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Federal Network of Public Guarantee Funds is launched for the financial inclusion of SMEs throughout the country

The objective is to promote access to financing for SMEs throughout the country.

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Manufest Incubator Programme For Entrepreneurs

The Barbados Trust Fund Limited (BTFL) will soon be hosting a six-week Manufacturing Incubator Programme (MANUFEST) for 105 entrepreneurs. During the training, the business people are expected to gain insight into the trends in their respective markets, as well as enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. They will also build their competencies in costing and pricing; selling and distribution; networking, and social media management, among other areas.

Eight Local Small Businesses Chosen To Be Accelerated

Eight local small businesses were chosen to have their product offerings taken to the next level through the Food and Rum Festival’s Food and Beverage Accelerator initiative.

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Domitila Barrios Program begins project to strengthen productive units led by women

On Bolivian Women's Day, the national government launched the Domitila Barrios Program to strengthen the economic autonomy of women, through the project "Strengthening Productive Units Led by Women, applying the Gender approach”.

Government delivers productive equipment to 56 MyPE's of Cochabamba

The national government, through the Promype Phase II project, executed by the state company PRO-BOLIVIA, delivered productive equipment to 56 micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) in the department of Cochabamba.

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Banco do Brasil launches support movement for micro and small companies

In the week of the National Day of the Micro and Small Enterprise, the SME Week begins, a BB movement that aims to support the micro and small company and encourage the growth of partners and customers. Any company, customer of BB or not, can promote its products and services on the digital platform created especially for SME Week. The Bank will make offers known to more than 26 million private customers, in addition to the general public, who will also be able to benefit from the offers.

Discover the 10 economic activities that generated the most jobs among MSEs

Sebrae identified the ten economic activities that most generated formal jobs in Brazil among micro and small enterprises (MSEs). Topping the list is building construction, with nearly 98,000 jobs created. Restaurants and other food and beverage service establishments come second, with 71,900 places, followed by road freight transport, with 43,400 jobs. The survey was based on data from the General Registry of Employed and Unemployed System and considers the accumulated for the year, up to August 2022.

Sebrae joins Caixa to formalize 30 million women entrepreneurs in the country

With the objective of enabling the financial independence of women from all over the country through entrepreneurship, Caixa Pra Elas – Empreendedoras was launched. The initiative has the support of Sebrae to serve 30 million women entrepreneurs, with special attention to those in situations of greater vulnerability and beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil.

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President launches a new national call to strengthen commercial districts

The President of the Republic announced the opening of the third national call for the program Strengthening Commercial Barrios de Sercotec, dependent on the Ministry of Economy. The initiative seeks that the small businesses that make up the commercial districts of the country can, through cooperation, increase their competitiveness and improve the urban environment in which they develop.

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The Ministerio de Trade, Industry and Tourism, through Colombia Productiva, will co-finance quality certifications to access international markets

With the call for the 'Programa de Cofinación en Certificaciones de Calidad para Exportar', in 2022, $3,268 million will be allocated to support companies in their quality certifications and laboratories in the accreditation of tests required for sales to other countries. The purpose of this initiative is to incorporate standards of quality in MSMEs, as a safe way to promote the productive development and help these productive units bring goods and services to new markets.

More than 855 million from initiative that benefited indigenous artisans victims of displacement

With an investment of $1,507 million, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, through Artesanías de Colombia y Compra Lo Nuestro de Colombia Productiva, united efforts to strengthen the productive and commercial work of 25 artisanal workshops of indigenous communities victims of displacement.

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Dominican Republic

Government creates conditions to improve MSMEs

The government proclaimed that the foundations were created to improve the lives of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and declared itself an ally and defender of this important Dominican sector.

MICM and CAPEX provide training on how to develop entrepreneurial skills to \1,000 Dominicans

The Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Mipymes (MICM) and the Centro de Innovación y Capacitación Profesional (CAPEX) agreed to train approximately 1,000 people in business and leadership, in order to strengthen the skills necessary to maintain business afloat.

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International road for climate-smart enterprises: More Sustainable MSMEs for the World

«More Sustainable MSMEs for the World» was the business forum that presented opportunities for industries related to the consumption of forest products and services through the use of new design technologies, sustainable production processes and traceability certifications.

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El Salvador

First Forum on Productivity Improvement MSMEs

The Government of El Salvador, through the National Commission of Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE), held the forum called “Mejora de la Productividad en la MYPE”, which was carried out in a virtual and in-person for interested enterprises. The objective of this activity is to promote tools of continuous improvement so that enterprises can get to know them, and adopt them so that they are more productive.

Funds to promote MSMEs in the horticultural, footwear, technological development, textile and clothing sectors

The Government of El Salvador, through the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE), together with the Special Fund for Resources from the Privatization of ANTEL (FANTEL), delivered non-returnable financial support to entrepreneurs with a business model in the horticultural, footwear, technological development, textile and clothing sectors. The objective of these funds is to promote ventures with growth potential, which, through non-returnable financial support, will allow enterprises to validate and improve their products, create customers and adjust their business model.

Together with USAID, El Salvador launches the E-Learning Platform to facilitate business training for MSMEs at any time and from any place.

The objective of creating this virtual platform is to provide MSMEs with knowledge and tools that allow them to strengthen their business skills for a successful management of their businesses, at any time and from any place, through a computer, a smart phone and a connection to the Internet.

Third edition of “Acelera Empresaria”.

This program aims to accelerate and support companies led by women in their productive activity, providing training and technical services for the digital transformation of their companies.

