Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
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Chapter 1

Initial provisions

Article 1.1


Article 1.2 Establishment of the free trade area  

Chapter 2

General definitions

Article 2.1 Definitions of general application

Annex 2.A: Country-specific definitions


Chapter 3

Trade in goods

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Article 3.1 Definitions  
Article 3.2 Scope  
Article 3.3 National treatment  
Article 3.4 Elimination of customs duties  
Article 3.5 Goods re-entered after repair and alteration  
Article 3.6

Duty-free entry of commercial samples of negligible value and printed advertising material

Article 3.7 Temporary admission of goods  
Article 3.8 Non-tariff measures  
Article 3.9 Administrative fees and formalities  
Article 3.10 Export duties  
Article 3.11 Agricultural export subsidies  
Article 3.12 Price band system  
Article 3.13 Special agricultural safeguard measures  
Article 3.14 Committee on trade in goods  

Annex 3.A: Import and export measures


Annex 3.B: Special safeguard measures

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Chapter 4

Rules of origin

Article 4.1 Definitions  
Article 4.2 Originating goods  
Article 4.3 Regional value content  
Article 4.4 Operations that do not confer origin  
Article 4.5 Accumulation  
Article 4.6 De minimis  
Article 4.7 Accessories, spare parts, and tools  
Article 4.8 Packaging materials and containers for retail sale  
Article 4.9 Packing materials and containers for shipment  
Article 4.10 Indirect materials  
Article 4.11 Transit through non-parties  
Article 4.12 Outward processing  
Article 4.13 Treatment of goods for which preference is claimed  
Article 4.14 Obligations regarding exports  
Article 4.15 Records  
Article 4.16 Verification of origin  
Article 4.17 Decision on origin  
Article 4.18 Costs incurred  

Annex 4.A


Annex 4.B


Annex 4.C

  Annex 4.D  
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Chapter 5

Customs procedures

Article 5.1 Definitions  
Article 5.2 Objectives  
Article 5.3 Scope  
Article 5.4 Customs procedures and facilitation  
Article 5.5 Customs cooperation  
Article 5.6

Customs valuation

Article 5.7 Advance rulings  
Article 5.8 Review and appeal  
Article 5.9 Consultation  
Article 5.10 Paperless trading  
Article 5.11 Express consignments  
Article 5.12 Penalties  
Article 5.13 Risk management  
Article 5.14 Release of goods  
Article 5.15 Enquiry points  
Article 5.16 Confidentiality

Chapter 6

Trade remedies  
Article 6.1 Global safeguards  
Article 6.2 Antidumping and countervailing duties Back to top!

Chapter 7

Sanitary and phytosanitary measures

Article 7.1 Definitions  
Article 7.2 Objectives  
Article 7.3 Scope  
Article 7.4 Committee on sanitary and phytosanitary matters  
Article 7.5 Competent authorities and contact points  
Article 7.6 Adaptation to regional conditions  
Article 7.7 Equivalence  
Article 7.8 Verification  
Article 7.9 Import checks  
Article 7.10


Article 7.11 Provisional measures  
Article 7.12 Exchange of information  
Article 7.13 Technical consultation  
Article 7.14 Cooperation Back to top!

Chapter 8

Technical barriers to trade

Article 8.1 Definitions  
Article 8.2 Objectives  
Article 8.3 Scope  
Article 8.4

Affirmation of the agreement on technical barriers to trade

Article 8.5 Origin  
Article 8.6

Trade facilitation

Article 8.7 International standards  
Article 8.8 Equivalency of technical regulations  
Article 8.9 Conformity assessment procedures  
Article 8.10 Transparency  
Article 8.11 Technical cooperation and committee on technical barriers to trade  
Article 8.12 Technical consultations  
Article 8.13 Annexes and implementing arrangements Back to top!

Chapter 9

Competition policy

Article 9.1


Article 9.2 Competition law and enforcement  
Article 9.3


Article 9.4 Notifications  
Article 9.5 Consultations and exchange of information  
Article 9.6 Public enterprises and enterprises entrusted with special or exclusive rights, including designated monopolies  
Article 9.7

Dispute settlement

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Annex 9.A



Chapter 10

Intellectual property

Article 10.1 Definitions  
Article 10.2 Intellectual property principles  
Article 10.3 General provisions  
Article 10.4 Trade marks  
Article 10.5

Geographical indications

Article 10.6 Country names  
Article 10.7


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Annex 10.A:Lists of geographical indications


Chapter 11

Government procurement

Article 11.1 Definitions  
Article 11.2


Article 11.3


Article 11.4 National treatment and non-discrimination  
Article 11.5 Rules of origin  
Article 11.6 Prohibition of offsets  
Article 11.7 Non-disclosure of information  
Article 11.8 Publication of information on procurement measures each party shall promptly publish  
Article 11.9 Technical specifications  
Article 11.10 Valuation of contracts  
Article 11.11 Tendering procedures  
Article 11.12 Notice of intended procurement  
Article 11.13 Tender documentation  
Article 11.14 Awarding of contracts  
Article 11.15 Post-award information  
Article 11.16

