Legal Framework of the Andean Community
28 May 1979 Treaty Creating the Court of Justice
25 October 1979

Treaty establishing the Andean Parliament (1979 version) Spanish PDF

10 March 1996 The Protocol of Trujillo Spanish
28 May 1996 Protocol of Cochabamba Amending the Treaty Creating the Court of Justice Spanish
23 April 1997 Treaty Establishing the Andean Parliament
25 June 1997 The Protocol of Sucre
16 September 1999 Complementarity Agreement in the Automotive Sector
10 June 2000 Additional Protocol to the Cartagena Agreement "Andean Community Commitment to Democracy"
24 June 2001

Protocol of Substitution of the Simón Rodríguez Convention PDF

25 June 2003 Cartagena Agreement
Source: Secretaría General de la Comunidad Andina Offsite link



Spanish version

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Trade Policy: Developments