Free Trade Agreement Between Canada and The Republic of Korea
Chapter One Initial Provisions and General Definitions Back to top!
Section A Initial Provisions  
Article 1.1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 1.2 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 1.3 Relation to Multilateral Environmental Agreements  
Article 1.4 Extent of Obligations  
Article 1.5 Reference to Other Agreements  
Article 1.6 Cultural Cooperation  
Article 1.7 Bilateral Trade and Investment Promotion in the Automotive Sector  
Section B General Definitions  
Article 1.8 Definitions of General Application  
Article 1.9 Country-Specific Definitions  
  Annex 1-A: Multilateral Environmental Agreements  
Chapter Two National Treatment and Market Access for Goods Back to top!
Article 2.1 Scope and Coverage  
Section A National Treatment  
Article 2.2 National Treatment  
Section B Tariffs  
Article 2.3 Tariff Elimination  
Article 2.4 Temporary Admission of Goods  
Article 2.5 Duty-Free Entry of Certain Commercial Samples and Printed Advertising Materials  
Article 2.6 Goods Re-Entered after Repair or Alteration  
Section C Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 2.7 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 2.8 Export Duties, Taxes or Other Charges  
Article 2.9 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment for Internal Taxes and Emissions Regulations  
Article 2.10 Customs User Fees  
Article 2.11 Customs Valuation Agreement  
Article 2.12 Agricultural Safeguard Measures  
Article 2.13 Administration and Implementation of TRQs  
Section D Committee on Trade in Goods  
Article 2.14 Committee on Trade in Goods  
Section E Definitions  
Article 2.15 Definitions  
  Annex 2-A: Exceptions to Articles 2.2 and 2.7  
  Section A: Measures of Korea  
  Section B: Measures of Canada  
  Annex 2-B: Sub-Committee on Trade in Forest Products  
  Annex 2-C: Sub-Committee on Trade in Automotive Goods  
  Annex 2-D: Tariff Elimination  
  Section A: Staging Categories Applicable to both Parties  
  Section B: Staging Categories Applicable only to Korea  
  Tariff Schedule of Canada PDF Format  
  Tariff Schedule of Korea PDF Format  
  Annex 2-E: Goods Re-Entered after Repair or Alteration  
  Annex 2-F: Agricultural Safeguard Measures  
  Agricultural Safeguard List for Korea  
  Annex 2-G: Administration and Implementation of TRQs  
Chapter Three Rules Of Origin Back to top!
Article 3.1 Originating Goods  
Article 3.2 Wholly Obtained  
Article 3.3 Sufficient Production  
Article 3.4 Value Test  
Article 3.5 Materials Used in Production  
Article 3.6 Self-Produced Materials  
Article 3.7 Accumulation  
Article 3.8 De Minimis  
Article 3.9 Fungible Materials and Goods  
Article 3.10 Sets or Assortments of Goods  
Article 3.11 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 3.12 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 3.13 Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 3.14 Indirect Materials  
Article 3.15 Principle of Territoriality  
Article 3.16 Transit and Transhipment  
Article 3.17 Application and Interpretation  
Article 3.18 Discussions and Modifications  
Article 3.19 Common Guidelines  
Article 3.20 Definitions  
  Annex 3-A: Product Specific Rules  
  Section A: General Interpretative Notes  
  Section B: Specific Rules of Origin  
Chapter Four Origin Procedures and Trade Facilitation Back to top!
