Costa Rica - Singapore Free Trade Agreement (SCRFTA)

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Table of Contents  
Chapter 1 Initial Provisions and General Definitions Back to top!
Section A

Initial Provisions

Article 1.1

Establishment of a Free Trade Area

Article 1.2


Article 1.3

Relation to other Agreements

Section B General Definitions  
Article 1.4   Definitions of General Application  
Chapter 2 Trade in Goods Back to top!
Article 2.1   

Scope and Coverage

Article 2.2   


Article 2.3   

National Treatment

Article 2.4   

Elimination of Customs Duties

Article 2.5   

Accelerated Customs Duties Elimination

Article 2.6 

Export Taxes

Article 2.7   

Customs Valuation

Article 2.8   

Administrative Fees and Formalities

Article 2.9   

Consular Fees

Article 2.10 

Temporary Admission of Goods

Article 2.11 

Goods Re-entered After Repair or Alteration

Article 2.12 

Duty-Free Entry of Commercial Samples of Negligible Value and Printed Advertising Materials

Article 2.13 

 Import and Export Restrictions

  Annex 2.1 Elimination of Customs Duties PDF  
  Appendix 2.1 PDF  
  Annex 2.2 Export Taxes PDF  
Chapter 3 Rules of Origin Back to top!
Article 3.1 


Article 3.2

Originating Goods

Article 3.3   

Minimal Operations

Article 3.4   

Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods

Article 3.5   

Not Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods

Article 3.6   

Qualifying Value Content

Article 3.7   

Value of Materials

Article 3.8   

De Minimis

Article 3.9   


Article 3.10   

Accessories, Spare Parts, Tools

Article 3.11   

Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale

Article 3.12   

Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment

Article 3.13   

Fungible Goods and Materials

Article 3.14   

Indirect Materials Used in Production

Article 3.15

Transit Through Non-Parties

  Annex 3.1 Exceptions for the General Rule of Origin under Article 3.5 (Not Wholly Obtained or Produced Goods) PDF  
Chapter 4 Customs Back to top!
Section A   

Customs Procedures

Article 4.1   


Article 4.2   

Release of Goods

Article 4.3   


Article 4.4   

Risk Management

Article 4.5   


Article 4.6   


Article 4.7    

Review and Appeal

Article 4.8   


Article 4.9   

Advance Rulings

Article 4.10   

Resolution of Disputes on Classification of Goods

Section B   

Customs Procedures Relating to Origin

Article 4.11   


Article 4.12   

Claims for Preferential Treatment

Article 4.13   

Waiver of Certification of Origin

Article 4.14   

Record Keeping Requirement

Article 4.15   

Verification of Origin

Article 4.16   

Obligations Relating to Importations

Article 4.17   

Obligations Relating to Exportations

Article 4.18   

Third Party Invoicing

  Annex 4.1 Data Elements to be Included in the Certification of Origin PDF  
Chapter 5 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 5.1   


Article 5.2   


Article 5.3 

Scope and Coverage

Article 5.4   

General Provisions

Article 5.5   

Trade Facilitation

Article 5.6 


Article 5.7 

SPS Coordinators

Article 5.8   

Technical Cooperation

Article 5.9   

Final Provisions

Chapter 6 Technical Barriers to Trade Back to top!
Article 6.1 


Article 6.2 

Scope and Coverage

Article 6.3   


Article 6.4 

Technical Regulations

Article 6.5 


Article 6.6   

Conformity Assessment Procedures

Article 6.7


Article 6.8 

Trade Facilitation

Article 6.9 

Information Exchange

Article 6.10 


Article 6.11 

TBT Coordinators

Article 6.12   

Final Provisions

Chapter 7 Trade Remedies Back to top!
Section A   

Global Safeguard Measures

Article 7.1

Global Safeguard Measures

Section B 

Bilateral Safeguard Measures

Article 7.2   


Article 7.3   

Imposition of a Safeguard Measure

Article 7.4   

Investigation Procedures and Transparency Requirement

Article 7.5   

Provisional Safeguard Measures

Article 7.6   

Notification and Consultations

Article 7.7   

Compensation and Suspension of Concessions

Article 7.8   

General Provision

Article 7.9   

Agricultural Export Subsidies

Article 7.10   

Transparency and Legal Certainty

Article 7.11   

Lesser Duty Rule

Article 7.12   

Consideration of Public Interest

Article 7.13   

Prohibition of Zeroing

Chapter  8 Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 8.1   


Article 8.2   


Article 8.3   

Scope and Coverage

Article 8.4 

National Treatment and Non-Discrimination

Article 8.5   

Valuation of Procurements

Article 8.6   

Rules of Origin

Article 8.7   


Article 8.8   

Publication of Information on Procurement Measures

Article 8.9   

Publication of Notice of Intended Procurement

Article 8.10   

Time Limits for the Tendering Process

Article 8.11   

Tender Documentation and Technical Specifications

Article 8.12   

Qualification of Suppliers

Article 8.13   

Ensuring Integrity in Procurement Practices

Article 8.14   

Limited Tendering Procedures

Article 8.15   

Evaluation of Tenders

Article 8.16   

Information on Awards

Article 8.17   

Modifications and Rectifications to Coverage

Article 8.18   


Article 8.19   

Electronic Procurement

Article 8.20   

Challenge Procedures

Article 8.21   


Article 8.22   

Non-Disclosure of Information

  Annex 8.1 Government Procurement Schedules PDF  
  Annex 8.2 Officially Designated Electronic Media for the Publication of Information on Government Procurement PDF  
Chapter 9 Competition Policy Back to top!
Article 9.1   


