Chile-EFTA Free Trade Agreement
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Chapter I Initial Provisions to the top!
Article 1 Establishment of a free trade area  
Article 2 Objectives  
Article 3 Territorial Application  
Article 4 Relation to other international agreements  
Article 5 Trade and economic relations governed by this Agreement  
Article 6 Regional and local governments  
Chapter II Trade in Goods to the top!
Article 7 Coverage  
Article 8 Rules of origin and administrative co-operation  
Article 9 Elimination of Customs duties  
Article 10 Customs duty  
Article 11 Fees and other charges  
Article 12 Basic duties  
Article 13 Import and export restrictions  
Article 14 Classification of goods and customs valuation  
Article 15 National treatment  
Article 16 Sanitary and phytosanitary measures  
Article 17 Technical regulations  
Article 18 Anti-dumping and countervailing measures  
Article 19 Emergency action on imports of particular products  
Article 20 Global safeguard  
Article 21 General exceptions  
Chapter III Trade in Services and Establishment to the top!
Section I Trade in Services  
Article 22 Coverage  
Article 23 Definitions  
Article 24 Most-favoured nation treatment  
Article 25 Market access  
Article 26 National treatment  
Article 27 Trade liberalisation  
Article 28 Domestic regulation  
Article 29 Recognition  
Article 30 Movement of natural persons  
Article 31 Telecommunications services  
Section II Establishment  
Article 32 Coverage  
Article 33 Definitions  
Article 34 National treatment  
Article 35 Reservations  
Article 36 Right to regulate  
Article 37 Final provisions  
Section III Payments and Capital Movements  
Article 38 Objective and scope  
Article 39 Current Account  
Article 40 Capital Account  
Article 41 Exceptions and safeguard measures  
Article 42 Final provisions  
Section IV Common Provisions  
Article 43 Relation to other international agreements  
Article 44 General exceptions  
Article 45 Financial services  
Chapter IV Protection of Intellectual Property to the top!
Article 46 Intellectual property rights  
Chapter V Government Procurement to the top!
Article 47 Objective  
Article 48 Scope and coverage  
Article 49 Definitions  
Article 50 National treatment and non-discrimination  
Article 51 Prohibition of offsets  
Article 52 Valuation rules  
Article 53 Transparency  
Article 54 Tendering procedures  
Article 55 Selective tendering  
Article 56 Other procedures  
Article 57 Qualification of suppliers  
Article 58 Publication of notices  
Article 59 Tender documentation  
Article 60 Technical specifications  
Article 61 Time limits  
Article 62 Negotiations  
Article 63 Submission, receipt and opening of tenders  
Article 64 Awarding of contracts  
Article 65 Information on contract award  
Article 66 Bid challenges  
Article 67 Information technology and co-operation  
Article 68 Modifications to coverage  
Article 69 Further negotiations  
Article 70 Exceptions  
Article 71 Review and implementation  
Chapter VI Competition Policy to the top!
Article 72 Objectives  
Article 73 Notifications  
Article 74 Co-ordination of enforcement activities  
Article 75 Consultations  
Article 76 Exchange of Information and confidentiality  
Article 77 Public enterprises and enterprises trusted with special or exclusive rights, including designated monopolies  
Article 78 Dispute settlement  
Article 79 Designated authorities  
Article 80 Definitions  
Chapter VII Subsidies to the top!
Article 81 Subsidies/State aid  
Chapter VIII Transparency to the top!
Article 82 Publication  
Article 83 Contact points and exchange of information  
Article 84 Cooperation on increased transparency  
Chapter IX Administration of the Agreement to the top!
Article 85 The Joint Committee  
Article 86 The Secretariat  
Chapter X Dispute Settlement to the top!
Article 87 Scope  
Article 88 Choice of forum  
Article 89 Good offices, conciliation or mediation  
Article 90 Consultations  
Article 91 Establishment of arbitration panel  
Article 92 Arbitration panel  
Article 93 Procedures of the arbitration panel  
Article 94 Ruling  
Article 95 Termination of arbitration panel proceedings  
Article 96 Implementation of arbitration panel rulings  
Article 97 Other provisions  
Chapter XI General Exceptions to the top!