Section A Certification of Origin  
Article 4.1 Certificate of Origin  
Article 4.2 Obligations Regarding Importations  
Article 4.3 Waiver of Certificate of Origin  
Article 4.4 Obligations Regarding Exportations  
Section B Administration and Enforcement  
Article 4.5 Record Keeping Requirements  
Article 4.6 Origin Verifications  
Article 4.7 Denial of Preferential Tariff Treatment  
Article 4.8 Confidentiality  
Article 4.9 Penalties  
Section C Advance Rulings  
Article 4.10 Advance Rulings  
Section D Review and Appeal of Determinations of Origin and Advance Rulings  
Article 4.11 Review and Appeal  
Section E Uniform Regulations  
Article 4.12 Uniform Regulations  
  Memorandum of Understanding PDF Format  
Section F Cooperation  
Article 4.13 Cooperation  
Article 4.14 Rules of Origin and Customs Committee  
Section G Trade Facilitation  
Article 4.15 Objectives and Principles  
Article 4.16 Release of Goods  
Article 4.17 Automation  
Article 4.18 Risk Management  
Article 4.19 Express Shipments  
Article 4.20 Transparency  
Section H Definitions  
Article 4.21 Definitions  
Chapter Five Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 5.1 Objectives  
Article 5.2 Scope  
Article 5.3 Rights and Obligations of the Parties  
Article 5.4 Dispute Settlement  
Article 5.5 Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Chapter Six Standards-Related Measures Back to top!
Article 6.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 6.2 Extent of Obligations  
Article 6.3 Affirmation of the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and Other International Agreements  
Article 6.4 Cooperation  
Article 6.5 Cooperation in Sector-Specific Initiatives  
Article 6.6 Transparency  
Article 6.7 Automotive Standards-Related Measures  
  Annex 6-A: List referred to in Article 6.7.2(a)  
  Annex 6-B: Lists referred to in Article 6.7.3  
  Table 1 - List referred to in Article 6.7.3(a)  
  Table 2 - List referred to in Article 6.7.3(b)  
Article 6.8 Committee on Standards-Related Measures  
  Annex 6-C: Committee on Standards-Related Measures  
  Letter from Canada regarding Building Products PDF Format  
  Letter from Korea regarding Building Products PDF Format  
Article 6.9 Definitions  
Chapter Seven Trade Remedies Back to top!
Section A Safeguard Measures  
Article 7.1 Article XIX of the GATT 1994 and the Safeguards Agreement  
Article 7.2 Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 7.3 Provisional Safeguard Measures  
Article 7.4 Application of Safeguard Measures  
Article 7.5 Administration of Safeguard Measures  
Article 7.6 Dispute Settlement in Safeguard Measures Matters  
Section B Antidumping and Countervailing Duties  
Article 7.7 Antidumping and Countervailing Duties  
Section C Committee on Trade Remedies  
Article 7.8 Committee on Trade Remedies  
Section D Definitions  
Article 7.9 Definitions  
Chapter Eight Investment Back to top!
Section A Investment  
Article 8.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 8.2 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 8.3 National Treatment  
Article 8.4 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment  
Article 8.5 Minimum Standard of Treatment  
Article 8.6 Compensation for Losses  
Article 8.7 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 8.8 Performance Requirements  
Article 8.9 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 8.10 Investment and Environment  
Article 8.11 Expropriation and Compensation  
Article 8.12 Transfers  
Article 8.13 Subrogation  
Article 8.14 Denial of Benefits  
Article 8.15 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 8.16 Corporate Social Responsibility  
Section B Investor-State Dispute Settlement  
Article 8.17 Purpose  
Article 8.18 Claim by an Investor of a Party on Its Own Behalf  
Article 8.19 Claim by an Investor of a Party on Behalf of an Enterprise  
Article 8.20 Notice of Intent to Submit a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 8.21 Consultation and Negotiation  
Article 8.22 Conditions Precedent to Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 8.23 Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 8.24 Consent to Arbitration  
Article 8.25 Arbitrators  
Article 8.26 Constitution of a Tribunal by the Secretary-General  