Conditions for participation

Article 11.17 Lists of registered or qualified suppliers  
Article 11.18 Exceptions to open tendering  
Article 11.19 Ensuring integrity in procurement practices  
Article 11.20 Domestic review of supplier complaints  
Article 11.21 Encouraging use of electronic communications in procurement  
Article 11.22 Exceptions  
Article 11.23 Modifications and rectifications of annexes  

Annex 11.A: List of entities and covered goods and services


Annex 11.B


Annex 11.C: Thresholds

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Chapter 12

Trade in services

Article 12.1 Definitions  
Article 12.2 Objectives  
Article 12.3 Scope  
Article 12.4 National treatment  
Article 12.5 Most-favoured-nation treatment  
Article 12.6 Market access  
Article 12.7 Local presence  
Article 12.8

Non-conforming measures

Article 12.9


Article 12.10 Domestic regulation  
Article 12.11 Professional qualifications and registration  
Article 12.12 Denial of benefits  
Article 12.13 Transparency  
Article 12.14 Subsidies  
Article 12.15 Payments and transfers  

Annex 12.A


Annex 12.B: Professional services


Annex 12.C: Payments and transfers


Annex 12.D: DL 600

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Chapter 13

Temporary entry

Article 13.1 Definitions  
Article 13.2 Objectives  
Article 13.3


Article 13.4 Exchange of information  
Article 13.5 Review Back to top!
Chapter 14


Article 14.1


Article 14.2


Article 14.3 Administrative proceedings  
Article 14.4 Review and appeal  
Article 14.5 Contact points  
Article 14.6 Notification and provision of information Back to top!

Chapter 15

Dispute settlement

Article 15.1


Article 15.2 Scope  
Article 15.3 Choice of forum  
Article 15.4 Consultations  
Article 15.5 Good offices, conciliation and mediation  
Article 15.6 Establishment of an arbitral tribunal  
Article 15.7 Composition of arbitral tribunals  
Article 15.8

Functions of arbitral tribunals

Article 15.9 Rules of procedure for arbitral tribunals  
Article 15.10 Suspension or termination of proceedings  
Article 15.11 Initial report  
Article 15.12 Final report  
Article 15.13

Implementation of final report

Article 15.14 Compliance within reasonable period of time  
Article 15.15 Compensation and suspension of benefits  
Article 15.16 Compliance review  

Annex 15.A: Nullification or impairment


Annex 15.B: Model rules of procedure for arbitral tribunals

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Chapter 16

Strategic partnership

Article 16.1


Article 16.2 Objectives  
Article 16.3 Scope  
Article 16.4 Economic cooperation  
Article 16.5 Cooperation in research, science and technology  
Article 16.6


Article 16.7 Cultural cooperation  
Article 16.8 Primary industry  
Article 16.11


Article 16.12 Specific functions for the commission in cooperation matters

Chapter 17

Administrative and institutional provisions

Article 17.1 Establishment of the trans-pacific strategic economic partnership commission  
Article 17. 2 Functions of the commission  
Article 17.3 Rules of procedure of the commission Back to top!

Chapter 18

General provisions

Article 18.1 Annexes and footnotes  
Article 18.2 Relation to other international agreements  
Article 18.3 Succession of treaties or international agreements  
Article 18.4 Application  
Article 18.5 Distinctive products  
Article 18.6 Disclosure of information  
Article 18.7 Confidentiality

Chapter 19

General exceptions

Article 19.1 General exceptions  
Article 19.2 Security exceptions  
Article 19.3 Measures to safeguard the balance of payments  
Article 19.4 Taxation measures  
Article 19.5 Treaty of Waitangi Back to top!

Chapter 20

Final provisions

Article 20.1 Investment negotiations  
Article 20.2 Financial services negotiations  
Article 20.3 Signature  
Article 20.4 Entry into force  
Article 20.5 Brunei darussalam  
Article 20.6 Accession  
Article 20.7


Article 20.8 Withdrawal  
Article 20.9 Depositary state and functions  
Article 20.10 Authentic texts  
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Annex I Tariff Schedules  
  New ZealandPDF  
Annex II Specific Rules of OriginPDF  
Annex III Part One of the Services SchedulesPDF  
Annex IV Part Two of the Services SchedulesPDF  
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  Government Procurement
  New Zealand  
  Market Access  
  Implementing Arrangements under the Agreement Back to top!
  Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures - Implementing Arrangement 1PDF  
  Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures - Implementing Arrangement 8PDF  
  Strategic PartnershipPDF  
  Other Side Letters in the Context of the Agreement Back to top!
  Ministerial Letters Setting out Brunei Darussalam's Participation  
  Technical Barriers to Trade  
  Environment Cooperation Agreement Back to top!
  Side Letter to the Environment Agreement  
  Memorandum of Understanding on Labour Cooperation Back to top!
  Side Letter to the Labour MOU  
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  18 July 2005
  Entry into Force
  08 November 2006
  Brunei Darussalam
  12 July 2006
  New Zealand
  28 May 2006
  28 May 2006
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