North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
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Article 1 Objectives  
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Article 2 General Commitments  
Article 3 Levels of Protection  
Article 4 Publication  
Article 5 Government Enforcement Action  
Article 6 Private Access to Remedies  
Article 7 Procedural Guarantees  
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Article 8 The Commission  
Article 9 Council Structure  
Article 10 Council Functions  
Article 11 Secretariat Structure and Procedures  
Article 12 Annual Report of the Commission  
Article 13 Secretariat Reports  
Article 14 Submissions on Enforcement Matters  
Article 15 Factual Record  
Article 16 Joint Public Advisory Committee  
Article 17 National Advisory Committees  
Article 18 Governmental Committees  
Article 19 Official Languages  
Part Four Cooperation and Provision of Information Back to top!
Article 20 Cooperation  
Article 21 Provision of Information  
Part Five Consultation and Resolution of Disputes Back to top!
Article 22 Consultations  
Article 23 Initiation of Procedures  
Article 24 Request for an Arbitral Panel  
Article 25 Roster  
Article 26 Qualifications of Panelists  
Article 27 Panel Selection  
Article 28 Rules of Procedure  
Article 29 Third Party Participation  
Article 30 Roster  
Article 31 Initial Report  
Article 32 Final Report  
Article 33 Implementation of Final Report  
Article 34 Review of Implementation  
Article 35 Further Proceeding  
Article 36 Suspension of Benefits  
Part Six General Provisions Back to top!
Article 37 Enforcement Principle  
Article 38 Private Rights  
Article 39 Protection of Information  
Article 40 Relation to Other Environmental Agreements  
Article 41 Extent of Obligations  
Article 42 National Security  
Article 43 Funding of the Commission  
Article 44 Privileges and Immunities  
Article 45 Definitions  
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Article 46 Annexes  
Article 47 Entry into Force  
Article 48 Amendments  
Article 49 Accession  
Article 50 Withdrawal  
Article 51 Authentic Texts  
  Annexes Back to top!
Annex 34 Monetary Enforcement and Collection  
Annex 36A Canadian Domestic Enforcement and Collection  
Annex 36B Suspension of Benefits  
Annex 41   Extent of Obligations  
Annex 45   Country-Specific Definitions  
  Sources: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada; Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)Offsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  17 December 1992
  Entry into Force
  01 January 1994
Trade Policy Developments
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Topics Covered in the Agreement
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