Mexico-Israel Free Trade Agreement
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Chapter I Initial Provisions Back to top!
Article 1-01 General Definitions  
Article 1-02 Establishment of the Free Trade Area  
Article 1-03 Objectives  
Article 1-04 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 1-05 Extent of Obligations  
Chapter II Trade in Goods Back to top!
Article 2-01 Scope and Coverage  
Article 2-02 National Treatment  
Article 2-03 Customs Duties and Tariff Elimination  
Article 2-04 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 2-05 Appellations of Origin or Geographical Indications  
Article 2-06 Committee on Trade  
  Annex 2-02: Exceptions to Article 2-02 and Article 2-04 PDF  
  Annex 2-03.3(a): Products for Immediate Tariff EliminationPDF  
  Annex 2-03.3(b): Products with Tariff Elimination Schedule for 2005PDF  
  Annex 2-03.4(a): Concessions made by Israel to MexicoPDF  
  Annex 2-03.4(b): Concessions made by Mexico to IsraelPDF  
  Annex 2-03.8: Tariff Preferential Quotas for certain Goods classified in Chapter 50 through 63 of the Harmonized System PDF  
  Annex 2-05: Appellations of Origin and Geographical IndicationsPDF  
Chapter III Rules of Origin Back to top!
Article 3-01 Definitions  
Article 3-02 Application and Interpretation  
Article 3-03 Originating Goods  
Article 3-04 Regional Value Content  
Article 3-05 Value of materials  
Article 3-06 De Minimis  
Article 3-07 Intermediate Materials  
Article 3-08 Accumulation  
Article 3-09 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 3-10 Sets, kits or composite goods  
Article 3-11 Indirect materials  
Article 3-12 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 3-13 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 3-14 Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 3-15 Automotive Goods  
Article 3-16 Non-Qualifying Operations  
Article 3-17 Transshipment and Direct Expedition  
Article 3-18 Consultation and Modifications  
  Annex 3-03(3): Rules of Origin for certain Goods classified in Chapter 50 through 63 of the Harmonized System under Tariff Preferential QuotasPDF  
  Annex 3-04: Calculation of Net Cost PDF  
Chapter IV Customs Procedures Back to top!
Article 4-01 Definitions  
Article 4-02 Certificate and Declaration of Origin  
Article 4-03 Obligations Regarding Importations  
Article 4-04 Obligations Regarding Exportations  
Article 4-05 Exceptions  
Article 4-06 Records  
Article 4-07 Origin Verification  
Article 4-08 Confidentiality  
Article 4-09 Advance Rulings  
Article 4-10 Penalties  
Article 4-11 Review and Appeal  
Article 4-12 Uniform Procedures  

Annex 4-01: Competent AuthoritiesPDF

Chapter V Emergency Actions Back to top!
Article 5-01 Definitions  
Article 5-02 Bilateral Emergency Actions  
Article 5-03 Global Emergency Actions  
Article 5-04 Administration of Emergency Action Proceedings  
  Annex 5-01: Competent Investigating AuthorityPDF  
Chapter VI Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 6-01 Scope and coverage  
Article 6-02 National treatment and non-discrimination  
Article 6-03 Rules of origin  
Article 6-04 Denial of benefits  
Article 6-05 Valuation of contracts  
Article 6-06 Technical specifications  
Article 6-07 Tendering procedures  
Article 6-08 Qualification of suppliers  
Article 6-09 Invitation to participate  
Article 6-10 Selection procedures  
Article 6-11 Time – limits of tendering and delivery  
Article 6-12 Tender documentation  
Article 6-13 Submission, receipt and opening of tenders and awarding of contracts  
Article 6-14 Negotiations  
Article 6-15 Limited tendering  
Article 6-16 Offsets  
Article 6-17 Challenge procedures  
Article 6-18 Exceptions to this Chapter  
Article 6-19 Rectification, modification and privatization  
Article 6-20 Provision of information and review as regards of Parties  
Article 6-21 Information and review as regards obligations of Entities  
Article 6-22 Further negotiations  
  Annex I: Covered entities under Chapter VIPDF  
  Annex II: goods covered PDF  
  Annex III: Covered servicesPDF  
  Annex IV: Covered construction servicesPDF  
  Annex V: ThresholdsPDF  
  Annex VI:General notesPDF  
  Annex VII: Publications PDF  
Chapter VII WTO Rights and Obligations Back to top!
Article 7-01 Unfair Trade Practices  
Article 7-02 Standards, Technical Regulation and Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Article 7-03 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 7-04 Services  
Article 7-05 Intellectual Property  
Article 7-06 Dispute Settlement  
Chapter VIII Competition Policy, Monopolies and State Enterprises Back to top!
Article 8-01 Definitions  
Article 8-02 Competition Policy  
Article 8-03 Cooperation  
Article 8-04 Restrictive Arrangements  
Article 8-05 Monopolies  
Article 8-06 State Enterprises  
  Annex 8-01: Competition LawPDF  
Chapter IX Publication, Notification and Administration of Laws Back to top!
Article 9-01 Contact Points  
Article 9-02 Publication  
Article 9-03 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 9-04 Administrative Proceedings  
Chapter X Institutional Provisions and Dispute Settlement Procedures Back to top!
Section A Institutions Back to top!
Article 10-01 The Free Trade Commission  
Section B Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 10-02 Cooperation  
Article 10-03 Recourse to Dispute Settlement Procedures  
Article 10-04 Dispute Settlement under the WTO  
Article 10-05 Consultations  
  Initiation of Procedures  
Article 10-06 Commission - Good Offices, Conciliation and Mediation  
  Panel Proceedings  
Article 10-07 Request for an Arbitral Panel  
Article 10-08 Establishment of Panels  
Article 10-09 Panel Selection  
Article 10-10 Rules of Procedure  
Article 10-11 Role of Experts  
Article 10-12 Initial Report  
Article 10-13 Final Report  
Article 10-14 Implementation of Final Report  
Article 10-15 Non-Implementation - Suspension of Benefits  
Article 10-16 Private Rights  
Section C Private Commercial Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 10-17 Resolution of Private Commercial Disputes  
  Annex 10-03: Nullification and ImpairmentPDF  
Chapter XI Exceptions Back to top!
Article 11-01 Definitions  
Article 11-02 General Exceptions  
Article 11-03 National Security  
Article 11-04 Taxation  
Article 11-05 Balance of Payments  
Chapter XII Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 12-01 Annexes  
Article 12-02 Amendments  
Article 12-03 Entry into Force  
Article 12-04 Accession  
Article 12-05 Withdrawal  
Article 12-06 Authentic Texts  
Full Text of the AgreementPDF  
Source: State of Israel Ministry of Industry-Trade & LaborOffsite link!  
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About the Agreement
  10 April 2000
  Entry into Force
  01 July 2000
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