Free Trade Agreement between the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Republic of El Salvador and the Republic of Honduras

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Part One General Aspects  
Chapter 1 Initial Provisions ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Article 1.01 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 1.02 Objectives  
Article 1.03 Relation to Other International Agreements  
Article 1.04 Extent of Obligations  
Article 1.05 Succession of Agreements  
Chapter 2 General Definitions ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 2.01 Definitions of General Application  
  Annex 2.01: Country Specific Definitions  
Part Two Trade in Goods  
Chapter 3 National Treatment and Market Access for Goods ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Section A Definitions and Scope of Application  
Article 3.01 Definitions  
Article 3.02 Scope of Application  
Section B National Treatment  
Article 3.03 National Treatment  
Section C Tariffs  
Article 3.04 Tariff Reduction Schedule  
Article 3.05 Temporary Admission of Goods  
Article 3.06 Duty-Free Entries of Commercial Samples of Negligible Value and Advertising Materials  
Article 3.07 Customs Valuation  
Section D Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 3.08 Domestic Support  
Article 3.09 Agricultural Export Subsidies  
Article 3.10 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 3.11 Administrative Fees and Formalities  
Article 3.12 Country of Origin Marking  
Article 3.13 Export Taxes  
Article 3.14 Special Safeguard Measures  
Article 3.15 Distinctive Products  
Article 3.16 Committee on Trade in Goods  
  Annex 3.03: National Treatment and Import and Export Restrictions  
  Annex 3.04: Tariff Reduction Schedule  
  Annex 3.14: Goods Subject to the Special Safeguard Measure (SSM)  
  Annex 3.16: Committee on Trade in Goods  
Chapter 4 Rules of Origin ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Article 4.01 Definitions  
Article 4.02 Application and Interpretation Instruments  
Article 4.03 Originating Goods  
Article 4.04 Minimal Processes or Operations  
Article 4.05 Indirect Materials  
Article 4.06 Accumulation  
Article 4.07 Regional Value Content  
Article 4.08 De Minimis  
Article 4.09 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 4.10 Sets or Assortments of Goods  
Article 4.11 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 4.12 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 4.13 Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 4.14 Transit and Transshipment  
Article 4.15 Committee on Rules of Origin and Customs Procedures  
  Annex 4.03: Specific Rules of Origin  
Chapter 5 Custom Procedures Related to the Origin of Goods ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Article 5.01 Definitions  
Article 5.02 Origin Certification  
Article 5.03 Obligations Regarding Importations  
Article 5.04 Obligations Regarding Exportations  
Article 5.05 Records  
Article 5.06 Origin Verification Procedures  
Article 5.07 Advance Rulings  
Article 5.08 Confidentiality  
Article 5.09 Penalties  
Article 5.10 Review and Appeal  
Article 5.11 Uniform Regulations  
Article 5.12 Cooperation  
Chapter 6 Safeguard Measures ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 6.01 Definitions  
Article6.02 Bilateral Safeguard Measures  
Article 6.03 Global Safeguard Measures  
Article 6.04 Administration of the Safeguard Measure Proceedings  
Article 6.05 Dispute Settlement with regards to Safeguard Measures  
Chapter 7 Unfair Trade Practices ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Article 7.01 Anti-dumping and Countervailing Measures  
Article 7.02 Scope of Application  
Article 7.03 Investigating Authority  
Article 7.04 Consultations  
Article 7.05 Support of Domestic Industry  
Article 7.06 Maximum Period for Completing an Investigation  
Article 7.07 Duration of Measures  
Part Three Trade Barriers  
Chapter 8 Sanitary and Phitosanitary Measures ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Article 8.01 Definitions  
Article 8.02 General Provisions  
Article 8.03 Rights of the Parties  
Article 8.04 Obligations of the Parties  
Article 8.05 International Standards and Harmonization  
Article 8.06 Equivalence  
Article 8.07 Assessment Risk and Determination of the Appropriate Level of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Protection  
Article 8.08 Recognition of Pest- or Disease-Free Areas and Areas of Low Pest or Disease Prevalence  
Article 8.09 Control, Inspection and Approval Procedures  
Article 8.10 Transparency  
Article 8.11 Technical Consultations  
Article 8.12 Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
  Annex 8.12: Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Chapter 9 Measures On Standards, Metrology, And Authorization Procedures ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 9.01 Definitions  
Article 9.02 General Provisions  
Article 9.03 Scope of Application  
Article 9.04 Basic Rights and Obligations  
Article 9.05 Assessment of Risk  
Article 9.06 Compatibility and Equivalence  
Article 9.07 Conformity Assessment  
Article 9.08 Authorization Procedures  
Article 9.09 Metrology  
Article 9.10 Notification  
Article 9.11 Information Centers  
Article 9.12 Technical Consultations  
Article 9.13 Committee on Standards, Metrology, and Authorization Procedures  
  Annex 9.11(2): Information Centers  
  Annex 9.13: Committee on Standards, Metrology, and Authorization Procedures  
Part Four Investment, Services And Related Matters  
Chapter 10 Investment ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Section A Definitions  
Article 10.01 Definitions  
Section B Investment  
Article 10.02 Scope and Coverage  
Article 10.03 National Treatment  
Article 10.04 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 10.05 Fair and Equitable Treatment  
Article 10.06 Compensation for Losses  
Article 10.07 Performance Requirements  
Article 10.08 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 10.09 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 10.10 Transfers  
Article 10.11 Expropriation and Compensation  
Article 10.12 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 10.13 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 10.14

