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This OAS MSME Newsletter is dedicated to measures recently announced by OAS Member States to drive the economic recovery of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The policy responses vary from country to country and are specific to the economic circumstances of each Member State. Given that every day produces new developments, this inventory is in no way exhaustive.


Ministry of Productive Development Allocated $ 180 Million for the Training of 13,500 workers in SMEs

The Ministry of Productive Development supported, through the Fiscal Credit for Training program, the training of 13,547 workers, middle managers, managers and owners of SMEs during 2020, which represents an increase of 260 percent compared to 2019.

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Government Provides Support to MSMEs in the Beauty Industry

The Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship approved assistance of $750 per week for shops over a two-week period while vendors will be given $250 for the same time frame. The assistance would extend to beauty salons, barbers, nail technicians, water sports and taxi operators.

Small Business Owners Urged to Register for Help

Government to pump $3 million in stimulus for the roughly 3,000 registered shop owners and vendors whose operations were to be closed for two weeks.

And millions more in financial assistance are to be made available for a range of other registered small business operators as well as unregistered entrepreneurs.

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Small Businesses Can Negotiate Tax Debts Derived from Covid-19

The Office of the Attorney General of Brazil’s National Treasury established the negotiation of the taxes registered as active debt that are maturing between March and December 2020, which were not paid due to the economic impacts derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government Announces Release of R $ 408 million in Resources for the Events Sector

The federal government announced the release of R $ 408 million in funds for companies in the cultural and entertainment events sector that were affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Small Businesses Will Benefit from Open Banking

The start of the implementation of the first phase of Open Banking by Brazil’s Central Bank brings good prospects for small Brazilian companies. This system that will integrate financial data will allow the sharing of customer information between banks, as long as the consumer accepts it. In addition to making life easier for entrepreneurs, who will be able to consult their banking relationships in a single application, for example, the system will also favor the search for better prices and products that adapt to the reality of the consumer.

Agreement between Sebrae and Apex-Brasil Wants to Expand the Participation of MSEs in Brazilian Exports

Expanding the participation of small companies in Brazilian exports and increase the level of competitiveness of these companies in the global market is the main objective of the cooperation agreement signed between Sebrae and Apex-Brasil.

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Government of Canada Invests to Boost Community and Business Growth Opportunities throughout Timiskaming District

Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario – FedNor. Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, employing more than 68 percent of the labour force and contributing more than 41 percent to the country’s gross domestic product. Small businesses are also key to driving the economy forward as Canada recovers from the impact of COVID-19. Through Regional Development Agencies, such as FedNor, the Government of Canada is investing at the local level to enhance small business growth and support community economic development while creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians.

Government of Canada Invests to Help Maximize Business Growth Opportunities in Parry Sound – Muskoka

Advanced manufacturing is a cornerstone of Canada’s economy, producing important goods for the domestic and international markets while supporting well paying jobs for Canadians across the country. As technology transforms manufacturing, Canadian companies are innovating and modernizing their processes to stay on the cutting edge. This involves transforming operations, adopting innovative technologies, improving productivity and maintaining a highly skilled workforce.

FedNor announced investments totalling $422,500 to help businesses expand, enhance competitiveness, boost profitability and strengthen the regional economy in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

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More than 40 young Entrepreneurs Selected in Sercotec Program

With an investment of $ 384,209,802, the beneficiaries of the Huasco, Copiapó and Chañaral provinces will have new tools, networking possibilities, skills and knowledge to expand their businesses.

The 2021 Young Entrepreneur Seed Capital Program, financed by the Regional Government, aims to intervene in the revitalization and diversification of the local productive fabric, focused on work and development of new businesses.

Sercotec Reports More Than 90 Beneficiaries in its Creation and Strengthening Program in Atacama

The Transfer program for the creation, development and strengthening of MSMEs, financed by the Regional Government of Atacama, reports 75% of budget execution to date. In the case of the Capital Seed and Bee line, the work plan of 38 female and male entrepreneurs was approved; there were 54 micro entrepreneurs, for a total of 92 beneficiaries.

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President of Colombia Approves Entrepreneurship Law

With the presidential sanction, Law 2069, also known as the Entrepreneurship Law, enters into force.

The sanction by the Head of State was given on December 31, 2020 and opens the doors to the beginning of a new era for the country where entrepreneurship has a modern regulatory framework that will facilitate the birth and growth of new companies and will encourage the generation of new jobs.

