Agreement Between Japan and Chile for a Strategic Economic Partnership
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Chapter 1 General Provisions  Back to top!
Article 1 Establishment of a Free-Trade Area  
Article 2 Objectives  
Article 3 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 4 Publication  
Article 5 Notification  
Article 6 Public Comment  
Article 7 Administrative Procedures  
Article 8 Review and Appeal  
Article 9 Confidencial Information  
Article 10 Contact Points  
Chapter 2 General Definitions Back to top!
Article 11

General Definitions 

Chapter 3 Trade in Goods Back to top!
Section 1 General Rules  
Article 12 Classification of Goods  
Article 13 National Treatment  
Article 14

Elimination of Customs Duties 

Article 15

Customs Valuation    

Article 16 Export Duties  
Article 17

Agricultural Export Subsidies 

Article 18

Import and Export Restrictions 

Article 19

Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments 

Section 2 Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 20 Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 21 Investigation Procedures  
Article 22 Conditions and Limitations  
Article 23 Notification  
Article 24 Consultations and Compensation  
Article 25 Provisional Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 26 Miscellaneous  
Section 3

Other Provisions 

Article 27 Committee on Trade in Goods  
Article 28 Definitions  
Chapter 4 Rules of Origin Back to top!
Section 1 Rules of Origin  
Article 29 Originating Goods  
Article 30 Valor de contenido Calificador  
Article 31

Value of Materials 

Article 32 De Minimis   
Article 33 Accumulation  
Article 34

Fungible Goods and Materials 

Article 35

Sets, Kits or Composite Goods 

Article 36

Indirect Materials 

Article 37 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 38

Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale 

Article 39

Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment 

Article 40 Non-Qualifying Operations  
Article 41 Consignment Criteria  
Article 42 Exhibitions  
Section 2 Certificate of Origin and Related Procedures   
Article 43 Claim for Preferential Tariff Treatment   
Article 44 Certificate of Origin  
Article 45 Obligations regarding Exportations  
Article 46 Obligations regarding Importations  
Article 47

Request for Checking of Certificate of Origin 

Article 48

Verification Visit 

Article 49

Determination of Origin  and Preferential Tariff Treatment 

Article 50

Penalties and Measures against False Declaration 

Article 51

Transitional Provision for Goods in Transit or Storage 

Section 3 Other Provisions  
Article 52 Operational Procedures  
Article 53 Miscellaneous  
Article 54 Definitions  
Chapter 5 Customs Procedures Back to top!
Article 55 Scope  
Article 56 Transparency  
Article 57 Customs Clearance  
Article 58 Cooperation  
Article 59 Penalties  
Article 60 Committee on Customs Procedures  
Article 61 Definitions  
Chapter 6 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 62 Scope  
Article 63 Reaffirmation of Rights and Obligations  
Article 64 Enquiry Points  
Article 65

Working Group on SPS Measures 

Article 66 Non-Application of Chapter 16  
Chapter 7 Technical Regulations, Standards and Confirmity Assessment Procedures Back to top!
Article 67 Scope  
Article 68 Reaffirmation of Rights and Obligations  
Article 69 Cooperation  
Article 70 Committee on Technical Regulations, Standards and  Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 71 Non-Application of Chapter 16  
Chapter 8 Investment Back to top!
Section 1 Investment  
Article 72 Scope  
Article 73 National Treatment  
Article 74

Most-Favored-Nation Treatment 

Article 75 General Treatment  
Article 76 Protection from Strife  
Article 77 Performance Requirements  
Article 78

Senior Management and Boards of Directors 

Article 79 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 80 Notification  
Article 81 Transfers  
Article 82

Expropriation and Compensation 

Article 83 Subrogation  
Article 84 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 85 Temporary Safeguard Measures  
Article 86 Denial of Benefits  
Article 87 Environmental Measures  
Section 2 Settlement of Investment Disputes  between a Party and an Investor of the Other Party  
Article 88 Consultation and Negotiation  
Article 89

Submission of a Claim to Arbitration 

Article 90

Consent to Arbitration 

Article 91

Conditions and Limitations on Consent 

Article 92

Establishment of a Tribunal 

Article 93 Governing Law  
Article 94

Interpretation of Annexes 

Article 95

Participation in Arbitration 

Article 96

Place of Arbitration 

Article 97 Preliminary Questions  
Article 98

Insurance or Guarantee Contracts 

Article 99

Interim Measures of Protection 

Article 100

Expert Report 

Article 101

Consolidation of Multiple Claims 

Article 102

Proposed Award 

Article 103 Award  
Article 104 Service of Documents  
Section 3 Definitions  
Article 105 Definitions  
Chapter 9 Cross-Border Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 106 Scope  
Article 107 National Treatment  
Article 108 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 109

