Chile-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
Chapter One Initial Provisions to the top!
Article 1.1 Establishment of a Free Trade Area  
Article 1.2 Objectives  
Article 1.3 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 1.4 Extent of Obligations  
Chapter Two General Definitions to the top!
Article 2.1 Definitions of General Application  
  Annex 2.1: Country-Specific DefinitionsPDF  
Chapter Three National Treatment and Market Access for Goods to the top!
Article 3.1 Scope and Coverage  
Section A National Treatment  
Article 3.2 National Treatment  
Section B Tariff Elimination  
Article 3.3 Tariff Elimination  
Article 3.4 Used Goods  
Article 3.5 Customs Valuation of Carrier Media  
Section C Special Regimes  
Article 3.6 Waiver of Customs Duties  
Article 3.7 Temporary Admission of Goods  
Article 3.8 Drawback and Duty Deferral Programs  
Article 3.9 Goods Re-entered after Repair or Alteration  
Article 3.10 Duty-Free Entry of Commercial Samples of Negligible Value and Printed Advertising Materials  
Section D Non-Tariff Measures  
Article 3.11 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 3.12 Administrative Fees and Formalities  
Article 3.13 Export Taxes  
Article 3.14 Luxury Tax  
Section E Other Measures  
Article 3.15 Distinctive Products  
Section F Agriculture  
Article 3.16 Agricultural Export Subsidies  
Article 3.17 Agricultural Marketing and Grading Standards  
Article 3.18 Agricultural Safeguard Measures  
Section G Textiles and Apparel  
Article 3.19 Bilateral Emergency Actions  
Article 3.20 Rules of Origin and Related Matters  
Article 3.21 Customs Cooperation  
Article 3.22 Definitions  
Section H Institutional Provisions  
Article 3.23 Committee on Trade in Goods  
Section I Definitions  
Article 3.24 Definitions  
  Annex 3.2: National Treatment and Import and Export RestrictionsPDF  
  Annex 3.3: Tariff EliminationPDF  
  U.S. General NotesPDF  
  U.S. Tariff SchedulePDF  
  Chile General NotesPDF  
  Chile Tariff SchedulePDF  
  Annex 3.14: Luxury TaxPDF  
  Annex 3.17: Mutual Recognition of Grading Programs for the Purpose of Marketing BeefPDF  
  Appendix 3.17-A: Comparative Beef Cut Nomenclature Table / Equivalencia De CortesPDF  
  Appendix 3.17-B: Comparison of Chilean Beef Norms and USDA Beef Quality GradesPDF  
  Annex 3.18: Product Lists and Trigger Prices for Agricultural SafeguardPDF  
Chapter Four Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures to the top!
Section A Rules of Origin  
Article 4.1 Originating Goods  
Article 4.2 Regional Value Content  
Article 4.3 Value of Materials  
Article 4.4 Accessories, Spare Parts, and Tools  
Article 4.5 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 4.6 Accumulation  
Article 4.7 De Minimis Rule  
Article 4.8 Indirect Materials Used in Production  
Article 4.9 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 4.10 Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 4.11 Transit and Transshipment  
Section B Origin Procedures  
Article 4.12 Claims of Origin  
Article 4.13 Certificates of Origin  
Article 4.14 Obligations Relating to Importations  
Article 4.15 Obligations Relating to Exportations  
Article 4.16 Procedures for Verification of Origin  
Article 4.17 Common Guidelines  
Section C Definitions  
Article 4.18 Definitions  
  Annex 4.1: Product-Specific Rules of OriginPDF  
Chapter Five Customs Administration to the top!
Article 5.1 Publication  
Article 5.2 Release of Goods  
Article 5.3 Automation  
Article 5.4 Risk Assessment  
Article 5.5 Cooperation  
Article 5.6 Confidentiality  
Article 5.7 Express Shipments  
Article 5.8 Review and Appeal  
Article 5.9 Penalties  
Article 5.10 Advance Rulings  
Article 5.11 Implementation  
Chapter Six Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures to the top!
Article 6.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 6.2 General Provisions  
Article 6.3 Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters  
Article 6.4 Definitions  
Chapter Seven Technical Barriers to Trade to the top!