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Costa Rica

Call to Finance Women’s Enterprises in Central Canton of Limón

In order to promote the empowerment and economic autonomy of women through environmentally sustainable activities, the United Nations (UN) in Costa Rica and the Mixed Institute for Social Assistance (IMAS) announced the call to finance business ideas or socio-productive initiatives of women in the central canton of Limón.

The Joint Program "Strengthening the National Bridge to Development Strategy” aims to support and accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Costa Rica.

The competition for non-reimbursable seed capital funds - ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per initiative - is aimed at financing projects of entrepreneurs from Limón that respond to the principles of environmental sustainability, gender equality and empowerment.

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Dominican Republic

Plan for the Reactivation of MSMEs will benefit 245 micro entrepreneurs in Puerto Plata

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) through the Vice Ministry of Promotion of MSMEs and the National Council for the Promotion and Support of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (PROMIPYME), started a plan for the reactivation of micro, small and medium enterprises benefiting 245 producers in the Puerto Plata province with RD $ 45 million pesos.

The initiative is part of one of the actions of the so-called “Ruta Mipymes”, an initiative of MICM, to support small business models, with credits ranging from 200 thousand to seven million pesos, in compliance with the mandate to allocate RD $ 2,500 million pesos for micro, small and medium enterprises.

With the Economic Support for Women Entrepreneurs, MICM and AACID Boost the Economy of the Border Area

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) met with representatives of the 20 women beneficiaries of the Border Zone Female Entrepreneurship program, which the institution developed together with the Andalusian Agency for International Development Cooperation (AACID).

As part of the project, the women who are part of the program received a first installment as financing, amounting to more than one million pesos to invest in their businesses.

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs Announces that the Government Will Lend 20,000 billion pesos to Promote MSMEs in 2021

The Government has allocated 20 billion pesos destined to strengthen the MSME sector so that jobs are developed and generated.

MICM Invites Women Owners of MSMEs to Obtain the MSME-Woman Certification

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) invited women who lead micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain the MiPymes Mujer certification, so that they can access more business opportunities and promote economic growth through empowerment and skills development.

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National Artisans and MSMEs Boost their Sales at the Virtual Fair "San Valentín Fortalece Ecuador"

The Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries (MPCEIP) organizes the Virtual Fair "San Valentin Strengthens Ecuador", with the participation of 101 exhibitors from various productive sectors who freely commercialize their products remotely.

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El Salvador

Funds for Economic Reactivation and for the Implementation of Quality and Innovation Standards in the Handicrafts Sector

The National Micro and Small Business Commission (CONAMYPE) together with the Board of Directors of the Special Fund for Resources from the Privatization of FANTEL, gave funding of more than $ 29,000 to MSME entrepreneurs and individuals artisans.

CONAMYPE Will Activate New Funds and Programs for the Recovery of Micro and Small Businesses in 2021

In the General Budget of the Nation for 2021, the Government of El Salvador included an increase of $ 10 million to CONAMYPE to implement two mandatory projects. These are the Fund for Entrepreneurship and Working Capital and the Guarantee Program for Micro and Small Businesses.

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MSMEs Continue with Credit Support

In 2021 the MSME owners will have at their disposal loanable resources for Q22 million from the Trust "Fund for the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”, which during 2020 granted loans to companies in the sector for Q253 million.

The aforementioned fund (Q275 million) was formed last year to contribute to the economic reactivation of companies in the sector that were affected by the pandemic and in response to the need to provide working capital to their respective productive units.

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Over 200 Small Businesses are Benefitting from Training Facilitated by the Small Business Bureau of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce

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The Ministry of Economy, through its Productive Development Unit, Opened the Reception of Applications for the Financial Support Program for Family Microenterprises for 2021

20,000 supports will be granted for micro-businesses, 20,000 for women and 20,000 for family micro-businesses. All support will be for 25,000 pesos, with a three-month grace period.

The Ministry of Economy Announces a New Package of 60,000 Support for Micro-Businesses in 2021

For this year, 1,500 million pesos will be allocated to grant 60,000 support to microenterprises. This new support package continues the commitment of the Government of Mexico to help the economic reactivation of those micro-businesses and families that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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ASOMIPYMES Launched a Cooperative and Website with the Presence of MIC Authorities

In the framework of the works, projects and actions carried out with the Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ASOMIPYMES), the head of the Vice Ministry of MSMEs, part of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) participated on February 16 in the press conference organized by said association, with the aim of presenting the annual plan to support MSMEs for their development and sustainability, which included the launch of the opening of a cooperative and the website.

