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This OAS MSME Newsletter is published by the Department of Economic Development of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI). It is dedicated to measures recently announced by OAS Member States to drive the economic recovery of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The policy responses vary from country to country and are specific to the economic circumstances of each Member State. Given that every day produces new developments, this inventory is in no way exhaustive.

Country Policy Responses


Ministry of Production called on SMEs to "strengthen digital, productive transformation and industry 4.0"

The Diploma in Productive Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 was launched at the Argentine Industrial Union.

Productive Development announced the distinguished products of Argentine SMEs in the 11th edition of the Seal of Good Design

392 selected products were selected. During the 11th edition, national industry products or campaigns that stand out for their design, innovation and sustainability were recognized.

The reduction of the payment term for large companies with their SMEs suppliers has been in force since July

The first 5 months of the year showed a growth in the flow of invoices issued by MSMEs to large companies, which increased by 15% compared to the same period in 2021.

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Government grants SIBOLIVIA credits to 8,361 productive units with a disbursement of more than Bs 1,076 million

The national government, from January 25, 2021 to June 26, through the Trust for the Reactivation and Development of the National Industry (Firedin) with Import Substitution (SIBOLIVIA) granted 8,361 credits to productive units of artisans, micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs in the country with a disbursement of more than Bs 1,076 million.

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Senate approves credit line for small businesses with SIM Digital

The Federal Senate approved Provisional Measure 1107/22, which creates the Digital Microcredit Simplification Program for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital) and establishes measures to encourage the formalization of small businesses. The text, which goes to the president's sanction, authorizes a credit line of R$ 1,500 for individuals and R$ 4,500 for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI).

Sebrae holds an event for the simplification and insertion of MSEs in public purchases

With the proposal to simplify the business environment and increase the participation of individual microentrepreneurs (MEI), micro and small companies and family farmers in government purchases, Sebrae will hold Transformar Juntos, an event that will take place at the International Convention Center of Brazil, in Brasília (DF), with online transmission throughout Brazil.

Sebrae reveals the winners of the XI Sebrae Prefeito Empreendedor Award

The grand award night of the XI Sebrae Prefeito Empreendedor (PSPE) Award was marked by emotion, highlighting entrepreneurship and public spirit in the country's development process. The ceremony, held at the headquarters of Sebrae Nacional, in Brasília, brought together hundreds of mayors, parliamentarians and authorities to recognize public managers who invest in entrepreneurship, in the competitiveness of small businesses and in the modernization of local public management. In all, 199 projects were selected.

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MSME International Day: Authorities highlight the importance of developing inclusive and sustainable trade

Government works to reduce commercial and regulatory barriers; strengthen the capacities of companies in digital commerce and digital platforms; and support local value added to products.

Ministry of Economy calls for a program to support the digitalization of MSMEs

As part of the Digitize Tu Pyme initiative, the Digital Route 2022 program offers free online courses that facilitate the incorporation and use of technology in the management of small businesses. When completing them, it is possible to access a digital kit. Program details can be found at and

Ministry of Economy launches $4,800 million fund for entrepreneurs

For this call, Capital Abeja de Sercotec hopes to benefit more than 1,000 women who seek to implement a business idea and for which they can access a maximum subsidy of $3,500,000 for investment in goodwill and business management actions.

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iNNpulsa and Alianza Plan Mayor formalize a memorandum of understanding for the benefit of entrepreneurs in the Silver economy

The initiative seeks to give continuity to the efforts and value offer for the different actors of the Silver economy. iNNpulsa Colombia, the agency for entrepreneurship and innovation of the national government, and the Alianza Plan Mayor formalized a memorandum of understanding that confirms the interest in participating jointly in the development of activities that result in strengthening the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of older people in Colombia.

Mincomercio joins the celebration of MSME Day

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism joined the celebration of the day of micro, small and medium enterprises, MSMEs, Monday, June 27, recognizing their work and role in the Colombian economy and in the process of economic reactivation after the crisis generated by covid-19.

Mincomercio, Colombia Productiva and Asomicrofinanzas will offer training in inclusion and financial improvement for micro-businesses

Supporting 30,000 micro-businesses in matters of financial education and providing them with advice and specialized support so that they can better control their costs and expenses, and increase their profitability, is the purpose of 'Financial Inclusion for Micro-businesses', the new service launched by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Colombia Productiva, in alliance with Asomicrofinanzas, within the framework of the Compra Lo Nuestro strategy.

