Agreement on Trade, Economic and Technical Cooperation between CARICOM and Colombia
Chapter I    
Article 1 Objectives  
Article 2 The Joint Council  
Article 3 Meetings of the Joint Council  
Chapter II    
Article 4 Trade Liberalisation  
Article 5 Treatment of Imports into Colombia from CARICOM  
Article 6 Treatment of Imports into CARICOM from Colombia  
Article 7 Treatment of Used Goods  
Article 8 Duties  
Article 9 Rules of Origin  
Article 10 Technical Standards  
Article 11 General Exceptions  
Article 12 Trade Promotion  
Article 13 Trade Financing  
Article 14 Trade in Services  
Article 15 Transportation  
Article 16 Safeguard Clauses  
Article 17 Unfair Trade Practices  
Chapter III    
Article 18 Economic Cooperation  
Article 19 Technical Cooperation  
Chapter IV    
Article 20 Private Sector Activities  
Article 21 Settlement of Disputes  
Article 22 Evaluation of the Agreement  
Article 23 Adherence to the Agreement by Other ALADI Member States and the Bahamas  
Article 24 Annexes  
Article 25 Termination  
Article 26 Entry into Force  
Article 27 Duration  
Article 28 Amendments  
Article 29 Transitional Measures
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Annex I Products for which Immediate Duty Free Concession Will Be Offered by Colombia on Imports Originating in Caricom Member States Participating in the Agreement from 1 June 1998  
Annex II Products for which Immediate Duty Free Concessions Will Be  Offered on Imports Originating in Colombia into the MDCS Of Caricom Participating in the Agreement from 1 June 1998  

Annexes I and II to the Agreement Spanish PDF

Annex IV Products to Be Accorded Duty Reduction in the Markets of Caricom MDCS Participating in the Agreement on Imports Originating in Colombia from 1 January 1999

Source: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat Enlace a sitio fuera de SICE

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  Spanish version
About the Agreement
  24 July 1994
  Entry into Force
  01 January 1995
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