Chile - Australia Free Trade Agreement
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Chapter One Initial Provisions to the top!
Article 1.1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 1.2 Relation to Other Agreements  
Chapter Two General Definitions to the top!
Article 2.1 Definitions of General Application  
  Annex 2-A: Country-Specific Definitions  
Chapter Three National Treatment and Market Access for Goods to the top!
Section A Definitions  
Article 3.1 Definitions  
Article 3.2 Scope and Coverage  
Section B National Treatment  
Article 3.3 National Treatment  
Section C Tariff Elimination  
Article 3.4 Tariff Elimination  
Article 3.5 Customs Valuation  
Section D Special Regimes  
Article 3.6 Temporary Admission of Goods  
Article 3.7 Goods Re-entered after Repair or Alteration  
Article 3.8 Customs Duty-Free Entry of Commercial Samples of Negligible Value and Printed Advertising Materials  
Section E Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 3.9 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 3.10 Administrative Fees and Formalities  
Article 3.11 Export Taxes  
Article 3.12 Treatment of Certain Spirits  
Section F Agriculture  
Article 3.13 Agricultural Export Subsidies  
Section G Other Measures  
Article 3.14 Administration of Trade Regulations  
Section H Institutional Provisions  
Article 3.15 Committee on Trade in Goods  
  Annex 3-A: Exceptions to Elimination of Import and Export Restrictions  
  Annex 3-B: Elimination of Costum Duties  
  Section 1: Schedule of Australia Excel  
  Section 2: Schedule of Chile Excel  
Chapter Four Rules of Origin to the top!
Article 4.1 Definitions  
Article 4.2 Originating Goods  
Article 4.3 Wholly Obtained Goods  
Article 4.4 Cumulation  
Article 4.5 De Minimis  
Article 4.6 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 4.7 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 4.8 Packaging Materials and Containers  
Article 4.9 Sets or Composite Goods  
Article 4.10 Indirect Material  
Article 4.11 Regional Value Content  
Article 4.12 Calculation of the Value of Non-Originating Material  
Article 4.13 Non-Qualifying Operations  
Article 4.14 Recording of Costs  
Article 4.15 Third Country Transhipment  
Article 4.16 Certificate of Origin  
Article 4.17 Exceptions from Certificate of Origin  
Article 4.18 Claim for Preferential Tariff Treatment  
Article 4.19 Customs Duty Refund  
Article 4.20 Records  
Article 4.21 Obligations Regarding Exportation  
Article 4.22 Origin Verification  
Article 4.23 Verification Visit  
Article 4.24 Determination of Origin and Preferential Tariff Treatment  
Article 4.25 Appeal  
Article 4.26 Consultation, Review and Modification  
Article 4.27 Non-Party Invoices  
Article 4.28 Confidentiality  
Article 4.29 Goods in Storage  
  Annex 4-A: Minimum Requirements for a Certificate of Origin   
  Annex 4-B: Example of a Certificate of Origin  
  Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement-Certificate of Origin Instructions  
  Annex 4-C: Rules of Origin Schedule  
  Rules of Origin Schedule   
  Part 1: Interpretation and Chapters 1 - 36  
  Part 2: Chapters 37 83  
  Part 3: Chapters 84 97  
Chapter Five Customs Administration to the top!
Article 5.1 Definitions  
Article 5.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 5.3 Publication and Enquiry Points  
Article 5.4 Review and Appeal  
Article 5.5 Penalties / Sanctions  
Article 5.6 Customs Procedures and Facilitation  
Article 5.7 Risk Management  
Article 5.8 Cooperation  
Article 5.9 Confidentiality  
Article 5.10 Advance Rulings  
Article 5.11 Paperless Trading  
Article 5.12 Fees and Charges  
Chapter Six Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures to the top!
Article 6.1 Definitions  
Article 6.2 Objectives  
Article 6.3 Scope and Coverage  
Article 6.4 General Provisions  
Article 6.5 Consultations on and Implementation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Chapter Seven Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Procedures to the top!