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Dominican Republic

The Industrial Route supports innovative businesses for job creation

President promotes industrial MSMEs so that they have priority in purchasing processes from 18 state institutions

With this initiative, the Government will promote the acquisition of goods and services produced by Dominican hands, a measure that will strengthen the national productive fabric and stimulate the generation of quality jobs.

Vice President highlights that the MICM has increased the formalization and certification of MSMEs

The Vice President of the Republic highlighted the support of the Dominican government for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as the implementation of public policies to train, finance and do business with the State that have been implemented through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs.

MICM and ANJE carry out a mentoring program for entrepreneurs

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) and the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE) launched the first mentoring program for entrepreneurs, in order to provide them with the tools and business skills necessary for the growth of their businesses.

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El Salvador

National Forum for Financial Inclusion and launch of PROGAMYPE

The Government of El Salvador, through the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE), will develop for the first time in the country's history and within the framework of the international day of MSMEs, the National Forum dedicated to Financial Inclusion , and the launch of the Guarantee Program for Micro and Small Businesses (PROGAMYPE).

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First edition of the MSME EXPO on MSMEs that Supply the Government

The project, which is executed with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has a presence in 14 departments of the country and between 2019 and 2021 generated sales for Q236 million to participating MSMEs supplying the State.

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MSME Operators Get Tips To Sharpen Negotiation Skills

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) have received practical tips and advice on how to negotiate effectively to build better relationships and contribute to business success.

JBDC aims to list 20 enterprises on junior stock exchange

Twenty companies are being prepped for listing on the stock market by Jamaica Business Development Corporation, JBDC, a state-run support agency and operator of a microbusiness incubator.

JBDC – Taking Business Services Beyond Town

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) continues to fuel the economy through its business centres that support the growth and development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) operating outside of Kingston.

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Circular Opportunities Program will allow financial support for the implementation of MSME production projects

The program aims to promote the implementation of business projects based on circular economy, to contribute to an effective transition of the productive sector of Paraguay towards more sustainable production models.

MSMEs with export potential and MIC technicians trained in internationalization processes

A workshop aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with export potential, university advisors and technicians from the General Directorate of Information and Internationalization of the Vice Ministry of MSMEs of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC), was developed by the international training program of DHL called "Expansion without Borders”.

Celebration of the International Day of MSMEs, with an international congress, which brought together specialists, authorities and unions from the MSME sector

In commemoration of the International Day of MSMEs, the First International Congress of MSME Consultants was held, with the slogan “Innovative and competitive MSMEs: Support of business development services”.

With the support of US technicians, the MIC promotes the application of the SBDC model for the growth and strengthening of MSMEs

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Produce has a five-axis strategy to strengthen SMEs

The Ministry of Production (Produce) has been implementing the "5 Axes Strategy, for the strengthening of MSMEs". It includes: formalization; innovation for the strengthening of productive and managerial capacities; productive articulation; business cooperation and access to new markets and access to financing.

PRODUCE promotes seven business incubators and investment networks to promote startups and innovative Peruvian ventures

Five business incubators and accelerators, as well as two networks of angel investors, will enhance their technical capabilities with co-financing and technical support from the ProInnóvate program of the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), which will allow them to strengthen specialized incubation, acceleration, scaling services and/or preparation and financing that they provide to innovative enterprises and startups in the country.

Produce holds the II Financial Fair for SMEs in the commercial conglomerate of Mesa Redonda

The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), inaugurated the second financial fair to develop and reactivate the economy of the micro and medium-sized enterprises of the Mesa Redonda conglomerate, located in the Cercado de Lima. The placement of credits for more than 2 million soles and the participation of 1,200 MYPE with active RUC and 3,500 people are expected during the two days that the activity will last.

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United States

U.S. Small Business Administration Announces Landmark Collaboration with Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities to Address the Wealth Gap Through Black Entrepreneurship

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Regional index of public policies for MSMEs launched in Montevideo

The second edition of the Index of Public Policies for MSMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean (IPPALC), a tool of SELA, OECD and CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, will be defined. The MIEM is the national coordinator of this activity. The IPPALC is a tool for measuring the development of policies and support instruments for MSMEs.

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      International and Regional Organizations

Regional Center for the Promotion of MSMEs (CENPROMYPE)

  • COMIECO approves MSME Regional Policy

    The Council of Ministers of Economic Integration (COMIECO) approved, during its hundredth meeting under the pro-tempore Presidency of Panama, the Regional Modernization and Transformation Policy for MSMEs in the SICA countries (2022-2050).


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