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 4-8 Indirect Materials  
Article 4-9 Intermediate Materials Used in Production  
Article 4-10 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 4-11 Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 4-12 Transshipment  
Article 4-13 Interpretation and Application  
Article 4-14 Consultation and Modifications  
Article 4-15 Definitions  
  Annex 4-1: Specific Rules of Origin PDF  
Chapter Five

Costums Procedures

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Section I Certification of Origin  
Article 5-1 Certificate of Origin  
Article 5-2 Obligations Regarding Importations  
Article 5-3 Exceptions  
Article 5-4 Obligations Regarding Exportations  
Section II Administration and Enforcement  
Article 5-5 Records  
Article 5-6 Origin Verifications  
Article 5-7 Confidentiality  
Article 5-8 Penalties  
Section III Advance Rulings  
Article 5-9 Advance Rulings  
Section IV Review and Appeal of Advance Rulings and Origin Determinations  
Article 5-10 Review and Appeal  
Article 5-11 Definitions  
Chapter Six

Trade Facilitation

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Article 6-1 Objectives and Principles  
Article 6-2 Rights and Obligations  
Article 6-3 Cooperation  
Article 6-4 Future Work Programme  
Chapter Seven

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

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Article 7-1 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Chapter Eight

Emergency Action

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Article 8-1 Article XIX of the GATT 1994 and the Agreement on Safeguards of the WTO  
Article 8-2 Bilateral Emergency Actions  
Article 8-3 Administration of Emergency Action Proceedings  
Article 8-4 Definitions  
Chapter Nine

Monopolies and State Enterprises

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Article 9-1  Monopolies  
Article 9-2 State Enterprises  
Article 9-3 Exceptions  
Article 9-4 Definitions  
  Annex 9-3: Country-Specific Definitions of State Enterprises  
Chapter Ten


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Article 10-1 Affirmations  
Article 10-2 Agreement on the Environment  
Article 10-3 The Relationship between this Agreement and the Agreement on the Environment  
Chapter Eleven


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Article 11-1 Affirmations  
Article 11-2 Objectives  
Article 11-3 Obligations  
Article 11-4 Cooperative Activities  
Chapter Twelve


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Section A Publication, Notification and Administration of Laws  
Article 12-1 Publication  
Article 12-2 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 12-3 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 12-4 Review and Appeal  
Article 12-5 Cooperation on Promoting Increased Transparency  
Article 12-6 Definitions  
Section B Anti-Corruption  
Article 12-7 Statement of Principles  
Article 12-8 Anti-Corruption Measures  
Article 12-9 Cooperation in International Fora  
Article 12-10 Definitions  
Chapter Thirteen

Administration of the Agreement

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Article 13-1 The Joint Commission  
Article 13-2 Contact Points  
Article 13-3 Trade-Related Cooperation  
  Annex 13-2: Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups  
Chapter Fourteen

Dispute Settlement

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Article 14-1 Co-operation  
Article 14-2 Scope of Application  
Article 14-3 Choice of Forum  
Article 14-4 Consultations  
Article 14-5 Good Offices, Conciliation and Mediation  
Article 14-6 Referral to a Panel  
Article 14-7 Qualifications of Panel Members  
Article 14-8 Panel Composition  
Article 14-9 Rules of Procedure  
Article 14-10 Panel Reports  
Article 14-11 Clarification of panel report  
Article 14-12 Implementation of the Final Report  
Article 14-13 Non-Implementation - Suspension of Benefits  
Article 14-14 Compliance and Suspension of Benefits  
Article 14-15 Referrals of Matters from Judicial or Administrative Proceedings  
Article 14-16 Private Rights  
  Annex 14-9: Detailed Rules Pertaining to Dispute Settlement Proceedings  
Chapter Fifteen


Article 15-1 General Exceptions  
Article 15-2 National Security  
Article 15-3 Taxation  
Article 15-4 Disclosure of Information  
Article 15-5 Cultural Industries  
Article 15-6 World Trade Organization Waivers  
Article 15-7 Definitions  
Chapter Sixteen

Final Provisions

Article 16-1 Annexes and Appendices  
Article 16-2 Interpretative and Explanatory Notes  
Article 16-3 Amendments  
Article 16-4 Entry into Force  
Article 16-5 Termination  
Full Text of the Agreement PDF Format  
Source: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Off-site link!; Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Off-site link!  
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About the Agreement
  28 June 2009
  Entry into Force
  01 October 2012
Trade Policy Developments
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Topics Covered in the Agreement

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