Panama - Israel
Chapter 1 Initial Provisions and General Definitions  
Chapter 2 National Treatment and Market Access to Goods  
  Annex 2-A: Exceptions to National Treatment and Import and Export Restrictions  
  Annex 2-B: Schedule of Tariff Elimination for Industrial Goods  
  Annex 2-C: Preferential Treatment for Fishery Products  
  Annex 2-D: Preferential Treatment for Agricultural Goods  
Chapter 3 Rules of Origin  
  Annex 3-A: Specific Rules of Origin  
  Annex 3-B: Certificate of Origin  
  Annex 3-C: Procedures Regarding Electronic Certificates of Origin (Article 3.16)  
  Annex 3-D: Invoice Declaration Pursuant to Article 3.20  
  Annex 3-E: Approved Exporter Declaration Pursuant to Article 3.21  
Chapter 4 Customs Procedures and Trade Facilitation  
  Annex 4-A: Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters  
Chapter 5 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
  Annex 5-A: Competent Authorities  
Chapter 6 Technical Barriers to Trade   Back to top!
Chapter 7 Trade Remedies  
Chapter 8 Investment  
  Annex 8-A: Presentation of Documents to a Party Regarding Article 8.12  
Chapter 9 Commerce of Services  
  Annex 9-A: List of MFN Exemptions  
  Section A: Israel - List of MFN Exemptions  
  Section B: Panama - List of MFN Exemptions  
  Annex 9-B: Movement of Natural Persons Supplying of Services  
  Annex 9-C: Financial Services  
  Annex 9-D: Telecommunication Services  
  Annex 9-E: Schedules of Specific Commitments  
  Section A: Israel - List of Specific Commitments  
  Section B: Panama - List of Specific Commitments  
  Appendix 9-E: Measures Applied to Reserved Professional Services  
Chapter 10 Electronic Commerce  
Chapter 11 Intellectual Property Rights  
Chapter 12 Administration of Agreement  
Chapter 13 Trade and Economic Cooperation  
Chapter 14 Dispute Settlement  
  Annex 14-A: Rules of Procedure for Arbitral Tribunal Proceeding  
  Annex 14-B: Code of Conduct  
Chapter 15 Transparency  
Chapter 16 Exceptions  
Chapter 17 Final Provisions  
Sources: Ministry of Economy, Israel; Offsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  17 May 2018
  Entry into Force
  Not Yet in Force
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