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Free Trade Agreement Between the

Government of Canada and the Government of the Republic of Chile


Chapter K bis - Government Procurement

Part Three Bis

Government Procurement
The provisions of this chapter have not yet entered into force

Chapter K bis Government Procurement
Article Kbis-01 Scope and Coverage
Article Kbis-02 General Principles
Article Kbis-03 Publication of Procurement Measures
Article Kbis-04 Publication of Notice of Intended Procurement
Article Kbis-05 Time Limits for the Tendering Process
Article Kbis-06 Information on Intended Procurements
Article Kbis-07 Technical Specifications
Article Kbis-08 Conditions for Participation
Article Kbis-09 Tendering Procedures
Article Kbis-10 Awarding of Contracts
Article Kbis-11 Information on Awards
Article Kbis-12 Ensuring Integrity in Procurement Practices
Article Kbis-13 Domestic Review of Supplier Challenges
Article Kbis-14 Modifications and Rectifications
Article Kbis-15 Non-Disclosure of Information
Article Kbis-16 Exceptions
Article Kbis-17 Public Information
Article Kbis-18 Committee on Procurement
Article Kbis-19 Further Negotiations
Article Kbis-20 Definitions
  Annex Kbis-01.1-1
  Annex Kbis-01.1-2
  Annex Kbis-01.1-3
  Annex Kbis-01.1-4
  Annex Kbis-01.1-5
  Annex Kbis-01.1-6
  Annex Kbis-01.1-7
  Annex Kbis-01.1-8

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