United States-Australia Free Trade Agreement

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Chapter One Establishing of a Free Trade Area and Definitions Back to top!
Article 1.1 General  
Article 1.2 General Definitions  
  Annex 1-A: Certain Definitions  
Chapter Two National Treatment and Market Access for Goods Back to top!
Article 2.1 Scope and Coverage  
Section A National Treatment Back to top!
Article 2.2 National Treatment  
Section B Tariffs Back to top!
Article 2.3 Elimination of Customs Duties  
Article 2.4 Customs Value  
Article 2.5 Temporary Admission  
Article 2.6 Goods Re-Entered after Repair or Alteration  
Article 2.7 Duty-Free Entry of Commercial samples of Negligible Value and Printed Advertising Materials  
Article 2.8 Waiver of Customs Duties  
Section C Non-Tariff Measures Back to top!
Article 2.9 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 2.10 Administrative Fees and Formalities  
Article 2.11 Export Taxes  
Section D Other Measures Back to top!
Article 2.12 Merchandise Processing Fee  
Section E Institutional Provisions Back to top!
Article 2.13 Committee on Trade in Goods  
Section F Definitions Back to top!
Article 2.13 Definitions  
  Annex 2-A: Application of Chapter Two  
  Section A: Measures of The United States  
  Section B: Measures of Australia  
  Annex 2-B: Tariff Elimination  
  Tariff Schedule of Australia  
  General NotesPDF  
  Australia Harmonized Tariff SchedulePDF  
  Tariff Schedule of the United States  
  General NotesPDF  
  U.S. Harmonized Tariff SchedulePDF  
  Annex 2-C: Pharmaceuticals  
Chapter Three Agriculture Back to top!
Article 3.1 Multilateral Cooperation  
Article 3.2 Committee on Agriculture  
Article 3.3 Exports Subsidies  
Article 3.4 Agricultural Safeguard Measures  
Article 3.5 Administration of Tariff-Rate Quotas  
Article 3.6 Review of Dairy Market Access Commitments  
Article 3.7 Definitions  
  Annex 3-A: Agricultural Safeguard Measures  
  Section A: Price-Based Safeguard for Horticulture  
  Section B: Quantity-Based Safeguard for Beef  
  Section C: Price-Based Safeguard for Beef  
Chapter Four Textiles and Apparel Back to top!
Article 4.1 Bilateral Emergency Actions  
Article 4.2 Rules of Origin and Related Matters  
Article 4.3 Customs Cooperation  
Article 4.4 Definitions  
  Annex 4-A: Textile Or Apparel Specific Rules of Origin for Chapters 42, 50 through 63, 70, and 94  
Chapter Five Rules of Origin Back to top!
Section A Rules of Origin Back to top!
Article 5.1 Originating Goods  
Article 5.2 De Minimis  
Article 5.3 Accumulation  
Article 5.4 Regional Value Content  
Article 5.5 Value of Materials  
Article 5.6 Accessories, Spare Parts, and Tools  
Article 5.7 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 5.8 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 5.9 Packaging Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 5.10 Indirect Materials  
Article 5.11 Third Country Transportation  
Section B Supporting Information and Verification Back to top!
Article 5.12 Claims for Preferential Treatment  
Article 5.13 Obligations Relating to Importations  
Article 5.14 Record Keeping Requirement  
Article 5.15 Verification  
Section C Consultation and Modifications Back to top!
Article 5.16 Consultation and Modifications  
Section D Application and Interpretation Back to top!
Article 5.17  Application and Interpretation  
Section E Definitions Back to top!
Article 5.18 Definitions  
  Annex 5-A: Specific Rules of OriginPDF  
Chapter Six Customs Administration Back to top!
Article 6.1 Publication and Notification   
Article 6.2 Administration  
Article 6.3 Advance Rulings  
Article 6.4 Review and Appeal  
Article 6.5 Cooperation  
Article 6.6 Confidentiality  
Article 6.7 Penalties  
Article 6.8 Release and Security   
Article 6.9 Risk Assessment  
Article 6.10 Express Shipments  
Article 6.11 Definition of Customs Matters  
Chapter Seven Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 7.1 Objectives  
Article 7.2 Scope and Coverage  
Article 7.3 Affirmation of the SPS Agreement  
Article 7.4 Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters  
Article 7.5 Definitions  
  Annex 7-A: Standing Technical Working Group on Animal and Plant Health Measures  
Chapter Eight Technical Barriers to Trade Back to top!
Article 8.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 8.2 Affirmation of the TBT Agreement  
Article 8.3 Regional Governments  
Article 8.4 International Standards  
Article 8.5 Technical Regulations  
Article 8.6 Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 8.7 Transparency  
Article 8.8 Trade Facilitation  
Article 8.9 Chapter Coordinators  
Article 8.10 Information Exchange  
Article 8.11 Definitions  
  Annex 8-A: Chapter Coordinator  
Chapter Nine Safeguards Back to top!
