Chile - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement
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Chapter 1 Initial Provisions   Back to top!
Article 1.1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 1.2 Relation to Other Agreements  
Chapter 2 General Definitions  
Article 2.1 Definitions of General Application  
Chapter 3 Trade in Goods  
Article 3.1 Definitions  
Article 3.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 3.3 National Treatment  
Article 3.4 Reduction and/or Elimination of Customs Duties  
Article 3.5 Customs Valuation  
Article 3.6 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 3.7 Administrative Fees and Formalities  
Article 3.8 Price Band System  
Article 3.9 Agricultural Export Subsidies  
Article 3.10 Geographical Indications  
Article 3.11 Administration of Trade Regulations   Back to top!
Article 3.12 Committee on Trade in Goods  
  Annex 3-A: Exceptions to Elimination of Import and Export Restrictions  
  Annex 3-B: Reduction or elimination of Customs Duites  
  Section A: General Notes  
  Section B: Note for the Schedule of Chile  
  Section C: Schedule of Chile  
  Section D: Notes for the Schedule of Vietnam  
  Section E: Schedule of Vietnam  
Chapter 4 Rules of Origin  
Article 4.1 Definitions  
Article 4.2 Origin Criteria  
Article 4.3 Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods  
Article 4.4 Not Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods  
Article 4.5 Calculation of Regional Value Content  
Article 4.6 Accumulation  
Article 4.7 Minimal Operations or Processes  
Article 4.8 Direct Consignment  
Article 4.9 De Minimis  
Article 4.10 Treatment of Packages, Packing Materials and Containers   Back to top!
Article 4.11 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 4.12 Indirect Materials  
Article 4.13 Identical and Interchangeable Materials  
Article 4.14 Certificate of Origin  
  Annex 4-A: Operational Certification Procedures (OCP)  
  Annex 4-B: Product Specific Rules  
  Annex 4-C: Certificate of Origin (Form VC)  
Chapter 5 Customs Administration  
Article 5.1 Definitions  
Article 5.2 Objectives  
Article 5.3 Scope and Coverage  
Article 5.4 Review and Appeal  
Article 5.5 Release of Goods/Customs Control  
Article 5.6 Risk Management  
Article 5.7 Cooperation and Capacity Building  
Article 5.8 Mutual Assistance  
Article 5.9 Enforcement Against Illicit Trafficking  
Article 5.10 Information and Communications Technology  
Article 5.11 Confidentiality  
Article 5.12 Paperless Trading  
Article 5.13 Provision of Information  
Article 5.14 Publication and Enquiry Points  
Chapter 6 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 6.1 Definitions   Back to top!
Article 6.2 Objectives  
Article 6.3 Scope and Coverage  
Article 6.4 General Provisions  
Article 6.5 Consultations on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 6.6 Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 6.7 Competent Authorities and Contact Points  
  Annex 6-A: Competent Authorities  
  Annex 6-B: Contact Points  
Chapter 7 Technical regulations, Standards and Conformity assessment procedures  
Article 7.1 Definitions  
Article 7.2 Objectives  
Article 7.3 Scope and Coverage  
Article 7.4 Reaffirmation of TBT Agreement  
Article 7.5 International Standards  
Article 7.6 Trade Facilitation  
Article 7.7 Technical Regulations  
Article 7.8 Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 7.9 Technical Cooperation  
Article 7.10 Transparency  
Article 7.11 Enquiry Points  
Article 7.12 Information Exchange  
Article 7.13 Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade  
Chapter 8 Trade Defense  
Section A Global safeguards, Antidumping and Countervailing Measures  
Article 8.1 Global safeguards  
Article 8.2 Antidumping and Countervailing Measures   Back to top!
Section B Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 8.3 Definitions  
Article 8.4 Imposition of a Bilateral Safeguard Measure  
Article 8.5 Standards for a Bilateral Safeguard Measure  
Article 8.6 Investigation Procedures and Transparency Requirements  
Article 8.7 Provisional Safeguard Measures  
Article 8.8 Notification and Consultation  
Article 8.9 Compensation  
Chapter 9 Cooperation  
Article 9.1 Objectives  
Article 9.2 Scope  
Article 9.3 Fields of cooperation  
Article 9.4 Activities of Cooperation  
Article 9.5 Committee on Cooperation  
Article 9.6 Cooperation with Non- Parties  
Article 9.7 Non-Application of Dispute Settlement  
Article 9.8 Resources  
Chapter 10 Transparency   Back to top!
Article 10.1 Definitions  
Article 10.2 Contact Points  
Article 10.3 Publication  
Article 10.4 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 10.5 Administrative Procedures  
Article 10.6 Review and Appeal  
  Annex 10: Contact Points  
Chapter 11 Administration  
Article 11.1 Free Trade Commission  
Article 11.2 Procedures of the Commission  
Chapter 12 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12.1 Scope of Application  
Article 12.2 Choice of Forum   Back to top!
Article 12.3 Consultations  
Article 12.4 Referral of Matters to the Commission  
Article 12.5 Establishment of Arbitral Tribunals  
Article 12.6 Terms of Reference of Arbitral Tribunals  
Article 12.7 Composition of Arbitral Tribunals  
Article 12.8 Proceedings of Arbitral Tribunals  
Article 12.9 Suspension or Termination of Proceedings  
Article 12.10 Report  
Article 12.11 Information and Technical Advice  
Article 12.12 Implementation of the Report  
Article 12.13 Non-Implementation - Compensation and Suspension of Concessions or other Obligations  
Article 12.14 Rules of Procedures  
Article 12.15 Modification of Rules and Procedures  
Chapter 13 Exceptions  
Article 13.1 General Exceptions  
Article 13.2 Security Exceptions  
Article 13.3 Taxation  
Article 13.4 Balance-of-Payments Measures on Trade in Goods  
Article 13.5 Disclosure of Information  
Chapter 14 Final Provisions  
Article 14.1 Annexes and Footnotes   Back to top!
Article 14.2 Amendments  
Article 14.3 Amendment of the WTO Agreement  
Article 14.4 Entry into Force and Termination  
Article 14.5 Future Negotiations on Trade in Services, Financial Services and Investment  
Article 14.6 Authentic Texts  
PDF version of text    
Sources: Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales; Offsite link!
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About the Agreement
  12 November 2011
  Entry into Force
  04 February 2014
Trade Policy Developments
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