What´s NEW?

What´s New in SICE?

    23 March 2023
    Trade Policy Developments
      bullet USTR: 2023 Trade Policy Agenda and 2022 Annual Report
      bullet Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) - Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam: CPTPP enters into force for Chile
      bullet United States - Kenya: First Negotiating Round under Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership
      bullet United States - Taiwan: USTR Releases Summaries from U.S.-Taiwan 21st Century Trade Initiative Negotiations
      bullet Costa Rica - Ecuador: Signing of the Costa Rica-Ecuador Trade Association Agreement

    16 February 2023
    Trade Policy Developments
      bullet United States-Taiwan: Readout of January Negotiating Round Under the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade
      bullet Canada-Mexico-United States (USMCA):  Joint Statement on the Second USMCA/CUSMA/T-MEC Deputies Meeting
      bullet Chile-European Union:  Chile and the EU intensify the legal review process of the Advanced Framework Agreement
      bullet Chile and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announce the start of negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)
      bullet United States - Kenya: Round of meetings of the U.S.-Kenya Trade and Investment Partnership
      bullet Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity 

    17 January 2023
    Trade Policy Developments
      bullet Ecuador-China: Teams from China and Ecuador successfully closed, at a technical level, the negotiation process of the Ecuador-China Free Trade Agreement
      bullet United States and Taiwan to hold negotiating round for the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st -Century Trade
      bullet Costa Rica and Ecuador successfully conclude negotiation of a Trade Association Agreement