Article 9.1 Imposition of a Safeguard Measure  
Article 9.2 Conditions and Limitations  
Article 9.3 Provisional Safeguard Measures  
Article 9.4 Compensation  
Article 9.5 Global Safeguard Measures  
Article 9.6 Definitions  
Chapter Ten Cross-Border Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 10.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 10.2 National Treatment  
Article 10.3 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment  
Article 10.4 Market Access  
Article 10.5 Local Presence  
Article 10.6 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 10.7 Domestic Regulation  
Article 10.8 Transparency in Development and Application of Regulations  
Article 10.9 Recognition  
Article 10.10 Transfers and Payments  
Article 10.11 Denial of Benefits  
Article 10.12 Specific Commitments  
Article 10.13 Implementation  
Article 10.14 Definitions  
  Annex 10-A: Professional Services  
Chapter Eleven Investment Back to top!
Article 11.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 11.2 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 11.3 National Treatment  
Article 11.4 Most-Favoured Nation Treatment  
Article 11.5 Minimum Standard of Treatment  
Article 11.6 Treatment in Case of Strife  
Article 11.7 Expropriation and Compensation  
Article 11.8 Transfers  
Article 11.9 Performance Requirements  
Article 11.10 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 11.11 Investment and Environment  
Article 11.12 Denial of Benefits  
Article 11.13 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 11.14 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 11.15 Implementation  
Article 11.16 Consultations on Investor-State Dispute Settlement  
Article 11.17 Definitions  
  Annex 11-A: Customary International Law  
  Annex 11-B: Expropriation  
Chapter Twelve Telecommunications Back to top!
Article 12.1 Scope and Coverage  
Section A Access to and Use of Public Telecommunications Services Back to top!
Article 12.2 Access and Use  
Section B Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Services Back to top!
Article 12.3 Interconnection  
Article 12.4 Number Portability  
Article 12.5 Dialing Parity  
Article 12.6 Submarine Cable Systems  
Section C Conduct of Major Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Services Back to top!
Article 12.7 Treatment by Major Suppliers  
Article 12.8 Competitive Safeguard  
Article 12.9 Resale  
Article 12.10 Unbundling of Network Elements  
Article 12.11 Interconnection  
Article 12.12 Provisioning and Pricing of Leased Circuit Services  
Article 12.13 Co-location  
Article 12.14 Access to Poles, Ducts, Conduits, and Rights of Way  
Section D Other Measures Back to top!
Article 12.15 Flexibility in the Choice of Technology  
Article 12.16 Conditions for the Supply of Value-Added Services  
Article 12.17 Independent Regulatory Bodies and Divestment  
Article 12.18 Universal Service  
Article 12.19 Regulatory Procedures  
Article 12.20 Allocation and Use of Scarce Telecommunications Resources  
Article 12.21 Enforcement  
Article 12.22 Resolution of Telecommunications Disputes and Appeal Processes  
Article 12.23 Forbearance  
Article 12.24 Relationship to Other Chapters  
Article 12.25 Definitions  
Chapter Thirteen Financial Services Back to top!
Article 13.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 13.2 National Treatment  
Article 13.3 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment  
Article 13.4 Market Access for Financial Institutions  
Article 13.5 Cross-Border Trade  
Article 13.6 New Financial Services  
Article 13.7 Treatment of Certain Information  
Article 13.8 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 13.9 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 13.10 Exceptions  
Article 13.11 Regulatory Transparency  
Article 13.12 Self-Regulatory Organisations  
Article 13.13 Payment and Clearing Systems  
Article 13.14 Expedited Availability of Insurance Services  
Article 13.15 Recognition  
Article 13.16 Financial Services Committee  
Article 13.17 Consultations  
Article 13.18 Dispute Settlement  
Article 13.19 Definitions  
  Annex 13-A: Cross-Border Trade  
  Annex 13-B: Specific Commitments  
  Annex 13-C: Authorities Responsible for Financial Services  
Chapter Fourteen Competition-Related Matters Back to top!
