United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement
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Article 1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area and Relationship to Other Agreements  
Article 2 Trade in Goods  
Article 3 Trade in Services  
Article 4 Intellectual Property Rights  
Article 5 Environment  
Article 6 Labor  
Article 7 Electronic Commerce  
Article 8 Visa Commitments  
Article 9 Government Procurement  
Article 10 Safeguard Measures  
Article 11 Balance of Payments  
Article 12 Exceptions  
Article 13 Economic Cooperation and Technical Assistance  
Article 14 Rules of Origin and Cooperation in Customs Administration  
Article 15 Joint Committee  
Article 16 Consultations  
Article 17 Dispute Settlement  
Article 18 Miscellaneous Provisions  
Article 19 Entry into Force and Termination  
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  General Notes  
  Tariff SchedulePDF  
  United States  
  General Notes  
  Tariff SchedulePDF  
  Annex to the United States' Explanatory Notes PDF  
  Annex 2.2: Rules of Origin  
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  U.S. Schedule of Specific CommitmentsPDF  
  US Service Schedule: List of Article II (MFN) ExemptionsPDF  
  Jordan Schedule of Specific CommitmentsPDF  
  Jordan Service Schedule: List of Article II (MFN) ExemptionsPDF  
  Annex 3.2: Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Certain Reciprocity Requirements Back to top!
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Source: Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeOffsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  24 October 2000
  Entry into Force
  17 December 2001
Trade Policy Developments
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