Local Presence 

Article 110 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 111 Notification  
Article 112

Authorization, Qualification, Technical Standard and  Licensing 

Article 113 Mutual Recognition  
Article 114 Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments  
Article 115 Denial of Benefits  
Article 116 Definitions  
Chapter 10 Financial Services Back to top!
Article 117 Scope  
Article 118 National Treatment  
Article 119 Market Access for Financial Institutions  
Article 120 Cross-Border Trade  
Article 121 New Financial Services  
Article 122 Treatment of Certain Information  
Article 123 Exceptions  
Article 124 Self-Regulatory Organizations  
Article 125

Payment and Clearing Systems 

Article 126 Committee on Financial Services  
Article 127 Dispute Settlement  
Article 128 Definitions  
Chapter 11 Entry and Temporary Stay of Nationals for Business Purposes Back to top!
Article 129 General Principles  
Article 130 Scope  
Article 131

Grant of Entry and Temporary Stay 

Article 132 Provision of Information  
Article 133 Dispute Settlement  
Article 134

Measures pursuant to Immigration Laws and Regulations 

Article 135 Definitions  
Chapter 12 Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 136 Scope  
Article 137

National Treatment and Non-Discrimination 

Article 138

Valuation of Contracts 

Article 139

Prohibition of Offsets 

Article 140 Technical Specifications  
Article 141 Tendering Procedures  
Article 142 Qualification of Suppliers  
Article 143

Notice of Procurement 

Article 144

Time-Limits for Tendering 

Article 145

Tender Documentation 

Article 146

Awarding of Contracts 

Article 147 Other Tendering Procedures  
Article 148

Post-Award Information 

Article 149

Challenge Procedures

Article 150

Use of Electronic Communications in Procurement 

Article 151 Exceptions  
Article 152 Rectifications or Modifications  
Article 153

Privatization of Entities 

Article 154 Denial of Benefits  
Article 155 Further Negotiations  
Article 156 Committee on Government Procurement  
Article 157 Definition  
Chapter 13 Intellectual Property Back to top!
Article 158 General Provisions  
Article 159

Streamlining of Procedural Matters 

Article 160 Transparency  
Article 161 Trademarks  
Article 162

New Varieties of Plants 

Article 163

Geographical Indications

Article 164 Enforcement  
Article 165 Committee on Intellectual Property  
Chapter 14 Competition Back to top!
Article 166

General Provision 

Article 167

Cooperation on Controlling Anti-competitive Activities 

Article 168


Article 169

Procedural Fairness 

Article 170 Transparency  
Article 171 Non-Application of Chapter 16  
Chapter 15 Improvement of Business Environment Back to top!
Article 172 Consultations for the Improvement of Business Environment  
Article 173 Committee on Improvement of Business Environment  
Article 174 Non-Application of Chapter 16  
Chapter 16 Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 175 Scope  
Article 176

Choice of Dispute Settlement Procedure 

Article 177 Consultations  
Article 178 Establishment of Arbitral Tribunals  
Article 179

Terms of Reference of Arbitral Tribunals

Article 180

Composition of Arbitral Tribunals 

Article 181

Functions of Arbitral Tribunals 

Article 182

Proceedings of Arbitral Tribunals 

Article 183

Suspension or Termination of Proceedings 

Article 184 Award  
Article 185

Implementation of Award 

Article 186

Non-Implementation –  Compensation and Suspension of Concessions  or Other Obligations 

Article 187 Rules of Procedures  
Article 188

Modification of Rules and Procedures 

Chapter17 Commission Back to top!
Article 189

Establishment of the Commission 

Article 190

Functions of the Commission 

Article 191

Rules and Procedures of the Commission 

Chapter18 Exceptions Back to top!
Article 192

General Exceptions 

Article 193

Security Exceptions 

Article 194 Taxation  
Chapter 19 Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 195

Annexes and Notes 

Article 196 Headings  
Article 197 Amendments  
Article 198

Entry into Force 

Article 199 Termination  
Annexes   Back to top!
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Full Text of the Agreement PDF  
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About the Agreement
  27 March 2007
  Entry into Force
  03 September 2007
Trade Policy Developments

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