Article 14.1 Objectives  
Article 14.2 Competition Law and Anticompetitive Business Conduct  
Article 14.3 Designated Monopolies  
Article 14.4 State Enterprises and Related Matters  
Article 14.5 Differences in Pricing  
Article 14.6 Cross Border Consumer Protection  
Article 14.7 Recognition and Enforcement of Monetary Judgments  
Article 14.8 Transparency  
Article 14.9 Cooperation  
Article 14.10 Consultations  
Article 14.11 Dispute Settlement  
Article 14.12 Definitions  
Chapter Fifteen Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 15.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 15.2 General Principles  
Article 15.3 Publication of Procurement Information  
Article 15.4 Publication of Notice of Intended Procurement  
Article 15.5 Time Limits  
Article 15.6 Information on Intended Procurements  
Article 15.7 Tendering Procedures  
Article 15.8 Limited Tendering  
Article 15.9 Treatment of Tenders and Awarding of Contracts  
Article 15.10 Ensuring Integrity in Procurement Practices  
Article 15.11 Domestic Review of Supplier Challenges  
Article 15.12 Exceptions  
Article 15.13 Modifications and Rectifications to Coverage  
Article 15.14 Cooperation  
Article 15.15 Definitions  
  Annex 15-A  
  Section 1: Central Government Entities  
  Section 2: Regional Government Entities  
  Section 3: Government Enterprises  
  Section 4: Goods  
  Section 5: Services  
  Section 6: Construction Services  
  Section 7: General Notes  
  Section 8: Threshold Adjustment Formula  
Chapter Sixteen Electronic Commerce Back to top!
Article 16.1 General  
Article 16.2 Electronic Supply of Services  
Article 16.3 Custom Duties  
Article 16.4 Non-Discriminatory Treatment of Digital Products  
Article 16.5 Authentication and Digital Certificates  
Article 16.6 Online Consumer Protection  
Article 16.7 Paperless Trade Administration  
Article 16.8 Definitions  
Chapter Seventeen Intellectual Property Rights Back to top!
Article 17.1 General Provisions  
Article 17.2 Trademarks, Including Geographical Indications  
Article 17.3 Domain Names on the Internet  
Article 17.4 Copyright  
Article 17.5 Copyright Works  
Article 17.6 Performers and Producers of Phonograms  
Article 17.7 Protection of Encrypted Programme-Carrying Satellite signals  
Article 17.8 Designs  
Article 17.9 Patents  
Article 17.10 Measures Related to Certain Regulated Products  
Article 17.11 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights  
Article 17.12 Transitional Provisions  
Chapter Eighteen Labour Back to top!
Article 18.1 Statement of Shared Commitment  
Article 18.2 Application and Enforcement of Labour Laws  
Article 18.3 Procedural Guarantees and Public Awareness  
Article 18.4 Institutional Arrangements  
Article 18.5 Labour Cooperation  
Article 18.6 Labour Consultations  
Article 18.7 Definitions  
Chapter Nineteen Environment  
Article 19.1 Levels of Protection  
Article 19.2 Application and Enforcement of Environmental Laws  
Article 19.3 Procedural Guarantees and Public Awareness  
Article 19.4 Voluntary Mechanisms to Enhance Environmental Performance  
Article 19.5 Institutional Arrangements and Public Participation  
Article 19.6 Environmental Cooperation  
Article 19.7 Environmental Consultations  
Article 19.8 Relationship to Environmental Agreements  
Article 19.9 Definitions  
Chapter Twenty Transparency Back to top!
Article 20.1 Contact Points  
Article 20.2 Publication  
Article 20.3 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 20.4 Administrative Agency Processes  
Article 20.5 Review and Appeal  
Article 20.6 Definitions  
Chapter Twenty-One Institutional Arrangements and Dispute Settlement  
Section A Institutional Arrangements and Administration Back to top!
Article 21.1 Joint Committee  
Section B Dispute Settlement Proceedings Back to top!
Article 21.2 Scope of Application  
Article 21.3 Administration of Dispute Settlement Proceedings  
Article 21.4 Choice of Forum  
Article 21.5 Consultations  
Article 21.6 Referral of Matters to the Joint Committee  
Article 21.7 Establishment of Panel  
Article 21.8 Rules of Procedure  
Article 21.9 Panel Report  
Article 21.10 Implementation of the Final Report  
Article 21.11 Non-Implementation  
Article 21.12 Non-Implementation in Certain Disputes  
Article 21.13 Compliance Review  
Article 21.14 Five-Year Review  
Article 21.15 Private Rights  
  Annex 21-A: Inflation Adjustment Formula for Monetary Assessments  
Chapter Twenty-Two General Provisions and Exceptions Back to top!
Article 22.1 General Exceptions  
Article 22.2 Essential Security  
Article 22.3 Taxation  
Article 22.4 Disclosure of Information  
Article 22.5 Anti-Corruption  
Chapter Twenty-Three Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 23.1 Accession  
Article 23.2 Annexes  
Article 23.3 Amendments  
Article 23.4 Entry Into Force and Termination  
Annexes   Back to top!
  Annex I: Services/Investment Non-Conforming MeasuresPDF  
  Annex II: Services/Investment Non-Conforming MeasuresPDF  
  Annex III: Banking and Other Financial Services Non-Conforming MeasuresPDF  
  Schedule of AustraliaPDF  
  Schedule of the United StatesPDF    
Full Text of the AgreementPDF Back to top!
Source: Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeOffsite link!  
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  18 May 2004
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  01 January 2005
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