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Ministry of Economy supports the economic empowerment of women in the capital

The Ministry of Economy through the Vice-minister of Child Development and its Women Empowerment Program, with the support of the Educational Cooperation and Integral Development Project -PROCEDI-, carried out the “Diplomado de Finanzas Personales, Familiares y para Emprender”.

MINECO supports MSMEs with a fund of 400 million quetzales for economic reactivationl

The Ministry of Economy provides financing to Guatemalan enterprises through the Fund of Support for the Economic Reactivation of 400 million quetzales, available at the bank El Crédito Hipotecario Nacional -CHN- .

Program “Supporting the competitiveness and commercial capacity of MSMEs and Cooperatives” concludes

The program of “Support for the improvement of competitiveness and commercial capacity of MSMEs and Cooperatives”, financed by the European Union since 2015 and carried out by the Ministry of Economy, presented its results.

MINECO supports enterprises in the department of Guatemala in business strengthening

The Ministry of Economy through the Vice-Ministry of Development of MSMEs and the MSME State Provider Program, with the support of the USAID Project Creating Economic Opportunities, organized a “Mentoring in the commercial, legal and financial areas” training.

Ministry of Economy supports the marketing of MSME products in the United States

The Ministry of Economy with the support of the Network of Trade Counselors from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supported Guatemalan businessmen in the promotion of their products at the fair “Fiesta D.C.”, held in Washington D.C., United States.

Economy Minister delivers 37 badges to enterprises with export quality

The Ministry of Economy delivered 37 badges to enterprises that have the quality and potential to export to international markets.

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Mastercard and the Honduran Government join forces to promote financial inclusion and digitalization

As a founding member of the Alliance for Central America (PCA), Mastercard seeks to financially include 5 million people and digitize 1 million MSMEs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

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$100 Million in Loans Available for MSMEs Through EXIM Bank E-Commerce Funder

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) wishing to take their businesses online can now benefit from funding through the National Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of Jamaica’s ‘EXIM E-commerce Funder’. The $100-million loan fund, which is a partnership between the EXIM Bank and the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), was launched in September to help businesses improve their digital footprint in the e-commerce space.

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AMPYME promotes culture, tourism, entertainment and related activities

An agreement through which it is intended to promote the training and insertion in the labor market or the entrepreneurship of representatives of companies or entrepreneurs in the sector of culture, tourism, entertainment and related activities was signed by the Authority of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (AMPYME) with the National Council of Culture, Entertainment and Related Issues (Conacetu).

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MiPYME COMPITE Program helps MSMEs to be key players in the national economy

The MiPYME COMPITE program contributes to centering the focus of public policy on MSMEs, as well as inter-institutional articulation and coordination, and with the private sector in supporting MSMEs for their development and competitive improvement.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce prepares the V Forum of the National System of MSMEs, which will bring together the main leaders of the sector

More than a hundred entrepreneurs from Alto Paraná were trained in a new development model for MSMEs, known as the SBDC Model, very successful in the US

In Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná, the Condensed Foundational SBDC Model Training Program of Paraguay was carried out, as part of the project Introduction of the Model of Small Business Development Centers for Paraguay.

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S / 173 million were allocated for the reactivation of MSMEs at the national level

The Ministry of Production (Produce) reported that, from January to September 2022, a total of 53 subnational governments authorized funds for S/ 173 million, to implement the Procompite strategy in 17 regions of the country.

Produce allocates about S/ 3 million to co-finance innovation projects for the fishing and MSME sectors

The Ministry of Production (Produce) reported that about S / 3 million will be allocated for innovation projects in the fishing and aquaculture sectors and MSMEs.

Produce will continue to implement measures to reactivate SMEs

The Ministry of Production stressed that the Government will continue to implement measures to reactivate the economy of micro and medium-sized enterprises. Among the actions adopted is the implementation of the Business Support Fund for the Textile and Clothing Sector (FAE-TEXCO), which will allow more than 60 thousand MSMEs to access financing of up to 100 thousand soles with rates of 13.5% and 17%.

Produce: textile and clothing SMEs may apply for FAE-TEXCO credits

PRODUCE enabled the FAE-TEXCO digital platform for SMEs to channel their credit requests.

Ministry of Production will launch the first free marketplace for SMEs

In order to promote the productive development and innovation of the MSMEs, the Ministry of Production has been developing the platform "Perú Imparable 2.0", the largest virtual store of MSMEs, in order to strengthen the possibilities of sale at the national level.

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United States

New Small Business Investment Company Reforms to Expand Access, Strengthen and Diversify SBA’s Public-Private Investment Partnership Program Advances

Head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced the Federal Register publication of SBA-proposed reforms to the Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”) program designed to reduce financial barriers and increase access and diversity in the U.S. small business investment ecosystem.

SBA Announces Over $4 million in New Funding to Expand Veterans Business Owner Outreach, In Advance of National Veterans Small Business Week 2022

the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced a new funding opportunity for up to $400,000 to be awarded to up to 12 entities including private organizations, colleges and universities, private sector firms, nonprofit organizations and state, local or tribal governmental agencies to provide critical training and counseling to aspiring and existing veteran small business owners as a Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC).

The SBA Announces Expansion of Ascent Online Digital Platform Programming

the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) launched “Growing Globally”, one of several training courses housed in the revamped Ascent online learning platform. “Growing Globally” specifically explores ways women entrepreneurs can expand their small businesses into new, international markets.

More than $3.5 million in SBA disaster loans have been approved for Puerto Rico

More than $3,682,000 in disaster loans have been approved by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) for 106 businesses and residents with losses resulting from Hurricane Fiona from September 17-21 in Puerto Rico.

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