Free Trade Agreement Between the Central American States and the EFTA States
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Chapter I

General Provisions

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Article 1.1

Establishment of a Free Trade Area

Article 1.2


Article 1.3

Geographical Scope

Article 1.4

Trade and Economic Relations Governed by this Agreement

Article 1.5

Relationship to Other International Agreements

Article 1.6


Article 1.7


Article 1.8

Electronic Commerce

Article 1.9

Definitions of General Application

Chapter II

Trade In Non-Agricultural Products

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Article 2.1


Article 2.2

Rules of Origin and Methods of Administrative Cooperation

Article 2.3

Import Duties

Article 2.4

Export Duties

Article 2.5

Customs Valuation

Article 2.6

Quantitative Restrictions

Article 2.7

Fees and Formalities

Article 2.8

Internal Taxation and Regulations

Article 2.9

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Article 2.10

Technical Regulations

Article 2.11

Trade Facilitation

Article 2.12

Sub-Committee on Trade in Goods

Article 2.13

State Trading Enterprises

Article 2.14

Subsidies and Countervailing Measures

Article 2.15


Article 2.16

Global Safeguard Measures

Article 2.17

Bilateral Safeguard Measures

Article 2.18

General Exceptions

Article 2.19

Security Exceptions

Article 2.20


Chapter III

Trade In Agricultural Products

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Article 3.1


Article 3.2

Tariff Concessions

Article 3.3

Agricultural Export Subsidies

Article 3.4

Minimum Export Price

Article 3.5

Other Provisions

Article 3.6


Article 3.7

Further liberalisation

Chapter IV

Trade In Services

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Article 4.1

Scope and Coverage

Article 4.2

Incorporation of Provisions from the GATS

Article 4.3


Article 4.4

Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment

Article 4.5

Market Access

Article 4.6

National Treatment

Article 4.7

Additional Commitments

Article 4.8

Domestic Regulation

Article 4.9


Article 4.10

Movement of Natural Persons  Supplying Services

Article 4.11


Article 4.12

Monopolies and Exclusive Service Suppliers

Article 4.13

Business Practices

Article 4.14

Payments and Transfers

Article 4.15

Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments

Article 4.16

General Exceptions

Article 4.17

Security Exceptions

Article 4.18

Schedules of Specific Commitments

Article 4.19

Modification of Schedules

Article 4.20


Article 4.21


Chapter V


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Article 5.1

Scope and Coverage

Article 5.2


Article 5.3

National Treatment

Article 5.4


Article 5.5

Key Personnel

Article 5.6

Right to Regulate

Article 5.7

Payments and Transfers

Article 5.8

Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance-of-Payments

Article 5.9

General Exceptions

Article 5.10

Security Exceptions

Article 5.11


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Article 6.1

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Chapter VII

Government Procurement

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Article 7.1

Scope and Coverage

Article 7.2


Article 7.3

General Exceptions

Article 7.4

National Treatment and Non-Discrimination

Article 7.5

Use of Electronic Means

Article 7.6

Conduct of Procurement

Article 7.7

Rules of Origin

Article 7.8


Article 7.9

Information on the Procurement System

Article 7.10


Article 7.11

Conditions for Participation

Article 7.12

Registration Systems and Qualification Procedures

Article 7.13

List of Suppliers

Article 7.14

Tender Documentation

Article 7.15

Technical Specifications

Article 7.16

Modifications of the Tender Documentation and Technical Specifications

Article 7.17


Article 7.18

Limited Tendering

Article 7.19

Electronic Auctions

Article 7.20


Article 7.21

Treatment of Tenders

Article 7.22

Awarding of Contracts

Article 7.23

Transparency of Procurement Information

Article 7.24

Disclosure of Information

Article 7.25

Domestic Review Procedures for Supplier Challenges

Article 7.26

Modifications and Rectifications to Coverage

Article 7.27


Article 7.28

Further Negotiations

Chapter VIII


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Article 8.1

Anti-competitive Practices

Article 8.2


Article 8.3


Article 8.4

Dispute Settlement

Chapter IX

Trade and Sustainable Development

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Article 9.1

Context and Objectives

Article 9.2


Article 9.3

Right to Regulate and Levels of Protection

Article 9.4