Article 98 Balance of payments difficulties  
Article 99 National security clause  
Article 100 Taxation  
Chapter XII Final Provisions to the top!
Article 101 Definitions  
Article 102 Annexes and Appendices  
Article 103 Amendments  
Article 104 Additional Parties  
Article 105 Withdrawal and termination  
Article 106 Entry into force  
Article 107 Relation to the complementary agreements  
Article 108 Depositary  
to the top!
  Annex I: Concerning the definition of the concept of "originating products" and arrangements for administrative co-operation. PDF  
Appendix 1. Introductory notes to the list in Appendix 2 PDF  
Appendix 2. List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating status PDF  
Appendix 3. Movement Certificate EUR.1 and Application for a Movement Certificate EUR.1 PDF  
Appendix 4. Invoice Declaration PDF  
Annex II: Territorial Application PDF  
  Annex III: Products not Covered by this Agreement PDF  
  Annex IV: Processed AgriculturalProducts PDF  
  Table 1 to Annex IV PDF  
  Table 2 to Annex IV - Iceland PDF  
  Table 3 to Annex IV - Liechtenstein, Switzerland PDF  
  Table 4 to Annex IV - Norway PDF  
  Table 5 to Annex IV - Chile PDF  
Annex V: Fish and other Marine Products PDF  
Annex VI: Elimination of Customs Duties PDF  
Annex VII: Import and Export Restrictions PDF  
Annex VIII: Schedules of Specific Commitments PDF
  Appendix 1. Schedule of Chile   
  Appendix 2. Schedule of Iceland PDF  
  Appendix 3. Schedule of Liechtenstein PDF  
  Appendix 4. Schedule of Norway PDF  
  Appendix 5. Schedule of Switzerland PDF  
  Annex IX: Telecommunications Services PDF  
  Annex X: Reservations PDF  
  Appendix 1. Reservations by Chile   
  Appendix 2. Reservations by Iceland PDF  
  Appendix 3. Reservations by Liechtenstein PDF  
  Appendix 4. Reservations by Norway PDF  
  Appendix 5. Reservations by Switzerland PDF  
  Appendix 6. Reservations by All Parties PDF  
  Appendix 7. Reservations by the EFTA States PDF  
Annex XI: Current Payments and Capital Movements PDF  
  Annex XII: Intellectual Property Rights PDF  
  Annex XIII: Covered EntitiesPDF  
  Appendix 1 Entities at central level  
  Appendix 2. Entities at subcentral governmental level PDF  
  Appendix 3. Entities operating in the utilities sector PDF  
  Appendix 4. Services PDF  
  Appendix 5. Construction services PDF  
Annex XIV: General notes PDF  
  Appendix 1 Public works concessions PDF  
  Appendix 2. Means of publication PDF  
  Appendix 3 Time limits PDF  
  Appendix 4. Value of thresholds PDF  
  Appendix 5 Publication of notices PDF  
  Annex XV: Decisions of the Joint Committee PDF  
  Annex XVI: Secretariat PDF  
  Annex XVII: Model Rulesof Procedure for the Conduct of Arbitration Panels PDF  
Complementary Agreements on trade in agricultural goods
  Between the Republic of Chile and the Republic of Iceland PDF  
  Annex 1. Chilean Concessions to Iceland  
  Annex 2. Icelandic Concessions to Chile  
  Annex 3. Rules of Origin  
  Annex 4. Implementation  
  Between the Republic of Chile and the Kingdom of Norway PDF  
  Annex 1. Chilean Concessions to Norway  
  Annex 2. Norwegian Concessions to Chile  
  Annex 3. Rules of Origin  
  Annex 4. Implementation  
  Between the Republic of Chile and the Swiss Confederation PDF  
  Annex 1. Chilean Concessions to Switzerland  
  Annex 2. Swiss Concessions to Chile  
  Annex 3. Rules of Origin  
  Annex 4. Implementation  
Text of the Agreement PDF to the top!
Source: European Free Trade Association - EFTA Offsite link!  



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About the Agreement
  26 June 2003
  Entry into Force
  01 December 2004
Trade Policy Developments
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