Article 7.1 Definitions  
Article 7.2 Objectives  
Article 7.3 Scope and Coverage  
Article 7.4 Affirmation of Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade  
Article 7.5 International Standards  
Article 7.6 Trade Facilitation  
Article 7.7 Technical Regulations  
Article 7.8 Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 7.9 Transparency  
Article 7.10 Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade  
Article 7.11 Information Exchange  
Chapter Eight Trade Remedies to the top!
Article 8.1 Global Safeguards  
Article 8.2 Antidumping and Countervailing Duties  
Chapter Nine Cross-Border Trade in Services to the top!
Article 9.1 Definitions  
Article 9.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 9.3 National Treatment  
Article 9.4 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment  
Article 9.5 Market Access  
Article 9.6 Local Presence  
Article 9.7 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 9.8 Domestic Regulation  
Article 9.9 Recognition  
Article 9.10 Denial of Benefits  
  Annex 9-A: Professional Services  
Chapter Ten Investment to the top!
Article 10.1 Definitions  
Section A Investment  
Article 10.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 10.3 National Treatment  
Article 10.4 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 10.5 Minimum Standard of Treatment  
Article 10.6 Treatment in Case of Strife  
Article 10.7 Performance Requirements  
Article 10.8 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 10.9 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 10.10 Transfers  
Article 10.11 Expropriation and Compensation  
Article 10.12 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 10.13 Denial of Benefits  
Section B Investor-State Dispute Settlement  
Article10.14 Scope of Investor-State Dispute Settlement  
Article 10.15 Consultation and Negotiation  
Article 10.16 Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 10.17 Consent of Each Party to Arbitration  
Article 10.18 Conditions and Limitations on Consent of Each Party  
Article 10.19 Selection of Arbitrators  
Article 10.20 Conduct of the Arbitration  
Article 10.21 The non-disputing Party  
Article 10.22 Transparency of Arbitral Proceedings  
Article 10.23 Governing Law  
Article 10.24 Interpretation of Annexes  
Article 10.25 Expert Reports  
Article 10.26 Consolidation  
Article 10.27 Awards  
Article 10.28 Service of Documents  
  Annex 10-A: Customary International Law  
  Annex 10-B: Expropriation  
  Annex 10-C: Transfers  
  Annex 10-D: DL 600  
  Annex 10-E: Termination of the Bilateral Investment Agreement  
  Annex 10-F: Service of Documents on a Party Under Section B  
Chapter Eleven Telecommunications to the top!
Article 11.1 Definitions  
Article 11.2 Scope and Coverage  
Section A Access to and Use of Public Telecommunications Networks or Services  
Article 11.3 Access and Use  
Section B Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Networks or Services  
Article 11.4 Interconnection  
Article 11.5 Number Portability  
Article 11.6 Dialing Parity and Access to Telephone Numbers  
Article 11.7 Submarine Cable Systems  
Section C Conduct of Major Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Networks and Services  
Article 11.8 Major Supplier Competitive Safeguards  
Article 11.9 Treatment by Major Suppliers  
Article 11.10 Interconnection with Major Suppliers  
Article 11.11 Resale  
Article 11.12 Unbundling of Network Elements  
Article 11.13 Provisioning and Pricing of Leased Circuits  
Article 11.14 Co-locations  
Article 11.15 Access to Poles, Ducts, Conduits, Transmission Towers, Underground Facilities and Rights of Way  
Article 11.16 Denial of Access  
Section D Regulatory Measures  
Article 11.17 Independent Regulatory Bodies  
Article 11.18 Flexibility in the Choice of Technology  
Article 11.19 Universal Service  
Article 11.20 Licensing Process  
Article 11.21 Allocation and Use of Scarce Telecommunications Resources  
Article 11.22 Enforcement  
Article 11.23 Resolution of Telecommunications Disputes and Appeal Processes  
Article 11.24 Transparency  
Article 11.25 Industry Participation  
Article 11.26 International Standards  
Chapter Twelve Financial Services to the top!
