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Inter-American Dialogue of High-Level MSME Authorities

Strengthening MSME Support Institutions

The Technical Corporation Service of Chile (SERCOTEC), with the support of the OAS Department of Economic Development, facilitated the participation of government officials from 11 OAS Member States in a week–long fellowship program in Chile on December 9-14, 2019. The program included technical visits to small business development centers (SBDCs) (Centros de Desarrollo de Negocios) throughout the country (from Calama to Punta Arenas) and highlighted SERCOTEC’s innovative MSME practices. The activity also strengthened the links among MSME authorities from Latin America and the Caribbean, and provided opportunities for networking among SBDC professionals in an effort to foster greater collaboration at the center and national levels.

Caribbean SBDC Program

Launch of the Network of Caribbean SBDCs

It is noted that the international development field has seen many changes in recent years, such as an ever increasingly multi-faceted development agenda and an interdependence of issues and solutions. Additionally, the field has seen an augmented array of actors involved, and a stronger call for flexible collaboration arrangements among different actors and sectors. In response to these changes, network environments can provide flexible collaboration mechanisms for the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the development field. Further, networks as collaboration and cooperation mechanisms are based on the OAS partnership for development concept of an inclusive approach whereby every member state has something to offer and exchange. Networks also offer permanence beyond one-off collaboration efforts or exchanges and enables such activities to be continued through time, built upon and improved. In short, networks can be useful vehicles for turning bilateral activities into multilateral gain. Thus, an important part of Phase III of the Caribbean SBDC program was the formal constitution of the Network of Caribbean SBDCs conceptualized to become the focal point for the SBDC program in the Caribbean. The engendering of formal partnerships among the SBDC implementing countries is seen as an essential step to building consensus, credibility and accountability for the regional SBDC program. The network will therefore play a key role in ensuring that the program is legitimated at the regional level and is also rooted in regional priorities. Additionally, a strong leadership or governing body is essential to further developing the SBDC vision, removing the barriers to and advocating for the successful implementation of SBDC activities within the Caribbean region. The Network of Caribbean SBDCs was formally launched on Thursday 5th December 2019 at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize City, Belize.


Chile's Support Plan for Exporting SMEs

Chile adopts implementation measures in the short and medium term to support exporting SMEs in the following areas: Simplification of procedures, monitoring, logistics agreements, commercial intelligence, connecting supply and demand; and promotion of strategic alliances.

El Salvador

Signing of Cooperation Agreement for the Strengthening of MSMEs

The Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE) together with the Salvadoran Technical Regulation Agency (OSARTEC), a member of the National Quality Council, signed an Agreement for the Strengthening of Micro and Small Businesses (MYPE). With this agreement, CONAMYPE and OSARTEC seek to develop activities aimed at the technical training of MYPEs belonging to the following sectors: food and beverages, agribusiness, footwear, textiles, clothing and tourism.


Commemorative Activities for the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Creation
of the Exporter's Day in Peru

Peruvian SMEs exports grew 122% in the last 15 years; an achievement that would not have been possible without the articulated and constant work of Mincetur, Promperú and the private sector. Promperú, through actions that ponder the promotion of Peruvian exports, seeks to recognize each of the actors that enhance and develop the value chain of the sector, and that every year enrich the export culture.



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