Denial of Benefits

Article 10.15 Subrogation  
Article 10.16 Environmental Measures  
Section C Settlement of Disputes between a Party and an Investor of the other Party  
Article 10.17 Purpose  
Article 10.18 Claim by an Investor of a Party on Its Own Behalf  
Article 10.19 Claim by an Investor of a Party on Behalf of an Enterprise  
Article 10.20 Settlement of a Dispute through Consultation and Negotiation  
Article 10.21 Notice of Intent to Submit a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 10.22 Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 10.23 Conditions Prior to the Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 10.24 Consent to Arbitration  
Article 10.25 Number of Arbitrators and Method of Appointment  
Article 10.26 Constitution of a Tribunal When a Party Fails to Appoint an Arbitrator or the Disputing Parties Are Unable to Agree on a Presiding Arbitrator  
Article 10.27 Agreement to Appointment of Arbitrators  
Article 10.28 Consolidation  
Article 10.29 Notice  
Article 10.30 Participation by a Party  
Article 10.31 Documents  
Article 10.32 Venue of Arbitration  
Article 10.33 Governing Law  
Article 10.34 Interpretation of Annexes  
Article 10.35 Expert Reports  
Article 10.36 Interim Measures of Protection  
Article 10.37 Final Award  
Article 10.38 Finality and Enforcement of an Award  
Article 10.39 General Provisions  
  Annex 10 A: Customary International Law  
  Annex 10 B: Expropriation  
  Annex 10C: Delivery of Notifications and other Documents  
  Annex 10 D  
Chapter 11 Cross-Border Trade In Services ˇRegresar al inicio de la página!
Article 11.01 Definitions  
Article 11.02 Scope of Application  
Article 11.03 National Treatment  
Article 11.04 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 11.05 Local Presence  
Article 11.06 Market Access  
Article 11.07 Permission, Authorization, Licensing, and Certification  
Article 11.08 Non-conforming Measures  
Article 11.09 Denial of Benefits  
Article 11.10 Future Liberalization  
Article 11.11 Procedures  
Article 11.12 Disclosure of Confidential Information  
Article 11.13 Transfers and Payments  
Article 11.14 Committee on Investment and Cross-border Trade in Services  
  Annex 11.14: Committee on Investment and Cross-border Trade in Services  
Chapter 12 Temporary Entry Of Business Persons ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 12.01 Definitions  
Article 12.02 General Principles  
Article 12.03 General Obligations  
Article 12.04 Granting of Temporary Entry  
Article 12.05 Provision of Information  
Article 12.06 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12.07 Relationship to Other Chapters and Articles  
  Annex 12.04: Temporary Entry for Business Persons  
  Annex 12.04(1): Special Provisions Regarding Temporary Entry of Business Persons  
Parte Cinco