Article 12.1 Definitions  
Article 12.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 12.3 National Treatment  
Article 12.4 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 12.5 Market Access for Financial Institutions  
Article 12.6 Cross-Border Trade  
Article 12.7 New Financial Services  
Article 12.8 Treatment of Certain Information  
Article 12.9 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 12.10 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 12.11 Exceptions  
Article 12.12 Recognition  
Article 12.13 Transparency  
Article 12.14 Self-Regulatory Organizations  
Article 12.15 Payment and Clearing Systems  
Article 12.16 Financial Services Committee  
Article 12.17 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12.18 Investment Disputes in Financial Services  
  Annex 12-A: Cross-Border Trade  
  Annex 12-B: Annex on Specific Commitments  
  Annex 12-C: Authorities Responsible for Financial Services  
Chapter Thirteen Temporary Entry for Business Persons to the top!
Article 13.1 Definitions  
Article 13.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 13.3 General Obligations  
Article 13.4 Grant of Temporary Entry  
Article 13.5 Provision of Information  
Article 13.6 Consultations  
Article 13.7 Dispute Settlement  
Article 13.8 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 13.9 Application of Regulations  
  Annex 13-A: Temporary Entry for Business Persons  
Chapter Fourteen Competition Policy to the top!
Article 14.1 Definitions  
Article 14.2 Objectives  
Article 14.3 Competition Law and Anticompetitive Activities  
Article 14.4 Enterprises with Special or Exclusive Rights, including Designated Monopolies  
Article 14.5 State Enterprises  
Article 14.6 Notifications  
Article 14.7 Consultations  
Article 14.8 Exchange of Information, Transparency and Confidentiality  
Article 14.9 Dispute Settlement  
Article 14.10 Technical Assistance  
Chapter Fifteen Government Procurement to the top!
Article 15.1 Definitions  
Article 15.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 15.3 General Obligations  
Article 15.4 National Treatment and Non-Discrimination  
Article 15.5 Valuation of Contracts  
Article 15.6 Prohibition of Offsets  
Article 15.7 Publication of Procurement Measures  
Article 15.8 Publication of Notice of Intended Procurement  
Article 15.9 Procurement Plans  
Article 15.10 Time Limits  
Article 15.11 Tender Documentation  
Article 15.12 Technical Specifications  
Article 15.13 Conditions for Participation  
Article 15.14 Tendering Procedures  
Article 15.15 Limited Tendering  
Article 15.16 Treatment of Tenders and Awarding of Contracts  
Article 15.17 Information on Awards  
Article 15.18 Domestic Review of Supplier Challenges  
Article 15.19 Modifications and Rectifications  
Article 15.20 Confidential Information  
Article 15.21 Encouraging use of Electronic Communications in Procurement  
Article 15.22 Ensuring Integrity in Procurement Practices  
Article 15.23 Exceptions  
Article 15.24 Consultations on Government Procurement  
Article 15.25 Further Negotiations  
  Annex 15-A  
  Section 1: Central Government Entities  
  Section 2: Sub-Central Government Entities  
  Section 3: Other Covered Entities  
  Section 4: Goods  
  Section 5: Services  
  Section 6: Construction Services  
  Section 7: General Notes  
  Section 8: Threshold Adjustment Formulas  
Chapter Sixteen Electronic Commerce to the top!
Article 16.1 Definitions  
Article 16.2 General Provisions  
Article 16.3 Electronic Supply of Services  
Article 16.4 Customs Duties  
Article 16.5 Domestic Electronic Transactions Frameworks  
Article 16.6 Electronic Authentication  
Article 16.7 Online Consumer Protection  
Article 16.8 Online Personal Data Protection  
Article 16.9 Paperless Trading  
Article 16.10 Consultations  
Chapter Seventeen Intellectual Property Rights to the top!
