Chile - Turkey Free Trade Agreement
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Title I
Initial Provisions  Back to top!
Article 1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 2 Objectives  
Article 3 Relation to Other International Agreements  
Article 4 Customs Unions and Free Trade Areas  
Article 5 Definitions of General Application  
Title II
Market Access for Goods Back to top!
Chapter I
Common Provisions  
Article 6 National Treatment  
Article 7 Classification and Valuation of Goods  
Article 8 Customs Duty  
Article 9 Basic Duties  
Article 10 Rules of Origin and Cooperation between the Customs Administrations  
Article 11

Customs Duties of a Fiscal Nature

Article 12 Customs Duties on Exports and Charges Having Equivalent Effect Back to top!
Article 13 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 14

Fees and Other Charges

Article 15

Re-export and Serious Shortage

Chapter II
Elimination of Customs Duties  
Section I
Industrial Products Back to top!
Article 16 Scope  
Article 17

Customs Duties on Imports and Charges Having Equivalent Effect

Section II
Agricultural, Processed Agricultural and Fishery products  
Article 18


Article 19

Exchange of Concessions

Article 20 Price Band System  

Title III

Other Trade Related Provisions  

Chapter I

Sanitary and Phitosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 21

General Provisions

Article 22 Objectives  
Article 23 Sub-Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters  
Chapter II Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 24 Objectives  
Article 25 Scope and Coverage  
Article 26 Definitions  
Article 27 Basic Rights and Obligations  
Article 28 Trade Facilitation  
Article 29 Transparency  
Article 30 Technical Cooperation  
Article 31

Sub-Committee on Standards, Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment

Article 32 Information Exchange  
Chapter III Trade Defense  
Article 33 Safeguards  
Article 34

Antidumping and Countervailing Measures

Chapter IV Intellectual Property  
Article 35

Intellectual Property

Article 36


Title IV Cooperation  
Article 37 Cooperation Back to top!
Title V Dispute Settlement  
Article 38

Scope and Coverage

Article 39

Choice of Dispute Settlement Procedure

Article 40 Consultations  
Article 41 Establishment of Arbitration Panels  
Article 42 Terms of Reference of Arbitration Panels  
Article 43 Composition of Arbitration Panels  
Article 44 Proceedings of Arbitration Panels  
Article 45 Suspension or Termination of Proceedings  
Article 46 Arbitration Panel Report  
Article 47

Implementation of the Report

Article 48

Non–Implementation, Compensation and Suspension of Concessions or Other Obligations

Article 49

Rules of Procedure

Article 50

Application and Modification of Rules and Procedures

Title VI Transparency, Institutional Provisions, Exceptions and Final Provisions Back to top!
Chapter I Transparency  
Article 51

Contact Points and Exchange of Information

Article 52 Cooperation on Increased Transparency  
Article 53 Publication  
Chapter II Institutional Provisions  
Article 54 Establishment of the Joint Committee  
Article 55 Procedures of the Joint Committee  
Chapter III Exceptions  
Article 56 General Exceptions  
Article 57 Security Exceptions  
Article 58 Balance of Payments Measures on Trade in Goods  
Article 59 Taxation  
Article 60 Disclosure of Information  
Chapter IV Final Provisions  
Article 61 Evolutionary Clause  
Article 62 Annexes  
Article 63 Amendments  
Article 64 Entry into Force  
Article 65

Duration and Termination

Article 66 Authentic Texts  
Annexes   Back to top!
  Annex I: List of products referred to in Articles 16 and 18 PDF  
  Annex II: Chilean tariff concessions for industrial products originating in Turkey PDF  
  Annex III: Industrial products not subject to concessions PDF  
  Annex IV: Referred to in Article 19 PDF  
  Annex V: Definition of the concept of originating products and methods of administrative cooperation PDF  

Appendix I: Introductory notes to the list in Appendix II PDF


Appendix II: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order for the product to obtain original status PDF


Appendix III: Specimen of movement certificate EUR.1 and application for a movement certificate EUR.1 PDF


Appendix IV: Invoice declaration PDF


Appendix V: Explanatory notes concerning Annex V PDF


Appendix VI: Introductory note 6.1 PDF

Full Text of the Agreement PDF  
Source: Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales, Chile (DIRECON) Enlace a sitio fuera del SICE!  
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About the Agreement
  14 July 2009
  Entry into Force
  01 March 2011
Trade Policy Developments

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