Chile-Hong Kong, China Free Trade Agreement
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Chapter 1 Initial Provisions Back to top!
Article 1.1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 1.2 Relation to Other Agreements  
Chapter 2 General Definitions and Interpretations Back to top!
Article 2.1 Definitions of General Application  
Article 2.2 Interpretations  
Chapter 3 Trade in Goods Back to top!
Article 3.1 Definitions  
Article 3.2 Scope  
Article 3.3 National Treatment  
Article 3.4 Elimination of Customs Duties  

Annex 3.4: Tariff Schedule of Chile PDF


Annex 3.4: Tariff Schedule of Hong Kong, China PDF

Article 3.5 Fees and Charges Connected with Importation and Exportation  
Article 3.6 Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 3.7 Price Band System  
Article 3.8 Subsidies  
Article 3.9 Agricultural Export Subsidies  
Article 3.10 Geographical Indications  

Annex 3.10: List of Geographical Indications PDF

Article 3.11 Committee on Trade in Goods  
Chapter 4 Rules of Origin Back to top!
Section 1 Rules of Origin  
Article 4.1 Definitions  
Article 4.2 Originating Goods  
  Annex 4.2: Product Specific Rules of Origin PDF  
Article 4.3 Preferential Tariff Treatment  
Article 4.4 Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods  
Article 4.5 Regional Value Content  
Article 4.6 Accumulation  
Article 4.7 Minimal Operations or Processes  
Article 4.8 De Minimis  
Article 4.9 Direct Consignment  
Article 4.10 Treatment of Packing Materials and Containers  
Article 4.11 Accessories, Spare Parts, Tools and Instructional or Information Material  
Article 4.12 Indirect Materials  
Article 4.13 Identical and Interchangeable Materials  
Section 2 Operational Procedures  
Article 4.14 Treatment of Goods for which Preference is Claimed  
Article 4.15 Declaration of Origin  
  Annex 4.15: Declaration of Origin Form PDF  
Article 4.16 Exceptions from Declaration of Origin  
Article 4.17 Records  
Article 4.18 Compliance with Direct Consignment  
Article 4.19 Non-Party Invoicing  
Article 4.20 Verification of Origin  
Article 4.21 Exporter or Producer Visit  
Article 4.22 Denial of Preferential Tariff Treatment  
Article 4.23 Refund of Import Duties  
Chapter 5 Customs Procedures and Cooperation Back to top!
Article 5.1 Definitions  
Article 5.2 Objectives and Scope  
Article 5.3 Facilitation  
Article 5.4 Customs Valuation  
Article 5.5 Tariff Classification  
Article 5.6 Advance Rulings;  
Article 5.7 Use of Automated Systems  
Article 5.8 Express Consignments  
Article 5.9 Release of Goods  
Article 5.10 Risk Management  
Article 5.11 Review and Appeal  
Article 5.12 Customs Cooperation  
Article 5.13 Publication and Enquiry Points  
Chapter 6 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 6.1 Definitions  
Article 6.2 Objectives  
Article 6.3 Scope  
Article 6.4 Rights and Obligations  
Article 6.5 Transparency and Exchange of Information  
Article 6.6 Equivalence  
Article 6.7 Adaptation to Regional Conditions  
Article 6.8 Cooperation  
Article 6.9 Competent Authorities and Contact Points  
  Annex 6.9.1: Competent Authorities PDF  
  Annex 6.9.2: Contact Points PDF  
Article 6.10 Sub-Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 6.11 Consultations  
Chapter 7 Technical Barriers to Trade Back to top!
Article 7.1 Definitions  
Article 7.2 Objectives  
Article 7.3 Scope  
Article 7.4 Affirmation of TBT Agreement  
Article 7.5 International Standards  
Article 7.6 Trade Facilitation  
Article 7.7 Equivalence of Technical Regulations  
Article 7.8 Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 7.9 Transparency  
Article 7.10 Technical Cooperation  
Article 7.11 Institutional Arrangements  
Article 7.12 Annexes and Implementing Arrangements  
Chapter 8 Trade Remedies Back to top!
Article 8.1 Countervailing Measures  
Article 8.2 Global Safeguard Measures  
Article 8.3 Anti-dumping Measures  
Chapter 9 Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 9.1 Definitions  