Article 7.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 7.2 Affirmation of Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade  
Article 7.3 International Standards  
Article 7.4 Trade Facilitation  
Article 7.5 Technical Regulations  
Article 7.6 Conformity Assessment  
Article 7.7 Transparency  
Article 7.8 Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade  
Article 7.9 Information Exchange  
Article 7.10 Definitions  
  Annex 7.8: Committee on Technical Barriers to TradePDF  
Chapter Eight Trade Remedies to the top!
Section A Safeguards  
Article 8.1 Imposition of a Safeguard Measure  
Article 8.2 Standards for a Safeguard Measure  
Article 8.3 Investigation Procedures and Transparency Requirements  
Article 8.4 Notification  
Article 8.5 Compensation  
Article 8.6 Global Actions  
Article 8.7 Definitions  
Section B Antidumping and Countervailing Duties  
Article 8.8 Antidumping and Countervailing Duties  
Chapter Nine Government Procurement to the top!
Article 9.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 9.2 General Principles  
Article 9.3 Publication of Procurement Measures  
Article 9.4 Publication of Notice of Intended Procurement  
Article 9.5 Time Limits for the Tendering Process  
Article 9.6 Information on Intended Procurements  
Article 9.7 Technical Specifications  
Article 9.8 Conditions for Participation  
Article 9.9 Tendering Procedures  
Article 9.10 Awarding of Contracts  
Article 9.11 Information on Awards  
Article 9.12 Ensuring Integrity in Procurement Practices  
Article 9.13 Domestic Review of Supplier Challenges  
Article 9.14 Modifications and Rectifications  
Article 9.15 Non-Disclosure of Information  
Article 9.16 Exceptions  
Article 9.17 Public Information  
Article 9.18 Committee on Procurement  
Article 9.19 Further Negotiations  
Article 9.20 Definitions  
  Annex 9.1PDF  
Chapter Ten Investment to the top!
Section A Investment  
Article 10.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 10.2 National Treatment  
Article 10.3 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 10.4 Minimum Standard of Treatment  
Article 10.5 Performance Requirements  
Article 10.6 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 10.7 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 10.8 Transfers  
Article 10.9 Expropriation and Compensation  
Article 10.10 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 10.11 Denial of Benefits  
Article 10.12 Investment and Environment  
Article 10.13 Implementation  
Section B Investor-State Dispute Settlement  
Article10.14 Consultation and Negotiation  
Article 10.15 Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 10.16 Consent of Each Party to Arbitration  
Article 10.17 Conditions and Limitations on Consent of Each Party  
Article 10.18 Selection of Arbitrators  
Article 10.19 Conduct of the Arbitration  
Article 10.20 Transparency of Arbitral Proceedings  
Article 10.21 Governing Law  
Article 10.22 Interpretation of Annexes  
Article 10.23 Expert Reports  
Article 10.24 Consolidation  
Article 10.25 Awards  
Article 10.26 Service of Documents  
Section C Definitions  
Article 10.27 Definitions  
  Annex 10-A:  Customary International LawPDF  
  Annex 10-B: Public Debt ChilePDF  
  Annex 10-C: Special Dispute Settlement ProvisionsPDF  
  Annex 10-D: ExpropriationPDF  
  Annex 10-E: Submission of a Claim to ArbitrationPDF  
  Annex 10-F: DL 600PDF  
  Annex 10-G: Service of Documents on a Party Under Section BPDF  
  Annex 10-H: Possibility of a Bilateral Appellate Body/MechanismPDF  
Chapter Eleven Cross-Border Trade in Services to the top!
Article 11.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 11.2 National Treatment  
Article 11.3 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 11.4 Market Access  
Article 11.5 Local Presence  
Article 11.6 Non-conforming Measures  
Article 11.7 Transparency in Development and Application of Regulations  
Article 11.8 Domestic Regulation  
Article 11.9 Mutual Recognition  
Article 11.10 Implementation  
Article 11.11 Denial of Benefits  
Article 11.12 Definitions  
  Annex 11.6: Express DeliveryPDF  
  Annex 11.9: Professional ServicesPDF  
  Appendix 11.9-C: Civil EngineersPDF  
Chapter Twelve Financial Services to the top!