Article 8.27 Agreement to Appointment of Arbitrators  
Article 8.28 Consolidation  
Article 8.29 Notice to the Non-Disputing Party  
Article 8.30 Documents  
Article 8.31 Participation by the Non-Disputing Party  
Article 8.32 Place of Arbitration  
Article 8.33 Language of Proceedings  
Article 8.34 Preliminary Objections to Jurisdiction or Admissibility  
Article 8.35 Transparency of Arbitral Proceedings  
Article 8.36 Submissions by a Non-Disputing Party  
Article 8.37 Governing Law  
Article 8.38 Interpretation of Annexes  
Article 8.39 Expert Reports  
Article 8.40 Interim Measures of Protection  
Article 8.41 Final Award  
Article 8.42 Finality and Enforcement of an Award  
Article 8.43 Procedural and Other Matters  
Article 8.44 Exclusions  
Article 8.45 Definitions  
  Annex 8-A: Customary International Law  
  Annex 8-B: Expropriation  
  Annex 8-C: Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
  Annex 8-D: Submissions by Non-Disputing Parties  
  Annex 8-E: Possibility of a Bilateral Appellate Mechanism  
  Annex 8-F: Exclusions from Dispute Settlement  
Chapter Nine Cross-Border Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 9.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 9.2 National Treatment  
Article 9.3 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment  
Article 9.4 Market Access  
Article 9.5 Local Presence  
Article 9.6 Non-Conforming Measures  
  Annex 9-A: Consultations Regarding Non-Conforming Measures Maintained by a Sub-National Government  
Article 9.7 Domestic Regulation  
Article 9.8 Recognition  
Article 9.9 Temporary Licensing  
Article 9.10 Denial of Benefits  
Article 9.11 Payments and Transfers  
Article 9.12 Definitions  
  Annex 9-B: Sectors to be Developed: Mutual Recognition Agreements or Arrangements  
  Annex 9-C: Guidelines for Mutual Recognition Agreements or Arrangements for the Professional Services Sector  
  Section A: Conduct of Negotiations and Relevant Obligations  
  Section B: Form and Content of MRAs  
  Confirming Letter - Korea PDF Format  
  Confirming Letter - Canada PDF Format  
  Letter (Gambling) - Korea PDF Format  
  Letter (Gambling) - Canada PDF Format  
  Letter (Telecommunications) - Korea PDF Format  
  Letter (Telecommunications) - Canada PDF Format  
Chapter Ten Financial Services  Back to top!
Article 10.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 10.2 National Treatment  
Article 10.3 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment  
Article 10.4 Market Access for Financial Institutions  
Article 10.5 Cross-Border Trade  
Article 10.6 New Financial Services  
Article 10.7 Treatment of Certain Information  
Article 10.8 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 10.9 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 10.10 Exceptions  
Article 10.11 Transparency  
Article 10.12 Self-Regulatory Organisations  
Article 10.13 Payment and Clearing Systems  
Article 10.14 Recognition  
Article 10.15 Specific Commitments  
Article 10.16 Financial Services Committee  
Article 10.17 Consultations  
Article 10.18 Dispute Settlement  
Article 10.19 Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Financial Services  
Article 10.20 Definitions  
  Annex 10: Cross-Border Trade  
  Annex 10-B: Specific Commitments  
  Section A: Portfolio Management  
  Section B: Supervisory Cooperation  
  Section C: Transfer of Information  
  Section D: Certain Government Entities  
  Annex 10-C: Authorities Responsible for Financial Services  
Chapter Eleven Telecommunications Back to top!
Article 11.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 11.2 Access to and Use of Public Telecommunications Transport Networks and Services  
Article 11.3 Licensing Procedure  
Article 11.4 Conduct of Major Suppliers  
Article 11.5 Universal Service  
Article 11.6 Allocation and Use of Scarce Resources  
Article 11.7 Regulatory Body  
Article 11.8 Enforcement  
Article 11.9 Resolution of Domestic Telecommunication Disputes  
Article 11.10 Transparency  
Article 11.11 Forbearance  
Article 11.12 Conditions for the Provision of Value-Added Services  
Article 11.13 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 11.14 Relation to International Organisations and Agreements  
Article 11.15 Definitions  
Chapter Twelve Temporary Entry for Business Persons Back to top!