Annex 9.1: Entities and Covered Goods and Services PDF

Article 9.2 Scope  
  Annex 9.2: Thresholds PDF  
Article 9.3 Valuation  
Article 9.4 Exceptions  
Article 9.5 National Treatment and Non-Discrimination  
Article 9.6 Non-Disclosure of Information;  
Article 9.7 Publication of Information on Procurement  
Article 9.8 Notice of Intended Procurement  
Article 9.9 Conditions for Participation  
Article 9.10 Lists of Registered or Qualified Suppliers  
Article 9.11 Technical Specifications  
Article 9.12 Tender Documentation  
Article 9.13 Tendering Procedures  
Article 9.14 Treatment of Tenders and Awarding of Contracts  
Article 9.15 Post-Award Information  
Article 9.16 Ensuring Integrity in Procurement Practices  
Article 9.17 Domestic Review of Supplier Complaints  
Article 9.18 Encouraging Use of Electronic Communications in Procurement  
Article 9.19 Modifications and Rectifications of Annex 9.1  
Article 9.20 Committee on Procurement  
Article 9.21 Review  
Chapter 10 Establishment Back to top!
Article 10.1 Definitions  
Article 10.2 Scope  
Article 10.3 National Treatment  
  Annex 10.3: Schedule of Specific Commitments of Chile PDF  
  Annex 10.3: Schedule of Specific Commitments of Hong Kong, China PDF  
Article 10.4 Right to Regulate  
Chapter 11 Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 11.1 Definitions  
Article 11.2 Scope  
Article 11.3 National Treatment  
Article 11.4 Market Access;  
Article 11.5 Additional Commitments  
Article 11.6 Schedule of Specific Commitments  
  Annex 11.6: Schedule of Specific Commitments of Chile PDF  
  Annex 11.6: Schedule of Specific Commitments of Hong Kong, China PDF  
Article 11.7 Domestic Regulation  
Article 11.8 Recognition  
Article 11.9 Subsidies  
Article 11.10 Review  
Article 11.11 Denial of Benefits  
Chapter 12 Financial Services Back to top!
Article 12.1 Definitions  
Article 12.2 Scope  
Article 12.3 Market Access  
Article 12.4 National Treatment  
Article 12.5 Schedule of Specific Commitments  
  Annex 12.5: Schedule of Specific Commitments of Chile PDF  

Annex 12.5: Schedule of Specific Commitments of Hong Kong, China PDF

Article 12.6 Data Processing in the Financial Services Sector  
Article 12.7 Effective and Transparent Regulation in the Financial Services Sector  
Article 12.8 Confidential Information  
Article 12.9 Prudential Carve Out  
Article 12.10 Recognition  
Article 12.11 Committee on Financial Services  
  Annex 12.11: Responsible Authorities for Financial Services PDF  
Article 12.12 Consultations  
Article 12.13 Specific Provisions on Dispute Settlement  
Chapter 13 Competition Back to top!
Article 13.1 Objectives  
Article 13.2 Promotion of Competition  
Article 13.3 Cooperation and Exchange of Information  
Article 13.4 Consultations  
Article 13.5 Review  
Chapter 14 Environment Back to top!
Article 14.1 Objectives  
Article 14.2 Key Commitments  
Article 14.3 Collaborative Framework  
Article 14.4 Institutional Arrangements  
Article 14.5 Consultations  
Chapter 15 Transparency Back to top!
Article 15.1 Definitions  
Article 15.2 Contact Points  
  Annex 15.2: Contact Points PDF  
Article 15.3 Publication  
Article 15.4 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 15.5 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 15.6 Review and Appeal  
Chapter 16 Administration Back to top!
Article 16.1 Free Trade Commission  
Article 16.2 Procedures of the Commission  
Chapter 17 Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 17.1 Scope  
Article 17.2 Choice of Dispute Settlement Procedure  
Article 17.3 Consultations  
Article 17.4 Good Offices, Conciliation or Mediation  
Article 17.5 Establishment of Arbitral Panels  
Article 17.6 Terms of Reference of Arbitral Panels  
Article 17.7 Composition of Arbitral Panels  
Article 17.8 Proceedings of Arbitral Panels  
Article 17.9 Suspension or Termination of Proceedings  
Article 17.10 Report  
Article 17.11 Implementation of the Report  
Article 17.12 Non-Implementation Compensation and Suspension of Concessions or Other Obligations  
Article 17.13 Rules of Procedure  
Article 17.14 Application and Modification of Rules and Procedures  
Chapter 18 Exceptions Back to top!
Article 18.1 General Exceptions  
Article 18.2 Security Exceptions  
Article 18.3 Taxation Measures  
Article 18.4 Measures to Safeguard the Balance of Payments  
Article 18.5 Disclosure of Information  
Chapter 19 Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 19.1 Annexes and Footnotes  
Article 19.2 Amendments  
Article 19.3 Amendment of the WTO Agreement  
Article 19.4 Succession of Treaties or International Agreements  
Article 19.5 Memorandum of Understanding on Labour Cooperation  
Article 19.6 Future Work Programmes  
Article 19.7 Entry into Force and Termination  
Full text of the Agreement in PDF  
Source: Trade and Industry Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Offsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  07 September 2012
  Entry into Force
  29 November 2014
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