Administrative And Institutional Provisions

Chapter 13 Transparency ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 13.01 Definitions  
Article 13.02 Information Center  
Article 13.03 Publication  
Article 13.04 Provision of Information  
Article 13.05 Guarantees of Hearing, Legality, and Due Process  
Article13.06 Administrative Proceedings for the Adoption of Measures of General Application  
Article 13.07 Review and Appeal  
Article 13.08 Communications and Notifications  
Article 13.09 Language  
Chapter 14 Administration Of The Agreement ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Section A Commission, Sub-commission and Secretariat  
Article 14.01 Administrative Commission of the Agreement  
Article 14.02 Administrative Sub-commission of the Agreement  
Article 14.03 Secretariat  
Section B Committees and Working Groups of Experts  
Article 14.04 General Provisions  
Article 14.05 Committees  
Article 14.06 Working Groups of Experts  
  Annex 14.01: Members of Administrative Commission of the Agreement  
  Annex 14.02: Members of Administrative Sub-Commission of the Agreement  
  Annex 14.03: Remuneration and Payement of Expenses  
  Annex 14.05: Committees  
Chapter 15 Dispute Settlement ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Section A Dispute Settlement  
Article 15.01 General Provisions  
Article 15.02 Scope of Application  
Article 15.03 Choice of Forum  
Article 15.04 Perishable Goods  
Article 15.05 Consultations  
Article 15.06 Commission – Good Offices, Conciliation, and Mediation  
Article 15.07 Establishment of an Arbitral Panel  
Article 15.08 Roster  
Article 15.09 Qualifications of the Panelists  
Article 15.10 Panel Selection  
Article 15.11 Model Rules of Procedure  
Article 15.12 Role of Experts  
Article 15.13 Preliminary Report  
Article 15.14 Final Report  
Article 15.15 Implementation of the Final Report  
Article 15.16 Suspension of Benefits  
Section B Domestic Proceedings and Settlement of Private Commercial Disputes  
Article 15.17 Interpretation of the Agreement before Judicial and Administrative Proceedings  
Article 15.18 Private Rights  
Article 15.19 Alternative Dispute Resolution  
  Annex 15.02: Nullification or Impairment  
Chapter 16 Exceptions ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 16.01 Definitions  
Article 16.02 General Exceptions  
Article 16.03 National Security  
Article 16.04 Balance of Payments  
Article 16.05 Disclosure of Information  
Article 16.06 Taxation  
Chapter 17 Cooperation ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Section A General Provisions  
Article 17.01 Purpose  
Article 17.02 Specific Purposes  
Article 17.03 Dispute Settlement  
Section B Cooperation  
Article 17.04 Cooperation Activities  
Article 17.05 Commercial and Industrial Cooperation  
Article 17.06 Cooperation in the Micro, Small-and-Medium Enterprises Sector  
Article 17.07 Cooperation in the Matter of Exportable Offer  
Article 17.08 Cooperation in the Matter of Tourism  
Article 17.09 Cooperation in the Matter of Energy  
Article 17.10 Cooperation in the Matter of Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution  
Article 17.11

Cooperation in the Matter of Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Fishing

Article 17.12 Cooperation in the Matter of Quality, Productivity, Innovation, and Technological Development  
Article 17.13 Ministerial Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation  
Article 17.14 Points of Contact  
Article 17.15 Work Plan  
Chapter 18 Final Provisions ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 18.01 Modifications  
Article 18.02 Reservations  
Article 18.03 Entry into Force  
Article 18.04 Annexes, Appendices and Footnotes  
Article 18.05 Withdrawal  
Article 18.06 Authentic Texts  
Annexes Tariff Reduction Schedule  
  El Salvador - Taiwan PDF  
  Taiwan- El Salvador PDF  
  Honduras - Taiwan PDF  
  Taiwan- Honduras PDF  
  Annex I (Non-Conforming Measures)  
  Explanatory Notes PDF  
  Taiwan PDF  
  El Salvador PDF  
  Honduras PDF  
  Annex II ( Future Measures)  
  Explanatory Notes PDF  
  El Salvador PDF  
  Honduras PDF  
  Annex III ( Most-Favorated-Nation)  
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  El Salvador PDF  

Honduras PDF

Full text of the Agreement

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About the Agreement
  7 May 2007
  Entry into Force
  15 July 2008
  El Salvador
  01 March 2008
  01 January 2008
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