MSMEs, Members of Various Programs and Projects of the MIC, Participate in the Virtual Fair Agroshow Copronar

The Agroshow Copronar virtual fair, which takes place from February 8 to 28, has the participation of several micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that are members of different programs and projects of the Vice Ministry of MSMEs (Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC)).

Competition for Micro and Small Entrepreneurs with Companies that Aim to Digitize

With the aim of improving the capacities for competitiveness in the digital world and empowering professionals who can provide digitization solutions to Paraguayan companies, generating a synergy between them, Valemi, is called the competition that was presented for micro and small companies, and that will allow the winners to access service vouchers worth up to Gs. 2,000,000; In addition, the microenterprises will receive training in workshops to strengthen businesses.

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Government Creates Business Support Program for MSEs for S / 2 billion

Companies will be able to access loans in financial institutions for up to 36 months with the support of the Government.

As part of economic recovery, the Peruvian Government creates the Business Support Program for micro and small companies (PAE-Mype), which will have a fund of 2 billion soles to promote the financing of working capital for up to 36 months.

16,000 MSMEs and 34,000 Artisan Fishermen Will Be Formalized This Year

The economic reactivation for this year, whose implementation will receive support in innovation, inclusion and sustainability, includes the formalization of 16,000 MSEs and 34,000 artisanal fishermen.

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Trinidad and Tobago

Trade Ministry allocates $20m for SME certification

THE TRADE MINISTRY, in conjunction with the TT Manufacturers' Association and ExporTT, on Tuesday launched the National Export Booster Initiative, a suite of 16 programs to enhance export promotion, capacity building and institutional strengthening within the manufacturing sector.

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United States

SBA Reaches $200 Billion Milestone in Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to Small Businesses and Non-Profits

The U.S. Small Business Administration reached a milestone in the success of the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, which has provided U.S. small businesses, non-profits, and agricultural businesses a total of $200 billion in emergency funding.

SBA and Lenders Take More steps to Improve Paycheck Protection Program

Loan data shows 1.3 million loans and significant increase to underserved entrepreneurs.

The U.S. Small Business Administration and lenders are taking more strides to improve the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) so that small businesses can access much needed PPP funds to persevere through the pandemic, recover, and build back better. The Administration is working with the Agency to increase equitable access to underserved small businesses, to assure the integrity of the program, and to promote rapid and efficient distribution of funds.

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      International and Regional Organizations

Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)

CABEI Increases Resources to Promote the Economic Recovery of MSMEs for up to US $ 650.0 million

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), approved an increase of up to US $ 350.00 million in its Financial Sector Support Facility for the Emergency Support and Preparedness Program for COVID-19 and Economic Recovery.

During 2020, CABEI disbursed a total of US $ 293.0 million for 23 financial Institutions in the region under the Facility to Support the Financial Sector for the Financing of MSMEs. Said resources were aimed at providing financial support to the MSME to sustain the employment base and for economic reactivation, which was accompanied by the creation of a Guarantee Fund to facilitate access to said credits.

More than 6,000 Jobs in Nicaragua Were Guaranteed through Financial Support for the Economic Recovery of MSMEs

The implementation of the Financial Sector Support Facility for Financing MSMEs affected by COVID-19 has had a positive impact on Nicaragua. The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), in 2020 registered disbursements to intermediary financial institutions for a total amount of US $ 37.9 million, directly benefiting 240 micro, small and medium enterprises, which guaranteed to protect a total of 6,446 direct employees.

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Barbados will support sustainability of MSMEs in the face of COVID-19 crisis

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a US$30 million loan to support the short-term financial sustainability of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Barbados to maintain employment in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and its effect on the productive sector.

Regional Center for the Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CENPROMYPE)

CENPROMYPE Implements Plan to Promote Electronic Commerce for MSMEs in the SICA Region

With the support of the United States Department of State, CENPROMYPE, launched the specialized MSME electronic commerce service so that institutions that provide business development services can accompany enterprises and MSMEs to develop capacities and implement Electronic Commerce procedures as a Strategic mechanism to take advantage of the growing demand for digital consumption and its positive impact on the acceleration of offline sales.

World Bank

World Bank approves additional US$10 million to enhance Jamaican businesses

The World Bank has approved additional financing of US$10 million for the ongoing Jamaica Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project.

The additional financing will be used to scale up support for the Government of Jamaica’s business climate reform agenda and contribute to Jamaica’s economic recovery by improving the business environment.



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