Upholding Levels of Protection

Article 9.5

International Labour Standards and Agreements

Article 9.6

Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Environmental Principles

Article 9.7

Promotion of Trade and Investment Favouring Sustainable Development

Article 9.8

Trade in Forest-Based Products

Article 9.9

Cooperation in International Fora

Article 9.10

Implementation and Consultations

Article 9.11


Chapter X


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Article 10.1

Objectives and Scope

Article 10.2

Methods and Means

Article 10.3

Fields of Cooperation

Article 10.4

Contact Points

Chapter XI

Institutional Provisions

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Article 11.1

Joint Committee

Article 11.2

Contact Points

Chapter XII

Dispute Settlement

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Article 12.1

Scope and Coverage

Article 12.2

Good Offices, Conciliation or Mediation

Article 12.3


Article 12.4

Establishment of an Arbitration Panel

Article 12.5

Procedures of the Arbitration Panel

Article 12.6

Panel Reports

Article 12.7

Suspension or Termination of Arbitration Panel Proceedings

Article 12.8

Implementation of the Final Report

Article 12.9

Compensation and Suspension of Benefits

Article 12.10

Other Provisions

Chapter XIII

Final Provisions

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Article 13.1

Fulfilment of Obligations

Article 13.2

Annexes and Appendices

Article 13.3


Article 13.4


Article 13.5

Withdrawal and Expiration

Article 13.6

Entry into Force

Article 13.7

Unilateral Reservations

Article 13.8


  Trade in Goods  
  Annex I: Rules of Origin and Methods of Administrative Cooperation PDF to the top!
  Appendix 1: Product Specific Rules PDF  
  Appendix 2: Origin Declaration PDF  
  Appendix 3: Specimens of Movement Certificate EUR.1 and Applications for a Movement Certificate EUR.1 PDF  
  Appendix 4: Amounts Referred to in Paragraph 1(B) of Article 19 and Paragraph 3 of Article 22 of Annex I PDF  
  Appendix 5: Period of Time and Procedure for the Presentation of a Proof of Origin or Reimbursement of Tariffs in Accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 21 of Annex I PDF  
  Annex II: Electronic Commerce PDF  
  Annex III: Product Coverage of Non-Agricultural Products PDF  
  Annex IV: Tariff Dismantling Costa Rica for Non-Agricultural Products PDF  
  Annex V: Tariff Dismantling Panama for Non-Agricultural Products PDF  
  Annex VI: Export Duties PDF  
  Annex VII: Trade Facilitation PDF  
  Annex VIII: Mandate Sub-Committee on Trade in Goods PDF  
  Annex IX: Tariff Concessions on Agricultural Products Costa Rica-Iceland PDF  
  Annex X: Tariff Concessions on Agricultural Products Costa Rica-Norway PDF  
  Annex XI: Tariff Concessions on Agricultural Products Costa Rica-Liechtenstein- Switzerland PDF  
  Annex XII: Tariff Concessions on Agricultural Products Panama-Iceland PDF  
  Annex XIII: Tariff Concessions on Agricultural Products Panama-Norway PDF
  Annex XIV: Tariff Concessions Agriculture Panama-Liechtenstein-Switzerland PDF  
  Trade in Services to the top!
  Annex XV: Schedules of Specific Commitments PDF
  Appendix 1: Schedule of Costa Rica PDF  
  Appendix 2: Schedule of Panama PDF  
  Appendix 3: Schedule of Iceland PDF  
  Appendix 4: Schedule of Liechtenstein PDF  
  Appendix 5: Schedule of Norway PDF  
  Appendix 6: Schedule of Switzerland PDF  
  Annex XVI: List of MFN Exemptions PDF  
  Appendix 1: List of Costa Rica PDF  
  Appendix 2: List of Panama PDF  
  Appendix 3: List of Iceland PDF  
  Appendix 4: List of Liechtenstein PDF  
  Appendix 5: List of NorwayPDF  
  Appendix 6: List of Switzerland PDF  
  Annex XVII: Financial ServicesPDF  
  Annex XVIII: Reservations PDF  
  Appendix 1: List of Reservations of Costa Rica PDF  
  Appendix 2: List of Reservations of Panama PDF  
  Appendix 3: List of Reservations of Iceland PDF  
  Appendix 4: List of Reservations of LiechtensteinPDF  
  Appendix 5: List of Reservations of NorwayPDF  
  Appendix 6: List of Reservations of SwitzerlandPDF  
  Intellectual Property Rights  
  Annex XIX: Intellectual Property Rights PDF  
  Government Procurement  
  Annex XX : Covered Entities PDF  
  Horizontal Issues  
  Annex XXI: Implementation of Modifications Approved by the Joint CommitteePDF  
Text of the Agreement PDF to the top!
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About the Agreement
  Costa Rica and Panama:
  24 June 2013
  Entry into Force
  Costa Rica, Panama and Norway
19 August 2014
Liechtenstein and Switzerland
29 August 2014
05 September 2014
Trade Policy Developments
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