Article 17.1 Definitions  
Article 17.2 Purpose  
Article 17.3 General Provisions  
Article 17.4 International Agreements  
Article 17.5 National Treatment  
Article 17.6 Application of Agreement to Existing Subject Matter  
Article 17.7 Application of Agreement to Prior Acts  
Article 17.8 Industrial Property  
Article 17.9 Trade Marks Protection  
Article 17.10 Use of Identical or Similar Signs  
Article 17.11 Exceptions to Trade Mark Rights  
Article 17.12 Well Known Trade Marks  
Article 17.13 Trade Mark System of Protection  
Article 17.14 Electronic Trade Marks System  
Article 17.15 Term of Protection for Trade Marks  
Article 17.16 Classification of Goods and Services  
Article 17.17 Geographical Indications  
Article 17.18 Country Names  
Article 17.19 Availability of Patents  
Article 17.20 Exceptions to Patent Rights  
Article 17.21 Patent System of Protection  
Article 17.22 Grace Period for Patents  
Article 17.23 Classification of Patents  
Article 17.24 Dispute Settlement and Registration Database  
Article 17.25 Right of Reproduction  
Article 17.26 Right of Reproduction  
Article 17.27 Term of Protection for Copyright and Related Rights  
Article 17.28 Effective Technological Measures  
Article 17.29 Rights Management Information  
Article 17.30 Government Use of Software  
Article 17.31 Exceptions to Copyright and Related Rights  
Article 17.32 Application in Time  
Article 17.33 Protection  
Article 17.34 General  
Article 17.35 Presumptions for Copyright and Related Rights  
Article 17.36 Civil and Administrative Procedures and Remedies  
Article 17.37 Provisional Measures  
Article 17.38 Criminal Procedures and Remedies  
Article 17.39 Border Measures  
Article 17.40 Service Provider Liability  
Article 17.41 Cooperation  
Chapter Eighteen Cooperation to the top!
Article 18.1 General Objectives  
Article 18.2 Scope  
Article 18.3 Innovation, Research and Development  
Article 18.4 Cooperation Committee  
Article 18.5 Resources  
Chapter Nineteen Transparency to the top!
Article 19.1 Definitions  
Article 19.2 Contact Points  
Article 19.3 Publication  
Article 19.4 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 19.5 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 19.6 Review and Appeal  
  Annex 19-A: Contact Points  
Chapter Twenty Institutional Arrangements to the top!
Article 20.1 Joint FTA Committee  
Article 20.2 Meetings of the Joint FTA Committee  
Chapter Twenty-One Dispute Settlement to the top!
Article 21.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 21.2 Choice of Dispute Settlement Procedure  
Article 21.3 Consultations  
Article 21.4 Referral of Matters to the Joint FTA Committee  
Article 21.5 Establishment of Arbitral Panels  
Article 21.6 Terms of Reference of Arbitral Panels  
Article 21.7 Composition of Arbitral Panels  
Article 21.8 Proceedings of Arbitral Panels  
Article 21.9 Suspension or Termination of Proceedings  
Article 21.10 Report  
Article 21.11 Implementation of the Report  
Article 21.12 Non-Implementation – Compensation and Suspension of Concessions or other Obligations  
Article 21.13 Rules of Procedure  
Article 21.14 Application and Modification of Rules and Procedures  
Chapter Twenty-Two General  Provisions and Exceptions to the top!
Article 22.1 General Exceptions  
Article 22.2 Security Exceptions  
Article 22.3 Taxation  
Article 22.4 Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments  
Article 22.5 Disclosure of Information  
Chapter Twenty-Three Final Provisions to the top!
Article 23.1 Annexes and Footnotes  
Article 23.2 Accession  
Article 23.3 Amendments  
Article 23.4 Amendment of the WTO Agreement  
Article 23.5 Entry into Force and Termination  
Article 23.6 Authentic Texts  
Annexes Non-Conforming Measures to the top!
Annex I Cross-Border Trade in Services and Investment PDF  
  Formatting Note  
  Schedule of Australia  
  Schedule of Chile  
Annex II Cross-Border Trade in Services and Investment PDF  
  Formatting Note  
  Australia Schedule  
  Chile Schedule  
Annex III Financial Services PDF  
  Non-Conforming Measures of Australia  
  Introductory Note  
  Schedule of Australia  
  Non-Conforming Measures of Chile  
  Introductory Note  
  Schedule of Chile  
Side Letters   to the top!
  Side Letter on Beef Grading PDF  
  Side Letter on Rules of Origin Certification PDF  
  Side Letter on Education Services (applies also to Investment Chapter) PDF  
  Side Letter on Wine (applies also to Intellectual Property Chapter) PDF  
Full Text of the Agreement PDF  
Source: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service ; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Offsite link! to the top!



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  30 July 2008
  Entry into Force
  06 March 2009
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