Article 9.2   

Promotion of Competition

Article 9.3   


Article 9.4   


Article 9.5   

Transparency and Information Request

Article 9.6   

Dispute Settlement

Chapter 10 Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 10.1   


Article 10.2 

Scope and Coverage

Article 10.3   

National Treatment

Article 10.4   

Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment

Article 10.5 

Market Access

Article 10.6   

Local Presence

Article 10.7   

Non-Conforming Measures

Article 10.8   

Domestic Regulation

Article 10.9   


Article 10.10   

Monopolies and Exclusive Service Suppliers

Article 10.11   

Transfers and Payments

Article 10.12   

Denial of Benefits

  Annex 10.1 Telecommunications Annex PDF  
  Annex I Non-Conforming Measures  
  Schedule of Costa Rica  
  Schedule of Singapore  
  Annex II Non-Conforming Measures  
  Schedule of Costa Rica  
  Schedule of Singapore  
Chapter 11 Investment Back to top!
Article 11.1   


Article 11.2   

Scope and Coverage

Article 11.3   

Financial Services

Article 11.4   

National Treatment

Article 11.5   

Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment

Article 11.6   

Minimum Standard of Treatment

Article 11.7   

Compensation for Losses

Article 11.8   

Performance Requirements

Article 11.9   

Special Formalities and Information Requirements

Article 11.10   

Expropriation and Nationalization

Article 11.11   


Article 11.12   

Senior Management and Board of Directors

Article 11.13   

Non-Conforming Measures

Article 11.14   

Denial of Benefits

Article 11.15   


Article 11.16   

Investor-State Dispute Settlement

  Annex 11.1 Expropriation and Nationalization PDF  
Chapter 12 Electronic Commerce Back to top!
Article 12.1   


Article 12.2   


Article 12.3   

Electronic Supply of Services

Article 12.4   

Digital Products

Article 12.5   


Article 12.6   


Chapter 13 Intellectual Property and Innovation Back to top!
Article 13.1   


Article 13.2   

General Provisions

Article 13.3   

Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore

Article 13.4   

Patents and Public Health

Article 13.5   

Geographical Indications

Article 13.6 


Chapter 14 Cooperation, Promotion and Enhancement of Trade Relations Back to top!
Section A   

General Provisions

Article 14.1   

General Objective

Article 14.2   

Specific Objectives

Section B   

Cooperation Areas

Article 14.3   

Small and Medium Enterprises

Article 14.4   

Promotion of Science and Technology, Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Transfer, and Entrepreneurship

Article 14.5   

Export Promotion and Attraction of Investments

Article 14.6 

Culture, Sports and Recreation Activities

Article 14.7 

Agro-Industrial Cooperation

Article 14.8 

Environmental Cooperation

Article 14.9 

Labour Cooperation

Article 14.10   

Other Cooperation Areas

Article 14.11   

Framework for Cooperation

Chapter 15 Transparency Back to top!
Article 15.1  


Article 15.2   

Contact Points

Article 15.3   


Article 15.4   

Notification and Provision of Information

Article 15.5   

Administrative Proceedings

Article 15.6 

Review and Appeal

Article 15.7 

Specific Rules

Chapter 16 Administration of the Agreement Back to top!
Article 16.1   

The Free Trade Commission

Article 16.2   

Free Trade Agreement Coordinators

Article 16.3   

Administration of Dispute Settlement Proceedings

  Annex 16.1 Implementation of Modifications Approved by the Commission PDF  
  Annex 16.2 Remuneration and Payment of Common Expenses PDF  
Chapter 17 Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 17.1 


Article 17.2   

Scope of Application

Article 17.3   

Choice of Forum

Article 17.4   


Article 17.5

Good Offices, Conciliation and Mediation

Article 17.6   

Request for a Panel

Article 17.7   

List of Panelists

Article 17.8   

Panel Selection

Article 17.9   

Rules of Procedure

Article 17.10   

Role of Experts

Article 17.11   

Initial Report

Article 17.12   

Final Report

Article 17.13   

Request for Clarification of the Final Report

Article 17.14   

Suspension and Termination of Proceedings

Article 17.15   

Implementation of the Final Report

Article 17.16   

Review of any Measure Taken to Comply with the Final Report

Article 17.17   

Non-Implementation – Compensation and Suspension of Benefits

Article 17.18   

Compliance Review

Article 17.19   

Time Periods

Chapter 18 Exceptions Back to top!
Article 18.1   


Article 18.2   

General Exceptions

Article 18.3   

Essential Security

Article 18.4   


Article 18.5   

Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments

Article 18.6   

Disclosure of Information

Chapter 19 Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 19.1   

Annexes, Appendices, and Footnotes

Article 19.2   


Article 19.3 Amendment of the WTO Agreement  
Article 19.4   

Entry into Force

Article 19.5 Termination  
  Others Back to top!
  Exchange of letters on Language PDF  
  Exchange of letters on Sweetened Dairy Creamer PDF  
Full Text of the Agreement PDF  

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About the Agreement
  06 April 2010
  Entry into Force
  01 July 2013
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