Article 12.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 12.2 National Treatment  
Article 12.3 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 12.4 Market Access for Financial Institutions  
Article 12.5 Cross-Border Trade  
Article 12.6 New Financial Services  
Article 12.7 Treatment of Certain Information  
Article 12.8 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 12.9 Non-Conforming Measures  
Article 12.10 Exceptions  
Article 12.11 Transparency  
Article 12.12 Self-Regulatory Organizations  
Article 12.13 Payment and Clearing Systems  
Article 12.14 Expedited Availability of Insurance Services  
Article 12.15 Financial Services Committee  
Article 12.16 Consultations  
Article 12.17 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12.18 Investment Disputes in Financial Services  
Article 12.19 Definitions  
  Annex 12.5: Cross-Border TradePDF  
  Annex 12.9: Specific CommitmentsPDF  
  Annex 12.11PDF  
  Annex 12.15: Authorities Responsible for Financial ServicesPDF  
Chapter Thirteen Telecommunications to the top!
Article 13.1 Scope and Coverage  
Article 13.2 Access to and Use of Public Telecommunications Networks and Services  
Article 13.3 Obligations Relating to Interconnection with Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Services  
Article 13.4 Additional Obligations Relating to Conduct of Major Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Services  
Article 13.5 Submarine Cable Systems  
Article 13.6 Conditions for Supplying Information Services  
Article 13.7 Independent Telecommunications Regulatory Bodies  
Article 13.8 Universal Service  
Article 13.9 Licensing Procedures  
Article 13.10 Allocation and Use of Scarce Resources  
Article 13.11 Enforcement  
Article 13.12 Procedures for Resolving Domestic Telecommunications Disputes  
Article 13.13 Transparency  
Article 13.14 Flexibility in the Choice of Technologies  
Article 13.15 Forbearance  
Article 13.16 Relationship to Other Chapters  
Article 13.17 Definitions  
  Annex 13.4(1)PDF  
  Annex 13.4(5)(b)PDF  
Chapter Fourteen Temporary Entry for Business Persons to the top!
Article 14.1 General Principles  
Article 14.2 General Obligations  
Article 14.3 Grant of Temporary Entry  
Article 14.4 Provision of Information  
Article 14.5 Committee on Temporary Entry  
Article 14.6 Dispute Settlement  
Article 14.7 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 14.8 Transparency in Development and Application of Regulations  
Article 14.9 Definitions  
  Annex 14.3: Temporary Entry for Business PersonsPDF  
  Appendix 14.3(A)(1): Business VisitorsPDF  
  Appendix 14.3(D)(2)PDF  
  Appendix 14.3(D)(6): United StatesPDF  
Chapter Fifteen Electronic Commerce to the top!
Article 15.1 General Provisions  
Article 15.2 Electronic Supply of Services  
Article 15.3 Customs Duties on Digital Products  
Article 15.4 Non-Discrimination for Digital Products  
Article 15.5 Cooperation  
Article 15.6 Definitions  
  Annex 15.4: Non-Discrimination for Digital ProductsPDF  
Chapter Sixteen Competition Policy, Designated Monopolies, and State Enterprises to the top!
Article 16.1 Anticompetitive Business Conduct  
Article 16.2 Cooperation  
Article 16.3 Designated Monopolies  
Article 16.4 State Enterprises  
Article 16.5 Differences in Pricing  
Article 16.6 Transparency and Information Requests  
Article 16.7 Consultations  
Article 16.8 Disputes  
Article 16.9 Definitions  
Chapter Seventeen Intellectual Property Rights to the top!
Article 17.1 General Provisions  
Article 17.2 Trademarks  
Article 17.3 Domain Names on the Internet  
Article 17.4 Geographical Indications  
Article 17.5 Copyright  
Article 17.6 Related Rights  
Article 17.7 Obligations Common to Copyright and Related Rights  
Article 17.8 Protection of Encrypted Program-Carrying Satellite Signals  
Article 17.9 Patents  
Article 17.10 Measures Related to Certain Regulated Products  
Article 17.11 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights  
Article 17.12 Final Provisions  
Chapter Eighteen Labor to the top!