Article 12.1 General Principles  
Article 12.2 General Obligations  
Article 12.3 Grant of Temporary Entry  
Article 12.4 Provision of Information  
Article 12.5 Contact Points  
Article 12.6 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12.7 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 12.8 Definitions  
  Annex 12-A: Temporary Entry for Business Persons  
  Section A: Business Visitors  
  Section B: Traders and Investors  
  Section C: Intra-Company Transferees  
  Section D: Professionals  
  Section E: Spouses  
  Appendix 12-A-1: Business Visitors  
  Appendix 12-A-2: Listed Professionals  
Chapter Thirteen Electronic Commerce Back to top!
Article 13.1 Scope of Application  
Article 13.2 General Provisions  
Article 13.3 Customs Duties  
Article 13.4 Protection of Personal Information  
Article 13.5 Paperless Trade Administration  
Article 13.6 Consumer Protection  
Article 13.7 Cooperation  
Article 13.8 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 13.9 Definitions  
Chapter Fourteen Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 14.1 Objectives  
Article 14.2 Existing Rights and Obligations  
Article 14.3 Scope  
Article 14.4 Modifications and Rectifications  
Article 14.5 Further Negotiations  
Article 14.6 Committee on Government Procurement  
Article 14.7 Entry into Force  
  Annex 14  
  Annex 14-A  
  Annex 14-B: Goods  
  Schedule of Korea  
  Schedule of Canada  
  Annex 14-C: Services  
  Schedule of Korea  
  Schedule of Canada  
  Annex 14-D: Construction Services  
  Schedule of Korea  
  Schedule of Canada  
  Annex 14-E: General Notes  
  Schedule of Korea  
  Schedule of Canada  
  Annex 14-F  
  Annex 14-G: Threshold Adjustment  
Chapter Fifteen Competition Policy, Monopolies and State Enterprises Back to top!
Article 15.1 Competition Law and Policy  
Article 15.2 Monopolies  
Article 15.3 State Enterprises  
Article 15.4 Differences in Pricing  
Article 15.5 Definitions  
  Annex 15-A: Country-Specific Definitions of State Enterprise  
Chapter Sixteen Intellectual Property Back to top!
Article 16.1 Objectives  
Article 16.2 Scope of Intellectual Property  
Article 16.3 Affirmation of International Agreement  
Article 16.4 Nature and Scope of Obligation  
Article 16.5 Public Health Concerns  
Article 16.6 National Treatment  
Article 16.7 Exhaustion  
Article 16.8 Disclosure of Information  
Article 16.9 Trademarks  
Article 16.10 Protection of Geographical Indications  
Article 16.11 Copyright and Related Rights  
Article 16.12 Patents  
Article 16.13 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights  
Article 16.14 Special Requirements Related to Border Measures  
Article 16.15 Criminal Procedures and Remedies  
Article 16.16 Special Measures against Copyright Infringers on the Internet  
Article 16.17 Cooperation  
Article 16.18 Committee on Intellectual Property  
Article 16.19 Consultations  
Chapter Seventeen Environment Back to top!
Article 17.1 Context and Objectives  
Article 17.2 Right to Regulate and Levels of Protection  
Article 17.3 Multilateral Environmental Agreements  
Article 17.4 Trade Favouring Environmental Protection  
Article 17.5 Upholding Levels of Protection in the Application and Enforcement of Laws  
Article 17.6 Scientific Information  
Article 17.7 Access to Remedies and Procedural Guarantees  
Article 17.8 Transparency  
Article 17.9 Public Information  
Article 17.10 Cooperation  
Article 17.11 Institutional Mechanism  
Article 17.12 Government Consultations  
Article 17.13 Panel of Experts  
Article 17.14 Protection of Information  
Article 17.15 Dispute Settlement  
Article 17.16 Application to the Provinces of Canada  
Article 17.17 Definitions  
  Annex 17-A: Procedures Related to Panel of Experts  
  Annex 17-B: Application to Provinces of Canada  
Chapter Eighteen Labour Back to top!