Article 18.1 Statement of Shared Commitment  
Article 18.2 Enforcement of Labor Laws  
Article 18.3 Procedural Guarantees and Public Awareness  
Article 18.4 Labor Affairs Council  
Article 18.5 Labor Cooperation Mechanism  
Article 18.6 Cooperative Consultations  
Article 18.7 Labor Roster  
Article 18.8 Definitions  
  Annex 18.5: Labor Cooperation MechanismPDF  
Chapter Nineteen Environment to the top!
Article 19.1 Levels of Protection  
Article 19.2 Enforcement of Environmental Laws  
Article 19.3 Environment Affairs Council  
Article 19.4 Opportunities for Public Participation  
Article 19.5 Environmental Cooperation  
Article 19.6 Environmental Consultations  
Article 19.7 Environment Roster  
Article 19.8 Procedural Matters  
Article 19.9 Relationship to Environmental Agreements  
Article 19.10 Principles of Corporate Stewardship  
Article 19.11 Definitions  
  Annex 19.3: Environmental CooperationPDF  
Chapter Twenty Transparency to the top!
Article 20.1 Contact Points  
Article 20.2 Publication  
Article 20.3 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 20.4 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 20.5 Review and Appeal  
Article 20.6 Definitions  
Chapter Twenty-One Administration of the Agreement to the top!
Article 21.1 The Free Trade Commission  
Article 21.2 Administration of Dispute Settlement Proceedings  
  Annex 21.1: Implementation of Modifications Approved by the CommissionPDF  
Chapter Twenty-Two Dispute Settlement to the top!
Article 22.1 Cooperation  
Article 22.2 Scope of Application  
Article 22.3 Choice of Forum  
Article 22.4 Consultations  
Article 22.5 Commission - Good Offices, Conciliation, and Mediation  
Article 22.6 Request for an Arbitral Panel  
Article 22.7 Roster  
Article 22.8 Qualifications of Panelists  
Article 22.9 Panel Selection  
Article 22.10 Rules of Procedure  
Article 22.11 Experts and Technical Advice  
Article 22.12 Initial Report  
Article 22.13 Final Report  
Article 22.14 Implementation of Final Report  
Article 22.15 Non-Implementation - Suspension of Benefits  
Article 22.16 Non-Implementation in Certain Disputes  
Article 22.17 Compliance Review  
Article 22.18 Five-Year Review  
Article 22.19 Referral of Matters from Judicial or Administrative Proceedings  
Article 22.20 Private Rights  
Article 22.21 Alternative Dispute Resolution  
  Annex 22.2: Nullification or ImpairmentPDF  
  Annex 22.16: Inflation Adjustment Formula for Monetary AssessmentsPDF  
Chapter Twenty-Three Exceptions to the top!
Article 23.1 General Exceptions  
Article 23.2 Essential Security  
Article 23.3 Taxation  
Article 23.4 Balance of Payments Measures on Trade in Goods  
Article 23.5 Disclosure of Information  
Article 23.6 Definitions  
  Annex 23.3: Competent AuthoritiesPDF  
Chapter Twenty-Four Final Provisions to the top!
Article 24.1 Annexes, Appendices, and Footnotes  
Article 24.2 Amendments  
Article 24.3 Amendment of the WTO Agreement  
Article 24.4 Entry into Force and Termination  
Article 24.5 Authentic Texts  
Annexes   to the top!
Annex I Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures  
  Formatting NotePDF  
  United States SchedulePDF  
  Chile SchedulePDF  
Annex II Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures  
  Formatting NotePDF  
  United States SchedulePDF  
  Chilean SchedulePDF  
Annex III Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures  
  United States  
  Introductory NotePDF  
  Schedules with Respect to Banking and Other Financial Services (Excluding Insurance)PDF  
  Schedule with Respect to InsurancePDF  
  Non-conforming Measures with Respect to Financial ServicesPDF  
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  Entry into Force
  01 January 2004
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