Article 18.1 Statement of Shared Commitments  
Section A Obligations  
Article 18.2 General Obligations  
Article 18.3 Non-derogation  
Article 18.4 Government Enforcement Action  
Article 18.5 Private Action  
Article 18.6 Procedural Guarantees  
Article 18.7 Public Information  
Section B Institutional Mechanisms  
Article 18.8 Labour Ministerial Council  
Article 18.9 National Points of Contact  
Article 18.10 Public Communications  
Article 18.11 Cooperative Activities  
Article 18.12 General Consultations  
Section C Procedures for Review of Obligations  
Article 18.13 Labour Consultations  
Article 18.14 Review Panel  
Article 18.15 Panellists  
Article 18.16 Information for the Review Panel  
Article 18.17 Initial Report  
Article 18.18 Final Report  
Section D General Provisions  
Article 18.19 Enforcement Principle  
Article 18.20 Private Rights  
Article 18.21 Security of Domestic Procedures  
Article 18.22 Protection of Information  
Article 18.23 Cooperation with International and Regional Organisations  
Article 18.24 Dispute Settlement  
Article 18.25 Definitions  
  Annex 18-A: Cooperative Activities  
  Annex 18-B: Public Communications  
  Annex 18-C: Extent of Obligations  
  Annex 18-D: Procedures Related to Review Panels  
  Annex 18-E: Monetary Assessments  
Chapter Nineteen Transparency Back to top!
Article 19.1 Publication  
Article 19.2 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 19.3 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 19.4 Review and Appeal  
Article 19.5 Cooperation on Promoting Increased Transparency  
Article 19.6 Policy on Non-Discriminatory Purchase and Use of Goods and Services  
Article 19.7 Definitions  
Chapter Twenty Institutional Provisions and Administration Back to top!
Article 20.1 Joint Commission  
Article 20.2 Agreement Coordinators  
  Annex 20-A: Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Groups, and Other Bodies  
  Annex 20-B: Committee on Outward Processing Zones on the Korean Peninsula  
Chapter Twenty-One Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Section A Dispute Settlement  
Article 21.1 Cooperation  
Article 21.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 21.3 Choice of Forum  
Article 21.4 Consultations  
Article 21.5 Good Offices, Conciliation and Mediation  
Article 21.6 Establishment of a Panel  
Article 21.7 Panel Composition  
Article 21.8 Rules of Procedure  
Article 21.9 Panel Reports  
Article 21.10 Implementation of the Final Report  
Article 21.11 Non-Implementation Suspension of Benefits  
Article 21.12 Compliance Review  
Section B Domestic Proceedings and Private Commercial Dispute Settlement  
Article 21.13 Referrals of Matters from Judicial or Administrative Proceedings  
Article 21.14 Private Rights  
Article 21.15 Alternative Dispute Resolution  
  Annex 21-A: Nullification and Impairment  
  Annex 21-B: Code of Conduct for Members of Panels  
  Annex 21-C: Model Rules of Procedure  
Chapter Twenty-Two Exceptions Back to top!
Article 22.1 General Exceptions  
Article 22.2 National Security  
Article 22.3 Taxation  
Article 22.4 Transfers  
Article 22.5 Disclosure of Information  
Article 22.6 Cultural Industries  
Article 22.7 World Trade Organization Waivers  
Article 22.8 Definitions  
  Annex 22-A: Taxation and Expropriation  
Chapter Twenty-Three Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 23.1 Annexes, Appendices and Footnotes  
Article 23.2 Amendments  
Article 23.3 Reservations  
Article 23.4 Entry into Force  
Article 23.5 Duration and Termination  
Article 23.6 Authentic Texts  
  Annex I: Reservations for Existing Measures  
  Schedule of Canada PDF Format  
  Schedule of Korea PDF Format  
  Annex II: Reservations for Future Measures  
  Schedule of Canada PDF Format  
  Schedule of Korea PDF Format  
  Appendix II-A: Sectors Covered by Article XVI of the GATS  
  Canada PDF Format  
  Korea PDF Format  
  Annex III: Financial Services  
  Schedule of Canada PDF Format  
  Schedule of Korea PDF Format  
  Appendix III-A: Certain Measures Not Inconsistent with Article 10.2 or 10.4 or Subject to 10.10.1 PDF Format  
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  24 September 2014
  Entry into Force
  01 January 2015
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